That Large Cache Of Ammunitions

It is not a rumor that the border or boundary of Nigeria with neighboring nations is porous.

The latest discovery in Kano on Wednesday 29th May, 3013 of large cache of ammunitions is a threat to security of the Nigerian state.

The link of the ammunitions to Isbolla militants is another worrisome revelation in the nation. Few weeks ago, it was discovered by the military that Boko Haram Sect is using sophisticated weapons to launch out its operations in the North. The stunning revelation has given room too many questions on the minds of Nigerians. It is obvious that what facilitated and necessitated discovery of the under-ground weaponry was, the declaration of state of emergency and the effort of the populace to engage in community policing, it is evidently clear that illegal weapons are available in Nigeria. This is because almost every criminal is found with sophisticated weapons even in armed robbery attacks. The anti-aircraft missiles found in the underground building have also supported the media report made available by the military that Boko Haram members use such weapons.

The state of emergency declared in the three northern states is  curtailing incessant attacks often carried out with impurity. Indeed, the sect has not retreated on the offensive rather the attacks innocent citizen have been taken to other states. Few days ago, a village in Benue state was attacked and about twenty-seven people killed. The recent attacks by rebels against constituted authority of nations in the world, especially in Africa are on the increase.

Recently, rebels took arms against the Malian government. If not with the effort of French military, the government would have been toppled as it was done in central Africa Republic. The influx of arms and ammunitions to sub-Sahara Africa is a threat to the continent. There is need for a serious and proactive check of the borders that serve as entry points into Nigeria.

One major security issue that must be taken into serious consideration is the security operatives attached to foreigners in the country. Indeed, such as become a soft spot for criminal minded individuals to import arms into the country using military or Police personnel as covering. The Lebanese man who have Amigo plaza in Abuja and the house where the cache of ammunitions were discovered was not moving alone. All Lebanese and foreigners in the country are heavily protected or guarded by the soldiers and police. One wonders how large cache of ammunitions could be in possession of such people.

The heavy presence of security operatives around foreigners has given them immunity to commit crime without arrest. It is a common practice that when a lorry load or truck load of goods is transit to another state and with the attack of soldier or police on board such vehicle is hardly checked.

Indeed, some months ago the Inspector General of Police made a declaration on the use of serine. It worthy to note that the masses of Nigerian nation do not move with police escort. When a convoy is moving with noisy serine commuters are threatened and scared off the road by the security operatives on the convoy. This in a way facilitates and makes possible for easy smuggle of arms and ammunitions into the country. The discovery is a food for thought. Every foreign expatriate goes with military or police escort in Nigeria. The security challenges witnessed in Nigeria in recent times is attributed to proliferation of arms and ammunitions to African sub-regions.

The control of movement or small arms and ammunitions has not yielded any substantial result. It is not news that Boko Haram sect is an affiliate of international terrorist organization; I f the cache of ammunitions discovered in Kano in the month of May are linked to lsbolla which its head quarters is in Lebanon. Then there is every tendency for Nigerians to check what is happening in Nigeria. The time for Nigerians to be alert has come, it is terrible and frightening to see and hear what is happening in the country.

The tightening of security at the borders by joint-nation military patrol is welcome development. Many dangerous weapons have gone through the borders with arrest of the owners or buyers. Few days ago the President of Ghana, Mr. John Mahama has raised an alarm on the increase of militant attacks. Stressing that it is a dangerous development that must be brought under control to avoid spread to other nations not affected. Indeed, according to president of Ghana his country is not affected. The threat to life is on the increase. Therefore, the security operatives must be at alert to check what comes into Nigeria as there is need to intensity the search for more weapons as there could be some secret depots piled up with arms and ammunitions.

With the state of emergency in place the military personnel should be given opportunity to comb some suspected sites. The movement of arms and ammunitions in Nigeria should not be allowed to be a mere business of buying and selling. Indeed, the foreigners who come into the country in the name of investments should be thoroughly checked without excuse. Nigerians should monitor those who engage in espionage. It is time for Nigerians to report suspected containers loaded with goods.

The military with this development has herculean task to carry out in Nigeria, It is believed that security is every body’s business, therefore every hand must be on deck to restore peace and order, and Nigerians need security of life more than ever before. ####

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