The Road To America!

The jet engines of the Airbus 330 sprang to life as we fastened our seat belts to begin the first phase of our journey to America via France’s Charles De Gaul International Airport. I looked at my family beside me and without words we knew we had to surrender our journey into the hands of the Holy Spirit. Quietly we sang the HU the Holy and Sacred name of God. Immediately, inside the comfort of the jumbo jet, I could feel the presence of my Spiritual Guide, my Spiritual Coach. Of course since I became his student, he had always been with me. He has the special ability of being with all his students at the same time irrespective of distance or location. For He is the Holy Spirit in form, the Living Word ‘that dwelleth amongst men’.
‘I am always with you!’ is an eternal promise.
But for the purpose of clarity, he made his presence known. I could see a clear blue star with my physical eyes which were actually located within my spiritual eye, located at the center of my forehead.
‘Thank you and may the blessings be!’ I whispered to my Spiritual Coach, the Holy Spirit , the Living Word.
The blue light flashed steady for a while then vanished and our journey began.
Shortly the engines roared louder this time with a lift up into the sky and thus began a 20 hour journey to America, ‘God’s own country’.
I remembered that we had arrived at the airport early enough to check in on-line and had been subjected to a rigorous search for God knows what but was allowed in eventually. The search and documentation reminded me of journeys into the heavens of God where individuals would not be allowed to visit unless with a Wayshower. For it is only the Wayshower appointed by God Almighty that can show an individual the heavens of God while still alive while for a majority of others, they hover around after death, unconscious of their environment for a period of about seven days until they are taken to a destination befitting of their level of consciousness after dropping the physical body.
As the plane took off, I eased quietly outside my body into the heavens of God. For me It had always been very easy while inside a plane. I simply blended into the sound of HU coming out of the jet engines of the plane and off I move out of the HU-man shell called the HU-man body. Within one hour of HU-man time, we were hovering over the Nigerian capital, Abuja to pick other scheduled passengers. This took about one hour before we commenced our journey again.
At forty thousand feet, Abuja looks like a multitude of stars shining brightly at night. Could it be possible that when we look at our own skies, it may well be populated with other cities in other universes too distant from us? I wondered.
After about six hour flight non-stop, the voice of the pilot came in through the seat screen in front of me asking all to put on their seat belts and announcing that we were about to land at the famous Charles De Gaul Airport.
After disembarking we were led into a tunnel- like tube that led us into one of the most modern airports I have landed in. ‘What a beauty!’ I thought as we walked into the glass constructed walls of the airport. The last time I came in here about a year ago, the air port was still under construction. But now, I could not but marvel at the fantastic engineering piece. Being an engineer myself it was easy to identify some key details that were not ordinary.
We were chauffeured into a security area where each passenger was screened and eventually led down a hallway and into intricate escalators and elevators that eventually led into a speed train inside the airport. Eventually we landed at the boarding terminal from which we would fly to the United States.
Indeed, It was like passing through the eye of the needle.
It reminded me of the passage between earth and the spiritual worlds (heavens) of God. There are three distinct layers in the universal creation of God. The pure spiritual heavens, the psychic heavens and our own physical universe.
The pure spiritual heavens are beyond the conception of any earthly religion or human mind. You must visit with a Spiritual Guide appointed by God before you can traverse the dark spiritual layer that divides both the psychic and the pure heavenly worlds.
The psychic planes consist of the first, second, third and fourth heavens before the dark layer that divides both the fourth and the fifth heavens. While travel between the first and the immediate heaven is commonly done either through dreams (consciously or unconsciously) or through death (dropping of the physical shell), the third way is through training to leave the body consciously while still alive
This crossing in France Charles De Gaul reminds me of the crossing into the First Heaven of God. The Nigerians in the plane could not but marvel at the state of the art facilities at the airport.
We waited for about three hours before we boarded the trans-Atlantic flight to the United States. Again the sound of the 767 Jet Engine propelled me out of the body again for It was easy to ride into the spiritual heavens of God on the Sound of the HU. I relaxed back on my seat and sang the Holy and Sacred name of God like this: ‘Huuuuuueee!’ in an outward breath and I quickly withdrew from the Human shell.
The HU is the love song to God that makes Soul in HU-man form happy. It can be heard in the chirping of birds, in the sound of rain drops, in the cries of a new born babe, in the sobs of the Human being, in the sounds of the boat on the river, in the bleating of goats, in the crowing of the cock, in the chirping of crickets and rushing of the winds and in the sound of the jet plane. So naturally, I blended with the sound of HU oozing out of the plane and propelling us on the 10hour flight to Minneapolis St Paul International in the North Central State of Minnesota.
From the monitor positioned in front of my seat, I could follow electronically, the flight across the dark and treacherous looking Atlantic Ocean. The flight took us through Northern Europe, into Canada and finally into the United States.
From the window, my children could see the beautifully arranged streets from the air. It was enchanting!
As the door of the plane was flung open, the wind that blew was more than 30 kilometers per hour.
‘Welcome to America!’ announced the lady at the gates. My family and I had come prepared. My past journeys had made me buy thermal wears that would shield us from the fierce winds and snow. We were directed through immigrations.
‘Why are you in America?’ asked the senior looking officer in the immigration cubicle
‘To attend a spiritual seminar!’
‘Of course!’ replied the officer, having looked through my passport to see the loaded visa within as a frequent flier.
‘Thank you’ was my prompt reply.
The souls in this country have gone through the mills in treating others with utmost courtesy and as such have earned the right to be re-born (sometimes without their knowledge though) into an advance environment like the United States and those who still have a lot to learn reincarnate in those countries where everything looks so tough and dis-organized but actually kept so for spiritual purpose. The Lords of Karma ensure each individual is reincarnated where they have earned in life. Religion has nothing to do with that decision. Every soul must reap whatever they sow in any lifetime whether they pray and fast for hundred days or not. This is the spiritual law.
We briskly went through Customs and into an airport taxi with installed meters. My wife and I could not but marvel at the environment. Despite the fact that I had been here several times I could not but continue to wonder at the different presentations made by the forever changing weather in the United States.
The leafless trees reminded me of soul being stripped of all his material wealth and standing naked in the presence of God. But these trees could not hide the beauty of the well kept lawns.
‘Beautiful isn’t it?’ I asked my eldest son. He remained speechless.
The minibus pulled up at a five star hotel I had booked for before our trip.
‘That would be $47 Dollars’ announced the cabbie. The bellboy promptly came to our aid and moved our stuff within reception where we were checked into our rooms within three minutes.
The view from the 8th floor is like the view of soul. The higher you go spiritually in life the more you are able to navigate around the obstacles within your path.
We settled in and sang the HU, the Holy and sacred name of God.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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