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Ateke Tom Proposes Female 5-A-Side Soccer Tournament

COMMISSIONER FOR SPORTChief Ateke Tom has proposed organizing female 5-A-side soccer tournament at his estate 5-A-side pitch at Okochiri later this year.
Comrade Tom made this revelation to sports journalists during the first Ateke 5-A-side Soccer Tournament played at his Okochiri estate 5-A-side soccer pitch on the 15th of September, 2013.
In a prelude to the tournament, Port Harcourt Allstars FC tackled their Okrika Allstars Football Club counterpart in an exhibition match.
Emmanuel Ebidei spotting Jersey No. 15 came from the bench to only score Port Harcourt Allstars only goal and was immediately substituted by Coach Michael Cookey, while Emmanuel Ebidei scored Port Harcourt Allstars goal in the first half, No. 11 jersey from his side in the dying minute of the game.
George FC tackling Ebere FC in the first match in the tournament won Ebere FC by 4-3. 1 yellow card was issued to George FC, while 3 yellow cards were bagged by Ebere FC. Apollos ‘Man Pass Man’ was awarded the man of the match courtesy of the 3 goals he scored for his side, he went home with a pair of football boot. Two penalties were awarded to George FC, one was lost and the second was scored by Jersey No. 99, called Innocent, Chinedu Jersey no. 4 for George FC opened his side goal and scored a second one as jersey no. 28 completed the 4 goals with his own goal. 36 teams registered for the tournament to end on the 29th of September, the competition is being played on knockout basis. A provision of man of the match award is on-going till the tournament ends.
Speaking to sports journalists, Comrade (Chief) Ateke Tom said, though he did not see what he expected, but he felt happy in the pitch, giving reasons why he sponsored the competition he said there are players that are talented but nobody to bring them to limelight because there are no provision for them to be discovered for greener pasture, stressing that there are no jobs for the youths, so he felt like helping the youths in sports venture, since they are talented in soccer. Hence he is spending his hard earned money to discover football talents for them to make a living with it for themselves. He stressed that he wants the youths to become better people for the country and the society, stating that he was impressed with what he had seen from the boys because they have played out their hearts to tickle his fancy.
Describing the situation to sports journalists, Comrade Solomon Mangibo, Chairman Technical Advisory Committee for Peace and Development (TACPAD) said it is fantastic that Comrade Chief Ateke Tom has given the platform to the youths to excel in their talent in soccer.
He confirmed that some of the talents discovered can hold their own anywhere in the Nigeria Premier League.
He described Chief Ateke Tom as father of all. ####

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