Who Leads The Negroe’s Renaissance?

Again, the HINDUS believes in Trinity and compromises with all local idols because according to the doctrine, all the local deities are entities or energies of the same creator. A visit to their HOLY LANDS or Cities like Benarasi or Venarsi will convince you that Hindu is a compromising religion because the river Ganges (water of purification) is surrounded with many erected idol, shrines and any devotee is free to worship anyone he desires.
Since SAT-GURU pins his tent on such idolatrous background, he cannot be the appointed one to coordinate the whole world back to Yahweh who is uncompromising to idolatry or unsound doctrines.
To buttress my point, SAT-GURU is ruled by the consciousness of HINDU idolatry, and that is the reason of his teachings that he has withdrawn powers from all local shrines in Africa and directed that people should call on the name Guru Maharaji for their daily needs. On his 2008 new year message to Nigeria, Africa and the world as was carried in a newspaper called “WEEKLY WATCH” of February 13, 2008, the Guru directed as follow “ORO FESTIVAL, ORO FESTIVALS be performed annually to clear the hazards or holocausts the principalities might use to block any efforts by the leaders to come together politically”. Then what is Oro Festival? Oro Festival is one of the pagan traditional festivals amongst the Yorubas. It is a fetish festival in which women are not allowed to partake and the priest of Oro are highly excluded from their family members during the festivals, men or participants shave their hair and beards before the festival.
So for SATGURU to support Idol worship and festivals pushes him out of the contest for the post of the Holy one to rule the entire universe. Again there are no tangible record from SATGURU although there are leaflets or tracks where people are directed to use the name GURU MAHARAJI for their spiritual freedom. THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE AND YOU WILL BE FREE INDEED. Therefore all peoples who are still convinced of efficacy of Africa traditional religions and their constructed idols can conveniently follow SATGURU. But for the real faithfuls aspiring for discovering of themselves through their oneness with YAHWEH the creator of mankind should see SATGURU as a traitor and deceiver. And the HOLY ONE to come shall never uphold idolatry of any sort.
Let us look into LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU, The meaning of the name OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU is shadowry and has never been properly explained by any including LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU himself. The world “OBU’ in traditional Efik/Ibibio language means “Crayfish,” while the world Olumba is not even an Efik or Ibiobio word. Some people assumes that the name Olumba may have its origin from Old Bende in Abia State that shares boundary with Biakpan (the traditional home of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu).
The name of any person, deity or spirit has its meaning or explanation in human languages, and that is same with the name of our creator, his son and all his ancient workers.
For instance the name Yahweh was explained as “ASHER AYAH ASHER” in Hebrew which when translated into English language means “I AM THAT I AM” or “I CONTINUE TO BE WHOM I CONTINUE TO BE”. Likewise the name of his begotten son Yahoshea means -“YAHWEH’S SALVATION”. The name ELIYAH means “YAHWEH IS THE MOST HIGH” and likewise to all other names of Yahweh’s workers.
Then how can a name of a representative of Yahweh or Yahweh himself as Leader Olumba Olumba Obu claims will manifest with a name without appropriate explanation or meaning. We belief that the comforter will come with a NEW NAME, but such name must not be secretive or shodowry.
Again the Assembly founded by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is known as “THE BROTHERHOOD OF CROSS AND STAR”. Then what is the spiritual explanation of the name? The relationship between Cross and Star originated from Babylon or Egyptian Pantheon. Where it is believed that the cross represent the son deity, Tammus while the star is his abode meaning “from the cross to the star. “The idolatrous son of Nimrod is known as Tammuz and when he died, a cross symbol was placed at the cite of his death which later turned to object of worship by Babylonians. So this brotherhood was echoed by the dream of Emperor Constantine of Rome where he dreamt that he saw a wavering cross which later was imposed on the sun therefore according to him, the sun which they worship has accepted cross as its ally. He therefore marked his soldiers with cross symbol and sent them to war as SOLDIERS OF CROSS. Where they came out victorious. Thus he read to mean that sun or star are related with the cross.
Again the Egyptian Mystery uses the cross as a symbol of purity and all Egyptian related consciousness like AMORC ANCEINT Mystic Order Of Rossy Cross regards the cross as a holy image. So Yahoshea Meshiyach did’t die on the cross as claimed by the Romans, rather he was impaled on a pole tree. So cross is a heathen symbol of the Babylonians. And star is believed to be the abode of Tammuz of Babylon. And through star, the abominable speculation called Astrology emerged. The word star is derived from Greek word “ASTRON” and is the source of Astrology.

Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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