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Love is the main thing in any relationship. To make any type of relationship work, there are lots of factors that would be responsible, these are understanding, sacrifice, tolerance and above all the fear of Yahweh coupled with trust in conjunction with regard and respect of the partners who are involved in the relationship.
This brings us to be more careful, mostly, when we are about to contract marriage. Because marriage is a bond that one ties and never would want to loose. Infact, it is said to be an everlasting bond that keeps agreed minds of two individuals from different families backgrounds. This is the ordinance of Yahweh, who instituted the first marriage on earth from creation. Genesis 2:24-25, Gen. 1:27-28.
For those who are courting, please open your eyes, if you are courting to marry. If you could not know or see who loves you when you are in courtship, you will forever regret when you finally say I do to the wrong partner. Where you are not sure, you will enter into many courtships, some because of this problem will enter into many courtship and finally say I do to the wrong person, who will at the end cry or complaint.
The time or period of courtship is an open widow for both partners to see or know what he or she really want for instance, one should not be selfish, bearing this in mind, both partners ought to be true to themselves, this should be the leading factor that suppose to give courage to both partners to finally say I do.
Soulmate is a bid to help those in courtship aiming to get married to open their mind eyes as to properly understand what their intending partner to be is in real life.

The Test To Know Who Really Love You
For those who are in courtship aiming to get married, please check out for these factors.
If you are in courtship aiming for marriage, this is a real test to find out whether your partner you want to settle down with really is the person that deserves you in marriage, when the going gets tough.
Many ladies or men only say they love their partner when nothing is demanding or going rough in the relationship. But for you not to be taken unaware, please try to put this test before the number of ladies or men who professed that they love you.
Fake sickness and contact a doctor telling him your plan to ascertain your true love among the ladies or men professing love to you, as you really want to settle down.
If you are a man and let us assume you have three ladies professing love for you and they are all fighting to marry you, because you have some cash to make life worthwhile for them, put this experimental test into motion unknown to them all to pick or know your true love among the three ladies.
Fake that you are sick. Take bed with an arranged doctor in a clinic or hospital, making the sickness a serious sickness that could be a terminable illness. Let the doctor sound real, making it so serious that your life may end except divine intervention takes place to your advantage.
Secondly, let the doctor sound pitiable to you, giving the impression that the said amount which is supposed to be very high and if that money could not be provided your life may end, as the clinic or hospital would not treat you.
On your part, pretend or give all of them the impression that you don’t have penny to help you pay your medical bills. Also make it so strict that none of your family members could also provide the money, meaning if any of the three ladies who claimed loving you and want to spend their lives with you now have the opportunity to bail you out of death.
Try to be nice to them all when you were bubbling with life without problem. Before taking this experimental lest for them. give them money the same amount and let it be reasonable.
This is to know the true mind of all the three ladies in your life. Their reaction to the situation will show you their love for you. Depending on individual action, you will find out the one that sincerely love you.
When carrying out this experimental test never you look at how more beautiful or romantic in bed any of them is to you.
Definitely all of them may not act the same way towards your situation. This is where you will select your true love. but please leave sentiment out of the thing. Go basically on the outcome of the result and select or chose your life time partner, tell you out of the three, you will find out the one that truly love you with her soul and either rain or sunshine will want to spend her life with you.
Second experimental test is, fake being broke, making it that how to fend for yourself depend on either of them. Call them separately and break this news to them all, separately.
Before embarking on this experimental test be as simple as you could to be loving, caring and fulfilling their needs. Show them all committed love. With this test, you will figure out the one that truly loves you. Because, the one that loves you will never bother to depend on you, rather she would out of her pocket catering for your need while still keep you as the head of the relationship. She will not dare one day to insult you or look down on you. Moments like this would bring out the true love of the one that love you among the three ladies.
Love is something from the heart and looks or wealth. Know that there is a big difference between loves and like. Love is permanent while like is temporary feeling of the mind towards a particular soul.
When you are doing this, please try to love low key in all your new status you are presenting to them all. Never show favour to any of them. Never be emotional. Never try to defy any of them sexually, if any of them demand it. But on your part within this period of your experimental test, don’t demand sex from any of the three ladies.
This is another area you will figure out the one that loves you among the three ladies.
Definitely, you will notice a change of attitude from the one that do not truly love you.
You will notice or figure out the fair whether love among them some love you because of your personality, wealth, the way you spend for them, your educational status.
You will also demand from them each separately without either of them knowing your planned experimental test.
Keep our mind open. You could also approach any lady of your desire or interest but try to pretend that you do not have anything of interest but you have character. If you could do this, you have sit a good trap for a true lady to come your way.
Before your finally picking or making your choice of partner for marriage. Because marriage is all about sacrifice, understanding, tolerance, regard, trust and above all the fear of Yahweh.
And you do not find out these factors before saying I do. Because she beautiful or he is handsome you will disappoint yourself in your picking him or her as your life time partner.
Please note that in marriage there the true test of love, tolerance, understanding, regard, trust and the need to know how fearing your partner is will be tested or demanding. Only time and situation unknown to you will prove these factors out to you when that time comes, when you have married him or her.

Star Services
Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb. 18)
Last edition, we treated the behaviour, takes and dislikes of the Aquarius. This edition, we are treating the strength, weakness and most suitable spouse and jobs and careers of the Aquarius.
Your Strength
(a) Friendly and Humanitarian
(b) Honest and loyal
(c) Original and inventive
(d) Independent and intellectual
Your weakness
(a) Intractable and contrary
(b) Perverse and unpredictable
(c) Unemotional and detached

Your Most Suitable Spouse In Marriage
Leo: Those who are born under the month of July 23-Agust 23 make the most suitable partner to the Aquarius man or woman in marriage.
Your Most Favourable Months April and August
Your Most Favourable Day Saturday

Your Most Suitable Jobs/Careers
The most suitable careers/jobs for persons born in the month of January and February are; engineering (most fortunate in vehicle machine or mechanical engineering) you are a sound politician, trader and also love traveling.
The woman born in January are good in hotel management or selling of food, needle work of all kinds and job of a tailor.
The people born of February are endowed with the gift of fast understanding of what ever they earn. The most suitable careers/jobs: singers, carpenter, lawyer and field of medicine (nursing, pharmacist or doctor).

Herbal Services
Moringa for treatment of Ailments
Moringa could improve the endurance rate of athletes in games. Moringa with it high vitamin with its unordinary iron content (25 times over the hemoglobin content of the blood. This in turn helps the blood to deliver more oxygen to the muscles during aerobic endurance exercise. The increased oxygen carried by the blood also helps to increase the metabolic rate assists in burning unwanted fat deposited in the body.
See you next edition with more of Moringa, the miracle tree. Go get your Moringa for all types of ailments. ###

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