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Why People Are Raped

Rape is anti sexual phenomenon that has often bedeviled the society in the most common sense of sex. Where an individual is forced to have sex with another without the consent of the affected individual. Men are also raped by ladies, but the most commonly raped are the woman fold.

Raped had many victims and direction; kids, adults rapists. Fathers and mothers occasionally rape their wards, uncles and aunties are also not spared when the negative thought in committing the crime has it influence in their minds.

The most common known raped groups are the young ladies, the teenagers. But in rare cases the adult were also affected in the case of war. Boys of growing age sometime are victim from their households, from schools; this is commonly experienced in the boarding schools.

Ladies also rape ladies, the same as men or boys also rape their fellow species. Rape is devilish and is directly opposite the natural divine order of Yahweh of sexual arrangement creation.

In whatever circumstance rape is not just filed by the law of the land. The Nigeria constitution do not joke with any rape case as the commuter of this evil and heinous crime faces a terrible jail sentence in the law court.


Why Are People Raped

People are raped because of their closeness to those who are committing the heinous and barbaric crime. It is a negative trend where an individual forcefully have canal knowledge of another. Today it is shameful as some countries have approved same sex marriage. In such countries a female could come together with her fellow woman and perform the normal rite of man to a woman without being prosecuted in the law court.

Rape case is established when an individual forcefully have a canal knowledge of another individual lady, in the same vein men rape their fellow men.

Rape is commonly carried out because of the devilish intention of the fellow that commits the act. In some rare cases the lack of control of an individual sexual emotional urge. If one lust after a lady or a male uncontrollably, there is the tendency that a rape case may be possible at the end. That is why ladies also commit rape to the men fold.

People are raped sometimes because of the way they conduct their lives in the public. The women fold are to be blamed in most cases of rape. Because they create the opportunity for the rapist to accomplished his mindset.

The rapist is easily enticed into the act when ladies exposed certain parts of their bodies carelessly. University students are the worst culprits. They nowadays virtually dressed naked before their lecturers and male counterparts. Those who are fond of this habit are extremely beautiful, pretty ladies who are careless about the attractive parts of their bodies before the male counterparts. Breast and laps are sensitively exposed before their sexually active male counterparts, which has not help the situation of rape to be curbed in the universities and society.

It is commonly believed that rapists commit the act because they want to satisfy their emotional sexual urge at that particular time or moment.

However, Soulmate would not for whatever reason encourage the act. We understand rape is a thing from the heart which means, it can be controlled or curbed.

Soulmate advise, those tempted and dragged into committing rape, to disregard such act and take to hearing the word of Yahweh.

You can call on anointed servant of Yahweh for discussion and also listen to music that talk about positive things of life.

Also Watch movies that discourage the act of rape and strive to leave the scene where you are constantly been tempted or lured into the act.

You may equally discuss it with someone whom you respect so much in the family or in the society.

More importantly do well to move closely to nature, ‘you are advised to go into the bush to feel the cool breeze of nature where the bird serenade you in the most amazing sense of life. You can also move to watch the fishes and the beautiful glee to Yahweh. This will move your hearts to have a rethink of the ugly trend and crime.


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