That Rivers Teachers Recruitment Exercise

All over the world, education is regarded as the bedrock of any society and a catalysts  for even development.

Education strives  in places where values are placed or attached to it, probably from the earliest educationists. In Rivers State it is on record that most of the past and present leaders were trained through ourselves scholarship awards by successive governments.

Several of these persons who received these training aboard and back home were expected to form better and sound educational base for the upcoming citizens. But the experience now reflects that of wasted resources as they could not assist the present generation. The assistance could not only be advisory role but also in service as the present schools are lacking in adequate curriculum.

It is generally an acceptable norm that nobody could transfer to another, what he has not, in other words, an elephant cannot give birth to a lion.

Those who passed through capable hands should be able to transfer their wealth of experience to others because no inexperienced tutor could teach students for an efficient result.

Quality education therefore requires quality tutors, teachers for a better future because the half-baked ones would always end in laying similar eggs like them.

The Rivers State governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi had in the past six years provided scholarship scheme to citizens in different areas of studies within and outside Nigeria, with an understanding of returning to serve the state.

Could it be true to say that these beneficiaries are yet to complete their programmes or not willing any longer to assist the state?

The unending lip service state teachers recruitment exercise is becoming worrisome as another school term is about to began yet without enough teachers to handle the problems bedeviling our school system.

In some parts of the state, some secondary schools have not more than 3 tutors and one would wonder how they could cope with such staff strength.

The said teachers’ recruitment is not yielding any positive result,  even as most of the purported interviewed or prospective teachers are said not to be qualified and could not meet up with what is obtainable in schools elsewhere in the nation.

It is on record that, the teachers examination that was supervised by JAMB was marred with irregularities, hence most of those who scored higher marks where reported to have used  certain devices such as sophisticated handset in the exams hall.

Most of those with lesser scores are adjudged to have done well as they displayed their natural academic prowess without any kind of assistance.

Now that the teachers recruitment is suffocating, what is the way forward atleast for the betterment of our future leaders and students who suffer on daily basis without qualified and insufficient teaching staff in almost all schools in the state?

The time is now that the sponsored citizens and beneficiaries of the state educational programme should rise up to their responsibilities in aiding the drowning education system in the state, if quality, efficient and lasting education is to be achieved.

What Rivers State needs at the moment is not the too many public hearing, repealing or amendments of any existing laws, but practical approach to the ailing educational system.

Most leaders in various spheres in the state and beyond were beneficiaries from the state scholarship opportunities at one point or the other, but the state is leading from behind.

Yes, there are beautiful buildings in place but what is at stake is practical studies that would lift the state to another level.

We urge the state government to clamp down on the beneficiaries of the educational opportunities and compel them to render services aimed at salvaging the state. ###

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