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NIGER Delta, CSOs, Petition Ecuador President Over Dangers Of Oil Exploration


As the campaign to leave the oil in the ground is intensifying around the globe, Environment Rights Action/Friends of the Earth (ERA/FOEN) has sent a strong worded petition to the President of Ecuador, Rafael Corea to stop forthwith the intention to start oil exploration and exploitation in that country.
Presenting the petition to journalists, Civil Society Organizations in the Niger Delta and Community People in Port Harcourt on September, 2013, the Executive Director of ERA Dr. Godwin Ojo said the petition became necessary because of the devastating effect of oil exploration and exploitation.
Dr. Ojo stated that Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria believes that oil exploration will do the people more harm than good.
The Executive Director maintained that ERA, the Civil Society Organization in the Niger Delta and communities decided to send a strong letter to the Ecuador President because the President was in the fore-front and championing the campaign “leave the oil in the soil” and his dramatic turn means a lot to the people of oil bearing communities in the world because of the trauma, pollution and destruction of the ecosystem.
Dr. Ojo further explained that the people of Nigeria support the people of Ecuador at this trying moment where their President is giving-up on the campaign he started many years ago.
He gave a lucid example of areas where oil exploration and exploitation has brought about killing, under-development, pollution, environmental degradation and the many dangers attached to oil exploration, such as the Ogoni people and other Niger Delta communities where oil has impacted negatively on the lives of the people.
According to the ERA’s BOSS, oil companies in Ecuador have prevailed on the president to accept oil exploration in his country for economic prosperity which is a farce. “The important thing is to show solidarity with the people of Ecuador, there is the need for referendum and consulting the people before the President can take a unliterary decision” Dr. Ojo said.
The petition will accompany protest letter in support with Oil Watch Africa, the civil society organizations and the media. Journalists who covered the event asked what ERA will achieve in the petition to the President of Ecuador. In answering the question, the Executive Director ERA said oil exploration destroys the environment just like the case of Ogoni and the Niger Delta and Ecuador should learn the bitter lesson of the people of Niger Delta. Other reasons include that the Yasuni National Park should not be infringed upon.
On the interest of the Niger Delta people in far away Ecuador, he stated that protecting the environment is paramount everywhere. The ugly situation is that oil has killed many people in the Niger Delta and the best practice is to provide answer to energy transition which is a global movement for all.

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