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Most Churches Are Shrines Disguised With Church Sign Boards -Rev. Amah-Jesus

“ I’m not surprised because some churches today are shrines, disguised with church sign boards, most of them are only continuing from where their herbalist fathers stopped. This explains the power behind fore-telling the event of some one’s future without having solution,”
Those were the words of Rev. Sunday Amah-Jesus, the General Overseer (G.O.) of the Rock of Salvation Prophetic Ministry, No 1 Ihunwo Chinwo Street, Nvigwe Road, Woji,as he spoke to newsmen recently.
He disclosed that in present time, Christianity seems to be practiced as another social gathering where people come together and affiliate with one another for material gain. This trend of event bothers serious men of God, he said.
The G.O. further highlighted that numerous ministries today are not interested in salvation of their members, rather they scheme to amass wealth. This, he said, is often common among those who are not called by God.
Also speaking, Rev. Amah-Jesus decried the attitude of some pastors who run after material wealth, “as if they have forgotten the Bible scripture that admonished us to seek first the kingdom of heaven and all other things will be added. Wealth will surely come if we serve God truly, which should be used to aid the gospel so that God would never stop His Blessings.
To achieve this selfish goal, Rev. Amah-Jesus asserted, some pastors manipulate those who are ignorant of the gospel by asking them to bring substances such as coconut, perfume, picture, lux soap etc., to perform assignments, adding that such practice is not different from what herbalists do.
To this end, the clergy man prayed that God should open the eyes of the people to know that the only assignment Christians should perform is to diligently study the word of God and apply it with authority.
Rev. Amah-Jesus, therefore encouraged the few true men of God to boldly engage in evangelism in order to reclaim the virtues of Christianity. ###
Boniface Ogbeni

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