Points Of Law: How To End Boko Haram

I now know how to stop the serial bombings in this country. It is very easy to stop Boko Haram. I am surprised that the president and his team did not know this since the advent of Boko Haram. Everyday, everybody talks about dialoguing with them.
True, nobody dialogues with a terrorist organization world over. Dialoguing with Boko Haram means encouraging criminality in the country. It also means that one has to carry arms to be relevant and recognized in this country.
One has to carry arms to study abroad, take up arms to get a monthly take home pay, take up arms to get a choice building or accommodation in Abuja etc.
It means also that going to school is of no consequence and of no moment.
For the Niger Delta militants their claim was that the region has been neglected inspite of the huge resources from the region which sustains the nation’s treasury.
The youths who later grouped themselves into militants units were forced to take up arms because the federal government has failed to listen to peaceful and non-violent agitations of Niger Delta compatriots in the past. People like the late chief Harold Dappa-Biriye, Ken Saro-Wiwa etc. demand for a better deal with the people of the region were cast into Aso Rock’s waste baskets.
The federal government granted amnesty to the militant groups but refused to develop the region. It is only Otuoke that now has federal government attention. A federal university, good road network, electricity, portable water etc are now in Otuoke. Perhaps to curry favour from the presidency.
The Ogonis can continue to die inspite of the UNEP report of the imminent danger soon to emasculate the entire Ogoni as a result of the too many oil spills and degradation.
President Goodluck Jonathan is still studying the report of the UNEP. I think he should study the report for five years so that the people can die in their numbers before a result if any will come out at all. He has not visited Ogoni nor sent his minister of petroleum or environment to Ogoni at least to show that Ogonis are part of Nigeria or that they voted massively for him when the chips were down. The president does not seem to care what happens to the people of Ogoni in the main, afterall they can go ahead and die. “Wetin concern Agbero with overload”.
Let me leave the Ogoni agony and come back to this Boko Haram thing. What are the Boko Haramists fighting for, in the first place? Religious freedom? Or are they fighting for the political relevance of the north which their leaders have told them is being threatened? Are they fighting for the political image of their politicians which have been demystified? Are they fighting for their “northern Nigeria born to rule syndrome? Are they fighting for the Hausa/Fulani empire? Or to make all of us muslims a Jihad indeed?
In recent time churches and indeed, Christians have been the targets of their Hausa made explosives. Do they want secession? The only way to stop the alarming bombings on the churches and southerners or non-Muslims is to ask president Goodluck Jonathan to resign and handover power to either Buhari or Ibrahim Badamosi Babanginda or to Atiku Abubakar or to El-Rufai. Not even handing over government to Namadi Sambo will solve the lingering controversy. Yes, he is seen as a stooge or friend to an unbeliever- Goodluck Jonathan, which is a sin. Another way to stop Boko Haram is to ensure that the vice president to anyone of the above names is a Muslim whether from the southern or possibly from the north still, afterall, northern Nigeria is born to rule.
If that method does not work, then there should military coup which must be headed or led by a northern soldier who must be a Muslim. Then all the ado about bombing will end without negotiation and without any dialogue. You don’t need dialogue to stop the satanic Jihad, you don’t need police or soldier trained in terrorism, you don’t need any anti-terrorism Act to stop it. What you need is a change of leadership from a southern Christian to a northern Muslim and the problem will be solved forthwith. Shikena.
But if that way doesn’t work, maybe Jonathan should change his name to Mohammadu, or Mohammed, or Ibrahim or Abubakar and start to join them to do ablution and Salam five times daily including attending a Jumat service every Friday and call his wife, Patience, Hajiya and add to her name Amina, or Farida, or Aisha and remove Patience. Let her start putting on veil and cover her face with black or white silk.
Or if that does not work out, then let every Nigerian east, west, south/south, north and middle belt declare for Islam, and convert all the churches buildings to mosques, change their Christian or baptismal names to Islamic names and travel to Mecca to become Alhaji and Hajiya etc then Boko Haram will end.
Then, there will be no agitation again, by that the whole Nigeria would have been Islamized and there will be no churches and Christians to be bombed or blow their heads.
That is the greatest amnesty to grant these Islamic freedom fighters. These men who are fighting for God or who are fighting against God by sucking human blood in the devilish holocaust in the name of Allah. But God seems to have blocked his ears against pastors in the country. If not why is it that Nigeria that parades the highest number of pastors worldwide will not have their prayers and that of their faithfuls answered and blast these Lucifer’s cousins that call themselves Boko Haram? Or Is Boko Haram the 666 that was foretold in the Bible? Shall we of the Niger Delta Surrender our crude oil endowed land (our birthright) to northern Nigeria, the way General Philip Effiong surrendered Biafra to Gowon for peace to reign? Whichever way, enough is enough of these unabated and senseless genocide (human carnage) against southerners and Christians. Who is not who? This rubbish must stop, please.
Barr. Gideon Kpoobari Girigiri

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