Soul Mate


Dear Editor, I am Sunday, 35years old, a working class, average height man, residing in Port Harcourt. I am a Bayelsan, handsome, fair with pointed nose, caring, intelligent, hard-working and God fearing. I need a pretty, average height working class lady of 25-30years old, who is God fearing and caring for a serious relationship that could end in marriage, in your column. Interested ladies who have the qualification as described could either text to indicate their interest or call 08095527411.
Dear Editor, I am West in my thirties, residing in Port Harcourt, well endowed, useful and respectively, responsible. I need a senior lady for a relationship that will end in everlasting marriage call 08134355299.
Dear Editor, I am Gina, I am in my twenties, residing in Imo State, I am beautiful to the admiration of every man. I need a matured man from the ages of 45-55years for a serious relationship that may end in sincere marriage.
Dear Editor, I am Hali, a student in my twenties, residing in Port Harcourt, I need a tall, handsome man for a fruitful relationship that may cause the jealousy of many. Interested handsome tall men of 30-35 years should be caring, God fearing, good in bed, hard-working and working class should call 0706688327
Dear Editor, I am Mavi, in my thirties, residing in Port Harcourt, I need just a nice lady who could meet up to my needs in bed. Interested ladies could call 07076673186.
Dear Editor, I am Rebecca, a Jambite, residing in Port Harcourt, I need a God fearing matured man for a relationship. Interested men should be kind enough to release freely from their hands. My number 08094409672.
Dear Editor, Blessing is my name, I am a crane operator, male, working in Port Harcourt. I need a lady that will be there for me always for a relationship that will hit the altar. If interested call 07051628912.
Dear Editor, I am Juliet in my twenties, residing in Port Harcourt, I am an African beauty. Nice features and also hot in bed. Interested men who are hot in bed could call 07063956566.
Dear Editor, I am Cynthia, 24year old, residing in Port Harcourt, I need a man who knows how to care for a beautiful lady both in bed and domestically. Interested hard working, sexual active, handsome, God fearing men should call 0806475035.
Dear Editor, Richard is 35 years old, residing in Port Harcourt, needs a lady who enjoys sex in a marital relationship. Interested hot pants should call 080101392345
Dear Editor, Pampa, is 30 years old, hot in bed, residing in Port Harcourt, a working class, needs the ugliest lady in town for a wife. Interested ugly but hot in bed ladies should either send text or call 07033577125.
Dear Editor, Mackson is 35 years old, jobless, residing in Port Harcourt, I believe to have a job this month. I want a lady who will share my home and expected new life with me in a serious relationship. Interested ladies may be good looking or not but let the lady be dutiful and God fearing. Interested ladies will never regret knowing me. Call 0806881709.

Special Request
Divine needs a man who could give her 7 rounds of sex in a marriage relationship in 9 weeks. Interested men should be neat, hard working and anger free. Call 07034961109.
Please text with your age, occupation, try also to describe yourself for you to have your targeted partner. ###

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