Keshi Gets Luck With Home Eagle

There seem to be unending record breaking for Super Eagles, Chief Coach Stephen Keshi with the home based Eagles has yet created another record for himself by qualifying the home based Eagles in the tournament that has eluded Nigeria since its inception.

The African home based national teams of African continent is a competition specifically set up to test the home base national teams in African countries, it is therefore commendable that Stephen Keshi for the first time has qualified the home base Super Eagles after lifting the AFCON trophy.

As if his strength is based in the home front, Keshi used even the home based players to prosecute the AFCON competition and even extended the same gesture to some of the home based Eagles at the Confederation Cup, and they never disappointed the nation.

With this feat, Keshi is looked upon as the messiah of Nigerian Football even outside the shores of Nigeria and beyond.

The Keshi spirit had been advocated for long by soccer pundits as Nigerians soccer followers smiled to welcome the dividend of home based players.

Keshi as a good student learnt the tricks from his former boss, Clement Westerhof when he was the national team’s captain of a combination of home based players and abroad based players that constituted the Super Eagles in Tunisia, the world cup 94 squad that was adjudged the most entertaining team by FIFA in the history of world cup.

Not only did that squad have quality and character, but the patriotic zeal, dedication and commitment, with the discipline that squad prosecuted its matches this is missing now.

That squad had discipline and showed sincere love in playing all the matches in all the competition the team had ever played when the squad lasted.

Keshi in his experience as a captain in that squad had learnt the rudiments and is just reflecting it and it is working out well for him.

No wonder all is going out well for the big boss as he was used to be called fondly in his active playing days with the Super Eagles under Coach Clement Westerhof. ###

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