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Ogoni Self-Government Steady on Course, says Diigbo

Dr. Goodluck Diigbo has stated that Ogoni Self-Government is steady and on course, and that Injustice against Ogoni risks the fate of Nigeria.
The MOSOP President/Spokesman, said “We cannot be pushed,” violent action wasn’t part of the 2nd August Declaration of Course of Action,” as he reacted to recent newspaper publications laden with insinuations:
“But I must say that it (declaration) was a mere internet declaration. But if it had gotten the support of the six kingdoms of Ogoniland, if it had gotten the support of the entire Ogoni people, by now the government of Nigeria and oil companies will be struggling on what action to take”.
“Already, 2,720 elected village council members and 66 district representatives began meetings with local politicians on Monday, August 6, 2012 after the thanksgiving on Sunday, August 5, 2012 to mark our Self-Government Declaration. There may be distractions, but Ogoni self-government cannot be derailed,” Diigbo noted.
“Any decision outside of the declared course of action will not be approved by MOSOP and will not be supported by the Ogoni people. If it is absolutely necessary to take further action; that decision will be made after the process announced is completed,” Diigbo explained.
“Don’t engage in double-talk, public deception and old-fashioned tactics that have brought no good to the Ogoni people or Nigeria. I have been pressured that even the Ijaws are split, Yorubas split, Hausa-Fulani split and Ibos split and have created different fronts in order to benefit on one side and pursue their demands on the other side. I will not speak from both side of my mouth,” Diigbo declared.
Moreover: “There is nothing called MOSOP Provisional Council (MPC) to represent another face of MOSOP. Why did former President Olusengun Obasanjo not set up a Nigeria Provisional Council (NPC), when he couldn’t hold unto office? I expected the media and any credible institution, NGO or government to question the legitimacy of the socalled MPC behind this notion of double-talk. Neither MOSOP nor Ogoni is for sale. Double talk is ruled out and Ogonis cannot be fooled again. Self-government for Ogoni is on course. I look back. I remember how much we were ignored in the 1990s. Doubts abound on facing ruthless military dictators and the powerful Anglo-Royal Dutch/Shell. But, the gravity for any mistake now will be heavier for Nigeria, if this peaceful process is ignored. Injustice now puts the fate of Nigeria at risk, just as the petroleum industry was brought into question by reckless oil operations. I realize Nigeria’s elites hardly learn from history.”
In an interview, Dr Goodluck Diigbo who declared political autonomy for the Ogoni people, said
“It’s internal autonomy which means self-government within Nigeria in accordance with the United Nations declaration on rights of indigineous peoples.”
In the interview, Dr Diigbo explained why MOSOP took the decision now because of what he describes as the urgent environmental situation in Ogoniland:
“Ogoni people are in a very difficult situation right now. The land has been totally devastated as a result of 55 years of petroleum operations so it becomes very urgent because if you want to talk about anything concerning the land which to the Ogoni people is not just land but life and also god.”
However, he says MOSOP is not demanding independence:
“We should remain part of Nigeria we are not saying we are out of Nigeria. We have a choice as part of this declaration to be part of it or out of it and at this moment we are part of Nigeria.”

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