Who Leads The Negroe’s Renaissance?

So as we are choosing our black Moses or Saviour, we should be extremely careful so that we should not fall into worst paganism. The only approach towards the elimination of darkness is through the appearance of light. No one with pagan background can cut off the spiritual chains of our soul rather it can be achieve by a men with sharp sword of true knowledge and wisdom. A man with true and pure doctrines from Yahweh. So a deeper heathen mysteries will not be capable of destroying the spiritual bondage of our souls rather the ignorance or falsehood will increase and consolidate.
There is only one intelligence, force or creator whose personal name is Yahweh, all other entities are his attributes, and any doctrine, dogma and creed not approved by that single intelligence is an act of paganism. Therefore to usher in the much expected “GOLDEN RULE” or “AGE OF PERFECTION,” the entire humanity must adapt to the rulership of that singular intelligence through its earthily representative (COMFORTER) and each man must rebuild his own world into that spiritually accepted consciousness because every entity of the universe is on its way to unifying itself consciously with the ONE LIFE. And this thesis had support form Richard Ingersol who puts it this way “The word is to each man according to each man, it takes the world as it really is, and that man to make that man’s world, and that man’s world cannot exist without that man”.
In the light of this truth, the COMFORTER will not be part of humanity’s earthily concoctions in form of religions. The COMFORTER being the mouthpiece of Yahweh cannot approve any pagan doctrine no matter how attractive it appears. Continuing on LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU, -his disciples claims that the initials of his name being O.O.O. means Omniscience, Omnipotent and Omnipresence, while others claim that the world OLUMBA means “CONQUEROR” and Obu meaning “FIGHTER”. But all these are fictitious claims because both the initials O.O.O or his name worths nothing in spirit, because the name has no spiritual relevance to attract praises, adoration or worship.
On the religious background of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, he is a classical teacher of Christian doctrine meaning that he is of Greek/Roman religious background, all his teachings which includes the wearing of soutane without pockets, moving or walking barefooted, singing without clappings or beating of drums and vegetarianism are some of the original practices of the early church. To support this, LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU believes the BIBLE as his only authority and practices all CHURCH DOCTRINES like Sunday rest or worship, Trinity, Lent period, Ashwednesday, Goodfriday, Easter Sunday, New Year Day of first January etc, LEADER O.O.O.’s claim that his is the appointed comforter is a self contradictory belief since he believes in Bible alone, the Bible has accounted for the coming of the comforter as an impersonal being represented by tongue of fire and dove which manifested on the PENSTICOST DAY. Therefore if the comforter has come on the Pentecost day, how can LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU goes about teaching that he is the comforter? Are the COMFORTER in two forms? Is it Biblical that the COMFORTER after coming as an impersonal being will again materialize as a human being? And again LEADER OBU and his fellowers claims that he is the “MANIFESTED GOD” and his son ROWLAND OBU who recently has turned his name to “HIS HOLINESS, OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU is the “REINCARNATED CHRIST”. The question there is, does the Bible agree with such developments. The question is necessary because LEADER OBU believes on the authenticity of the BIBLE and his fellowers are not ready to discuss outside the words in the Bible. Do you now see with me that there is a big contradiction over the claim that Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is the Black Moses who is to redeem the blackrace from bondage. Did the Bible revealed that Yahweh will come in human form with his son Yahoshea and to observe all human characteristics including marriage and siring of children etc.
Again for Leader Obu working on the Roman religious background has knocked him out of the contest. Romans are pagans like all other nations. But the salvation came through the Hebrews. And Romans and Hebrews are opposites in spiritual or religious affairs. And there is no possibility of poraging the two mysteries to be one, it will look like a combination of light and darkness, either the light will outshine the darkness or the darkness will overshadow the light. Therefore there is no way a polished or embellished paganism will turn into pure or sound worship. Again pagan nations agree in many things but they disagree with the holy nation in all issues. Babylon, Egypt, Assyria, Greek, Romans are all of pagan mysteries. But only Hebrew had a pure and sound doctrine and that is why these nations are always in disagreement with Hebrew nation. Moses disagreed with Pharaoh of Egypt, Daniah, Meshiyach, Shedrack and Abenego disagreed with kings of Babylon, Maccabbees disagreed with Antichos Epiphanus of Greek, Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples disagreed with Roman emperors and governors. Yes light and darkness cannot agree, so since Leader Obu is not for Hebrew background he cannot be the Comforter who is to continue the works of Yahoshea Meshiyach and his disciples who are of Hebrew mystery background.
Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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