That Iranian Secret Cell

Iran is one of the countries in the Middle East posing threat to the United States of America and Israel. Few years ago Iran declared that Israel will be wiped off from the face of the earth. And Iran is one country whose nuclear programme is causing serious concern to the United Nations.

Iranian Nuclear weapon project is giving sleepless night to American Government as Iran is believed can use the nuclear weapon against her perceived enemy nation without any strong provocation. Every effort strategize to stop Iran from developing nuclear energy did not yield any result. The former president of International Atomic Energy Association, El-Baraday has visited severally about the threat of developing atomic energy by Iran.

The only positive response Iran keeps giving is that Iran wants to use the nuclear energy to boost its energy generation and distribution for peaceful purposes and not for nuclear weapon development. Indeed, some Western countries see Iranian’s nuclear energy development as a deliberate effort to attack enemy countries in the future.

Indeed, Nigeria is a member of IAEA. And as a country and a member of United Nation she has right to engage in bilateral relationship with any country of her choice. And can not be questioned for such relationship. In Africa, Nigeria is a staunch member of African Union and in the West Africa sub-region a strong financial member of ECOWAS. Thus, by the policies and objectives of organizations no country should take arms against any member country. And that is why members’ nations are against smuggling of fire and arms proliferation arms. The increase in smuggling of arms is a threat to the proliferation treaty of the United Nations.

In Lagos few weeks ago, there was a report of existence of Iranian cell. Indeed, considering the record of Iran in the world in terms nuclear weapon, the cell sited in Lagos, Nigeria would generate series of reactions about Nigeria position on the matter. Sitting cell outside her shore is a common practice of the United State. And today Iranian cell has been spotted in Nigeria; and under. What bilateral agreement was the cell sited in Nigeria? What is the vision sitting such cell in far away country like Nigeria by Iran.

Indeed, Nigeria should not involve her self in the world problem to Iran. Let Iran invest in life transforming project and not building of cell that will cause international suspicions of the credibility in fighting terrorism. Nigerian Government should issue a strong condemning the development of the cell and in the same demolish it without delay. Today Nigerian Military is fighting Boko Haram without any head way over sect. Just few days ago there was controversial Bomb blast in Lagos.

Lagos city is the hub business activities in Nigeria. And if bomb blast becomes the order of the day the future of Nigerian economy is at stake. And that is why every right thinking Nigerian must vehemently oppose the existence of Iranian cell in Lagos. Nigeria as a nation does not need any foreign cell to avoid the escalation of her internal problems.

The Iranian Embassy in Nigeria should as a matter of urgent attention demolished the secret cell. No matter the positive intention of the cell, Nigeria does not need such investment. The activities of Boko Haram are threatening the mutual co-existence of the Nigerian people. Thus, if Embassies are allowed to construct cells in the country, it should be where their Embassies are situated. If Nigeria claims innocence of the cell, it will speak volume to the international community.

Just last week, the Cameroonian government through the minister of’ information accused terrorist in Nigeria of been responsible in the kidnapping of French tourists in Cameroon. It is no longer rumour that some foreign citizens join hand with Boko Haram to wreck havoc in Nigeria. There is no week without report of unknown gun men killing people in Nigeria. Nigeria is a sovereign nation and can solve her internal crises. Lagos is too strategic to be played with in Nigeria. Just last week, new Eko city was launched in Lagos by President Goodluck Jonathan, Former President of America, Bill Clinton and the Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola.

The Iranian cell in Lagos is not a good omen for security system and economic sector of the country. The cell cannot add any value to any police cell in the country. Rather it will worsen our security situation. That secret Iranian cell in Lagos should not be allowed to exist in any part of the country. And the State Security Service (SSS) should intensify their effort in investigating the happenings in Nigeria. We need peace arid not destruction of life and properties. Therefore that secret cell built by Iranian Government according to report should be destroyed immediately. We need investment and not construction of secret cell to increase terrorist attack in Nigeria. ##

Frank Eneawaji Ogwuonuonu

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