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Reasons Why People Enter Into Strange Relationship

There are many reasons why people enter into strange relationship. Many, despite their beauty or handsomeness, enter into such relationship just to make ends meet outside the essence of love in romantic relationship.
Only few are into relationship because of real love straight from their hearts. Worst scenario is common with the female and male students. Love today has been abused beyond the ordinary romantic feeling between man and woman.
Some of the older ladies are into a strange self-satisfying kind of relationship. To be candid with soulmate fans, it brings about untold suffering and regret.
No one in such relationship is happy in anyway; unhappiness and unsteady sort of feeling are what are characterized in such odd relationship.
Let’s take the virtuous ladies out there in the streets on daily basis to make their ends meet for instance.
Soulmate had a chat with a lady of 23 whose name is Joy from Delta State who is doing her trade in one of the commercial sex hotels in Azikiwe Street, Mile 2, Diobu, Port Harcourt. When Soulmate asked her, she responded: “am here to fend for myself, I have my school needs to attend to and there is no way out from anywhere as my parents and uncles and aunties are not ready to help me, this has made me to take my destiny into my hands. I will be going back to school the moment I could gather enough money for my school requirement,” said the young lady who is into a trade frown at by society.
Another lady of 25 years old in the same brothel, named Cynthia from Imo State, beautiful with good body shape; when Soulmate had encounter with her, she simply responded by telling Soulmate: “how do I get back to the society? I have these needs to fulfill and there is no job, no help from nowhere, I really need to complete my education. I have saved some money and had even tried some vocational education centres at Mile 3, but the tutors are not serious minded. The tutors are not encouraging as they do not know how to teach.
“Not that I like this particular trade but this is the only trade open to me as society do not want to help me out of my predicament”.
These are just few of the many cases of those who are in romantic relationship for the wrong reason. Remember 23-year-old Joy we earlier discussed, right as you are reading this piece, Joy is comfortable in one of the higher schools in Delta State, doing well.
There are some who do not have tangible reasons of taking to such trade while there are some that are pushed into such type of relationship with condition and have remained there forever. Such ladies are the ones that could never get married however they are provided for and loved.
If you ask all that are there selling their bodies for livelihood, not all can give you a tangible reason to justify their actions. There are some that are frustrated by their husbands; some are pushed into such odd relationship of no definition because of poverty.
Let’s take the case of young men who are into odd strange relationship. How does one interpret a young man enslaving his soul to service an older lady of 60-70years in the name of relationship romantically?
Such relationships are not ordinary. Soulmate views such relationships with many reasons:-
(a) Poverty and the fun that comes with the whole exercise
(b) Testing new ground, just wanting to experience a new thing
(c) Just need to satisfy material needs
For the older ladies, they have their sexual urge. Such ladies are high societal ladies who are either widows or have been divorced by their husbands, and have refused to marry or no one wants to marry them anymore.
Such strange relationships have their give and take conditions; while the young men spend their energy in serving the older ladies, material gifts and cash are spent on the young men lavishly.
Sad to note here that such young men will never be seen with another woman or death threats hang on such young men’s lives.
Many young men’s lives have been useless in such types of relationships. Many still are walking freely in the streets useless; some are impotent to sexual feelings.
What of the young ladies who are into sugar daddy sort of relationship? Such type of romantic relationships do not have the flesh of love in it at all. There is no love feeling in such relationship as professed love does not come straight from the heart. Such love is one sided as both parties are looking out for one thing. The young lady is looking out for material gift beyond the sexual satisfaction while the older man is looking out for his sexual satisfaction from his younger lady.
In all these relationships, poverty stood out in all of them.
Many ladies who are into such relationships confessed to Soulmate that if not for the money and material gifts what will make them to open heir legs for a man of 50 years upward.
Same with some young men who Soulmate had a chat with. They confessed that they are entering into such relationship because they just want to have the material gifts and cash. Some said they used the older ladies to provide for their school welfare, as they bought them cars, rent them flats and lavished on them with fabulous cash and material gifts.
Remember, we have discussed in this column that any relationship without emotional feeling of love straight from the heart is doomed to fail. Such relationship comes with condition and also will only amount to regret and unhappiness.
Both ladies and young men are advised to please enter into relationship because of love and nothing more.
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