The Characteristics Of Soul

So much has been written about Soul that it is worthy of clarifying. For if man could recognize himself as Soul then man would have achieved a milestone in his search for God Almighty. For the seed of the wisdom of God is actually embedded within Soul. Man only needs to realize the Spiritual aspect of himself for him to truly understand God.
What actually is Soul?
Soul is a spark of God. It is an individualized Holy Spirit and equally a unit of consciousness. It is created in the image and likeness of God. It shares the same attributes with God Almighty ie It is Omnipotent, all powerful, Omniscient, all knowing and Omnipresent, can be everywhere albeit, in a latent form. Soul cannot be different from God because Soul is created within the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the abode of God Almighty. It becomes individualized when It picks a form to experience the love of God.
Where does Soul Live?
Soul actually resides in the pure heavens of God. But part of the mission of Soul is to become a Co-worker with God Almighty. For Soul to achieve this laudable objective, it requires to be trained in a school like setting where It can actually practice and demonstrate Its spiritual skills . To achieve this objective, a world of matter, mind and space was created so that Soul can become an apprentice and learn how to give and receive the divine love of God and eventually graduate to become a distributor of the Divine Love of God. Later Soul is now commissioned to become a Co-worker after realizing these qualities of Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence.
This is the mission of Sool.
What is the relationship between Soul and the HU-man body and mind?
Soul is the spiritual aspect of man. But for Soul to ‘attend’ this school, earth. It is given a uniform just like a kindergarten is given a uniform on his first day at school. But in this case, Soul is assigned a HU-man body from the spiritual worlds through birth so that It can partake in learning the lessons of life. Since Soul is spiritual and Its vibration is of the Light and Sound of God, it can only operate outside Its environment by enfolding Itself with ‘sheets’ or wrappings to protect It from the coarse environment of matter.
Thus Soul is enfolded with mind and subsequently, the HU-man body to enable It experience life in the gross material worlds.
Why do people always say ‘My Soul, My Soul?’
Actually they should be saying ‘My body, My body?’ ‘ I am Soul, immortal and free forver!’
This is because It is Soul that wears the Hu-man body and therefore cannot be controlled by both the body and mind. People say ‘My Soul’ because they do not really know who they are. For instance if we own Soul, who then are we? Soul wears the body as a uniform and depending as how the individual manages it, the body can last more than a hundred years and dies. But Soul does not die. It simply drops the HU-man body as an individual would drop his school uniform and waits to attend school another day. Through the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation, an individual is credited with his good deeds while he is debited with the bad deeds but is made to reincarnate to collect or pay for his actions in his former life. For everyone reaps whatever he or she sows. This cycle could go on for millions of years!
If Soul has lived before, how come It cannot remember when wearing the HU-man form?
If Soul in HU-man form is shown all the atrocities he has committed and is being carried forward into another life, some will not have the ‘liver’ to continue with life. However it is part of the divine plan for man to be given an opportunity to start life again on a clean slate. The memories of past lives are blotted out and the individual can pursue life without any guilt feeling. But because man has forgotten the spiritual purpose of life, he directs all his energy, though in error, to making money and seeking prosperity gods who can only delay Souls journey back home to God by promising material wealth. If we look into historical records one would find that all great spiritual beings have been tempted through love of material things. This love for material things is the ‘golden chain’ that fasten the individual to this earth, this spiritual school.
Some of us are not aware that we have come to this earth school to learn the lessons of life and therefore they go about committing all sorts of atrocities and at the last minute expect to be forgiven by God. But spiritual laws are no respecter of any HU-man being in this school that is regulated by immutable laws. If the short arm of the law does not reach the individual, the long arm of Karma will definitely catch up. Then the individual reincarnates to earth and starts wondering why life is tough when he has actually spent another life robbing people of their goods.
Some reincarnate with deformed bodies simply because of atrocities they have committed and in this life time they are made to pay for their deeds.
How can man discover the spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul?
Every night when man goes to sleep, he actually wakes up in his spiritual body and moves within the lower heavens of God. But he is told that this activity is dream. But the dream actually takes place within mostly, the first heaven of God known as the Astral World. It is like a child who goes to school drops the uniform when he goes back home and later picks it up the following day to learn more at school. So also, Soul partakes in the school of life and returns home (heaven) every night while the uniform, the HU-man body is at rest. This is the origin of the statement ‘I die daily!’ For this continues every night and gives man an opportunity to learn at school and return home finally through death.
But what does man do?
He goes about life after life wondering who is in charge of his life or who has made his life miserable without knowing that his thoughts, words and actions are made visible in his experiences in another life. Man spends half his life sleeping and the remaining half looking for money and before he realizes it he is seventy years old and he knows he has to go.
So through dream, man can know his spiritual self. For when the body is on the bed fast asleep man can then consciously move about in the heavens of God. But since man is asleep spiritually, he thinks he goes to bed only to rest every night. But sleep is actually an opportunity to reconcile both body and Soul in the first heaven of God known as the Dream World.
So through dreams, man can understand his spiritual self known as Soul.
How can one graduate from this school and go back home to God or is this Cycle of coming and going expected to continue for ever?
As Soul is going through this lessons of life, he is credited with good deeds and debited with bad ones until he has more of credit, that is more love in his actions than he is ‘qualified’ to meet with a Spiritual Teacher, known as the Spiritual Coach, who has the responsibility of guarding all Souls who qualify, back home to God. For when the Soul is ready, the Master will appear. It is a spiritual law that a Soul in Human body must have a Master in Human flesh.
When Soul meats the Spiritual Coach, his journey back home to God begins.
To make contact with this coach, Soul in Human form needs to sing the HU-,the Holy and Sacred name of God.

By Tuborki Dauyemie

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