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Corruption To Bag Capital Punishment

A call has gone out to the President of Nigeria, President Goodluck Jonathan to see corruption as a bitter pill in his throat and make everything possible for it to bear the capital punishment or at least bag a prison term of 50 yearrs.
This call was handed down by Kelly G. Tefiemie on Tuesday July 10, 2012 in Port Harcourt encouraging the president never to allow laxity or inaction to becloud him.
He blamed Nigerian leaders, PDP Chieftains, particularly who visited Bode George when he came from prison for the praises poured out to a criminals and elites in office who embezzle money.
Kelly argued that those who visited Bode George owe this nation explanation of what they went there for, asking if they went there to apologize to him for committing a crime against the state.
He has it that those who went were men who ruled as ministers, those who the people are looking up, to yet they encouraged corruption.
He gave a wake up call to the president to kill corrupt leaders, generate a bill that will frustrate the corrupt individuals.
He cited the case of China, where they made it mandatory for you to have a stipulated number of children and said that if child bearing which is not a moral issue is treated that hard in China, what about corruption?
Kelly frowned at Dr. Peter Odili, immediate past governor of Rivers State who is seen as a corrupt leader and yet went scot free simply because his wife is a Justice in Nigeria describing it as unacceptable by Nigerian and asked that Peter Odili be called back for trial as the judge who tried him at first was wrong and a criminal.
He urged that Odili should be tried by the authority and that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) should rise up to the challenge.
Kelly opined that until corrupt leaders are shown the way out and taken to where they belong, only then will there be decency in this country. ###

Mene Gbarabe

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