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How to have a balanced relationship in marriage

This edition, Soul Mate tends to handle one of the most sensitive areas in relationship, that is, having a balanced relationship in marriage. Remember, Soul Mate is geared towards actualizing a successful relationship in marriage.
A relationship that is not balanced is full of suspicion, lack of trust, tolerance and endurance. Above all, lack of Yahweh-fearing attitude.
This happens when either of the partner gets involved in their marital relationship because of factors like looks and material affluence. These affect the women fold mostly. The women fold is too emotional with things like looks and material affluences.
Looks and material affluences do not make relationship work, that is why most ladies and young men are trapped in marriages, suffering and regretting why they married their partners.
For every marriage to work on earth, there must first be that interest of trust, not minding what the partner in question have in stock in his or her life. It is only then, other things could come up to spice the totality of the marriage relationship. But of course trust do not come on its own, it must be chained with faith and belief in Yahweh.
Most marriages are crashing because of mistakes made by accepting their partners into their lives either by looks or material influence; this includes educational and societal status.
Both men and women are influenced by looks in making their decision when finally they are ready to say I do. Still, this looks put them into trouble, because they are afraid, others are sharing their partners with them. This is where lack of trust comes.
For a marriage relationship to be balanced, both partners must and will have 50-50 trust for themselves. In that way no gossip will be welcome into their marriage. This definitely puts off those who want to crash their marriage for them, as they trust themselves and do not allow any outsider to bring news to them concerning their positions.
This means, the man will be able to trust his wife and his wife trusts and loves him. The love should be balanced, where one loves the other more than the other, there will definitely be a crack in that marriage relationship. This is where gossip could tear their relationship apart, because looks had been valued and there is suspicion culminating into lack of trust.
So, good people of Soul Mate, before you finally say yes I do, check the state of your intending partner’s level of trust and weigh to know if you have a 50-50 chance of love for each other. Trust and love bring tolerance, endurance, which shows faith and belief of Yahweh. On a final note, please be careful of looks, material, education and societal status when finally ready to say yes I do.
See you next week. Keep texting us. Good luck, cheers

Reservation for star telling
Dear Editor, I appreciate how you respond to people’s problems, but I have reservation about star telling. It is a form of idolatry which God is against? (Deut. 18:10 ). 0817626664
Response: Though you did not indicate your name, I thank you for your comment, but please, read John chapter 1:45-48. whether you believe or not, what you are is what you are and that is what everybody would know and talk about you. If your nose is big, it is big and anybody seeing can say it. Each and every one is born into a family through parents. Just one day in one hour, all these are natures magical working with reasons and meaning of every step of our coming to earth. That is why we do not behave alike, character, interest, emotions, our skill and talents. These are all controlled by nature, packed in the way we are arranged to come and exist on earth
I understand your point. I am not taking anybody’s faith away from Yahweh. The bible portion you quoted was only passing instruction to the Israelites or better still (us) not to put our trust and faith in divination and people who do fortune telling. All the same, thank you for texting in, keep texting in. Goodluck.

Star Services
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Taurus Person Strength: Patient and reliable, warm hearted and resourceful, determined.
Most favourable day: Saturday
Taurus Most favourable months are April and November.
We see you with Taurus person’s weakness next week. See you then. Keep faith with us by texting.

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