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What The Lady Should Do When The Man Tarries To Introduce You To His People

Every meaningful relationship is targeted at the altar. It is then proper that the man, who is the commando or the anchor man of the asking, will first of all introduce his proposed wife to be introduced to his people (families), that is if the man means marriage. But where the man does not have marriage in his mind, though, he would have come to the lady with the idea of marriage, but since no one sees the mind of the other person, it will be left for him to complement his words to the lady in action practically.

This is where the lady in question will have to put herself to work by thinking. It will be the idea of the man to take the lady to his people as a way of introduction, pointing it out that, ‘this is the lady, I want to marry’. But this will only come to be, if the man has found all the qualities he needed in the lady and is satisfied with her conducts and her family background.

This is also applicable to the lady as well before following the man to see his people. But the strange behaviour that will prompt the lady to be so concerned and worried is, when the man tarries long in not introducing her to his people?

This will make any lady that loves herself to straighten the whole thing. In our introductory to this topic we highlighted some of the possible causes of a man not marrying a lady he has courted for a longer time in a relationship that is meant for marriage. Soulmate’s concern here is that the ladies should know their worth and do well not to stay too long in a relationship without getting married to the man she had spent so much years in waiting.

When the man refuses to introduce her to his people, she should have cause to worry, except she is enjoying the man and has planned not to marry him. This is a common occurrence in today’s relationship, where the lady is enjoying the man’s money with the aim of not marrying him. She will not want to do anything about the situation. She will care less of the man introducing her to his people, at the same time; she will never make any move towards introducing the man to her own people. When a relationship like this is established, both the man and the lady are exploiting themselves.

The man is either using the lady as a lover sexually or has prepared not marry for the meantime. But since he could not do without sex, he is using her to satisfy his sexual urge. In the same vein, the lady is not ready to marry the man but she is using him to cover up her needs either monetarily or sexually. Such relationship is termed football type of relationship, nothing is at stake.

But in a genuine relationship aimed at marriage, the lady should take the bull by the horn and know the family background of the man without the man knowing, to ascertain what type of family that man comes from.

That done, she should confront the man to introduce her to his family, this is where the whole truth will surface for result, whether the man really wants to marry her or not.

To all in relationship of this type, it is time to sit up. First, on your own, know his family background. Know his parents, what do they do for a living, their present and past, his siblings, their educational background, your discoveries will enable you draw your own plan, either to still stay in that relationship or not.

As a lady, you should know what you want in a man and in marriage, not relationship. Your target in relationship should and would always be marriage.

It would not be proper for you to be dating series of men before finally to settling down with one. All these have some later implication in a lady’s life when she finally settles down with a man she so much cherishes and cares for.

Any relationship that does not have sign of marriage should never be encouraged by any lady in the society. Your body is meant for only one man. If you entered into series of relationship before finally settling down with one man, you have succeeded in mocking yourself before society spiritually.

The lady is the one that calls the shots not the man. That is the more reason you, as a lady, should find the definition of the relationship you embark upon at the onset.

Many men today mock their friends who got married to their dates before. Because they do not see any reason for marrying that lady. So they mock the one who had married their former date that they had seen her nakedness.

Ladies, beware of fooling yourselves before the menfolk. It is better you marry a man you do not know from your vicinity than marrying a man who is your husband’s friend. The outcome is torture and disregard to your husband at will. Please be careful about this.

Your comments and contributions on this issue are being awaited in the next edition. Keep fit and keep texting in your requests and questions, while we introduce another issue still on this topic.



I want you to be my friend

Dear editor, am Israel, I am cool, level-headed and friendly. I am working at Jamb headquarters, I read about you a lot in the internet and I think you are the type of friend, I need at this time of confusion in Nigeria and the world. Please pray for me in your quiet time.

Samuel from  Abuja.


Response: Dear Samuel, who am I to reject the one that is receiving blessing because of reading me in the internet? You are the reason we are doing what we are doing. Thank you Samuel for making us your partner by reading us in the internet.

Well, praying for you is my daily duty. May you be satisfied in Yahweh’s name with your heart desires.

Please keep being cool and level headed and Yahweh will satisfy your soul with his divine protection and favour.




Man of the pen, the prolific writer, the man with a heart of gold, happy belated birthday.

From Pastor Levi Daniel in Yenagoa.



I like your presentation

Dear Editor, I am Cynthia from Imo State. I have been reading your Soulmate since its inception and I must confess I like the issues you present to your readers. May your Yahweh continue to bless you. But are you married? Expecting to get a reply from you.


Cynthia from Imo State

Response: Thank you Cynthia for following us from inception of this column. Well, may Yahweh be glorified for using me to make you happy but what could I do without people like you reading me?

For your question, I am happily married to a beautiful lady who is like my mother, sister, associate and above all, my spiritual partner. I hope you asked that question not to come for me for marriage? If for marriage, I am happily married. Not to worry, you are still my friend, feel free; you can see me and interact with me at will any day, anytime.


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