Sports Personality of the Week

Captain Ngeri Abere is the captain of Port Harcourt Club Golf section 1928; he is The Newswriter Sports personality of the week.
To say the least of this handsome noble golfer of Rivers State origin, he is humble, purposeful in dealing with his fellow men with rare dedication and discipline. A golfer that respects, the feeling of his other fellow golfers and as if that is not enough he is always in constant touch with his cabinet as he tinker. The day to day running of the golf club.
Happily born into the humble family of Abere in Okrika town in Okrika local government area, Rivers State of the federal Republic of Nigeria, a detribalized man of simple reputation, gentle always putting the interest of his fellow golfers in consideration before embarking on any project. Kind, caring, charismatic, diligent and above all God fearing.
He has on is own assisted many in life to find their feet, as the chairman of Somitec Hotel has also provided succour to many young school leavers in the society. He find joy in playing the game of Golf and has distinguished himself in the game, which informed his being elected captain of Port Harcourt club golf section 1928.
Golf lovers join me to welcome Ngeri Abere, the captain of Port Harcourt Golf section and chairman Somitel Hotel as The Newswriter sports personality of this week.
Sit back as we unveil his data as was given to us by Captain Ngeri Abere himself.

Name: Ngeri Abere
Age: Adult
Home Town: Okrika
State: Rivers
Position: Captain PH Golf Section, PH Club 1928
Designation: Chairman Somitel Hotel
Favourite Sport: Golf
Favourite Player: Tiger Woods
Favourite Club: PH Club
Aspiration: To make the PH Club Golf section the best Golf club in
Turn On: Honesty/Transparency
Turn Off: Dishonesty/Laziness
Club Played For: Airasault Golf Club
Occupation: Businessman
Achievements: Too Numerous, but notable amongst them are providing job opportunities to youths in Nigeria, helped many young men and women to perfect on the game of Golf and many others.

NB: Suffice me to say that a man with a light heart will always be a good leader that is what captain Ngeri Abere represents in the society. He is a team player and bridge builder of our time.
Sir, may you live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labour as we wish you a fulfilled life on earth. ###

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