Amina Takes Ikechi To The Altar

“If you say all weddings are weddings, how would you compare the attendance of this wedding that has the main bowl of Alfred Diete Spiff Civic Centre filled to capacity, and the one invitees hardly fill the parlour of an average house?”
That was the question an invitee asked on Saturday, July 7, 2012, at the wedding reception of Sister Amina Oroma Aleru and Pastor Ikechi John Amadi, as he could not find a seat for himself.
Pastor Amadi and Aleru had their solemnization of Holy Matrimony at the Freedom Christian Bible Fellowship Church, Eagle Island, Port Harcourt and drove straight to the Civic Centre to hold the reception.
It was a mammoth crowd that attended the reception.
“This is the day that the newest couple in town has brought us to witness,” the chairman of the reception, Engr. Ron Okardi stated as he gave the chairman’s opening speech, and enjoined the attendees to give the couple all needed support for them to excel in their marriage.
“It is a wonderful day, my joy I cannot tell, but God knows how I feel in my heart that he has put a new song in my mouth,” was what the mother of the bride, Mrs. Patricia Aleru said as she spoke to The Newswriter.
Mrs. Aleru, a pastor in the Redemption Ministry also said she was grateful to God for giving her daughter a pastor as husband.
The father, Chief Nnaa Aleru said he was grateful and very happy that his daughter has got a husband. He said it is a thing of joy for every parent to see his or her daughter happily married and that the day marked his happiest day.
“This is my happiest day of recent and I thank God for making it a success,” he said, adding “It is difficult to prevent human beings, but all things being equal I think I have known him, I have seen him, I have watched him and I think he will make a fantastic husband,” when asked about his daughter’s husband.
The father of the groom, Elder John Chukwuka Amadi, also expressed his joy at the successful marriage ceremony of his son and his lady.
“I feel fulfilled, awesome. It is a day that every father looks up to”.
On his son’s maturity, he said, “He is over matured. I was not his age the time I married my own wife and God has kept us for 37 years.”
On the bride, he said “she will make a good wife because she comes from a good home with a good Christian background. She will make a good housewife.”
“I feel great, I fell overwhelmed. I really see the hand of God in the whole thing. I appreciate God and I look forward to a blissful marriage,” the bride stated when asked how she felt.
She said her husband felt more fulfilled, “he feels blessed, he feels favoured,” when asked to give an idea of how the husband might be filling at the moment, adding that she met her husband through a wonderful aunt of hers. “We just introduced ourselves and that was how it started.”
The Groom who was overjoyed, said, “God is faithful, that is all I can say. A lot of persons believed that haven married within a rainy period like this is quite a challenge. But just like everything I ever do in my life, I always do by faith and I take this step by faith, knowing that God is going to glorify his own name and at the end of the day, my expectation was not cut short.
“Not only did the wedding come to pass, it came to pass in a grand style. I feel like I have been born again. I feel like I am going to start my life all over again”.
On his wife, he said, “Amina is a humble quiet and highly submissive lady. I have every confidence that if I try to understand her, tolerate her, appreciate her, love her, guide her, and support her, she will be the best wife that is, that was and will ever be.”

Kenneth Amabipi

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