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NAD LOC Scribe X-Rays Ills Of Bleaching Creams

The Secretary of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the just concluded 7th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association of Dermatologists (NAD), Dr (Mrs) Bolaji Otike-Odibi has tasked women to shun bleaching creams, warning them of the health hazards of indulging in such practice.

Dr Otike-Odibi gave the warning while exchanging views with journalists in Port Harcourt, shortly after the NAD conference in Port Harcourt, last week.

She said that some women are involved in these unhealthy practices for various reasons, including beauty to attract men, but noted that some men are also involved in this indulgence.

Dr Bolaji reminded those involved in bleaching of their skin to note that the practice attracts fungal and bacterial infections to their skin, and said it also results in various other side effects including stretch marks, thinning of the skin which leads to premature ageing.

“Learn to love your skin as God – Given”, Dr Bolaji advised women and men who are in the habit of using bleaching creams.

Reacting to the issue of low awareness among Nigerians over Dermatology Medical Practitioners, NAD LOC Secretary in Port Harcourt acknowledged that there are few practitioners across the country, but added that their numbers are presently increasing, which with time she said will make them more popular.

She observed that presently dermatology training centers in Nigeria are only found in Lagos, Ibadan, Ife, Benin, Enugu and Kano. She said that as more centers spring up across the country, that will enhance growth in the number of dermatology practitioners.

The NAD scribe said that as an organization, that NAD is working hard to popularize dermatology as an aspect of medical health practice concerned with human skin, and assured that with time the group will also attain popularity.

She said that the 7th Annual Scientific Conference in Port Harcourt with the theme: “Quality of Life in Dermatology practice”, is aimed at coming up with latest scientific discoveries acceptable across the globe on best practices of treatment of persons with skin challenges.

Dr BolajI therefore commended those that presented research findings and papers during the 2013 NAD conference in Port Harcourt, stating that they did a thorough job. ###

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