Is Christianity Founded By The Saviour?

Equally, Christian missionaries became divided to both warring factions. By this unfoldment, Christian missionaries were not challenged by ferry zeal into battle against heathenism but were at each others throat in accord to the division. Before this deadly battle, Christendom possessed many brilliant missionaries who move about making converts to the fold through decent and tactical approach against local heathens and their worship. As Christendom itself was a wider umbrella for heathenism, it easily adopts any manner of belief of the people and rebrand them to suit universal acceptance. Converts to it easily increased out because of its way of compromising nature to other heathen worships. For example, the Encyclopedia of Religion described a method used by a missionary named Boniface to make converts to Christendom as thus “At Geismar (near Gottingen, Germany, he (Boniface) dared to fell the sacred oak of Thor. When he suffered no vengeance from the resident Germanic god, it was clear that the God whom he preached was the true God who alone is to be worshiped and adored”. After the separation of the church, conversions were more of military conquests rather than moral or religious persuasions. A well known religious historian Kane agreed to such naked use of political powers for religious conversions as thus:- “The unholy alliance between the church and the state prompted the church to employ carnal means to achieve the spiritual ends. Nowhere was this policy more disastrous than in the works of Christian missions, especially among the Saxons, atrocities were committed”. History proof that most of European colonies that fall unto Christendom were forcefully coerced to such belief but not according to the dictation of their consciences. Separate missionary campaigns were carried by the two factions of Christianity as observed in Rome and Constantinople. And their attempts to apportion those colonies sparked uncontrollable wars that devoured millions of human lifes. For example, their attempts to convert or Christanise Bulgaria expressed to confusion typical of a religiously divided house. At the beginning, the Bulgarian ruler Boris I converted to Greek Orthodox. Upon seeing that Constantinople severely curtailed the Independence of the Bulgarian church, he turned to the West permitting German missionaries representing Rome to bring their version of Christianity. Later, it was evident that the Roman church was even more restrictive to Bulgarian church than the Eastern Orthodox. So Germans were expelled and Bulgaria returned to Eastern Orthodox. The contest of religious control between Catholics and Orthodox spread in all European region and such contests brought discrepancies in the zone. Both factions of Christendom fought for control of Poland which the Encyclopedia of Religion conclude that after much struggle, the church of Poles was generally under the West (Catholic) while at the same time marked with significant Eastern (Orthodox) influence. Eastern Colonies as Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Finland were also caught between the rivalry of Western and Eastern forces with all its ecclesiastical consequences. A good religious observer will ponder over these historic developments and see whether the church of Jesus Christ accurately fit into the practices and principles laid by Yahoshea Meshiyach during his earthily menstruation. Did Yahoshea used the state power to persecuted his religious rivalries? Did he carried out wars to convert sinners unto his fold? Remember, the scripture was boldly frank over the humane and tender posture of Yahoshea in regards to his mission on earth. As a non-violent teacher, he did not in any manner encouraged war as an instrument of conversion of unbelievers. The account evenly bore that when his chief disciple Peter took his sword and cut off an ear of a Roman solider, Yahoshea rebuked him and took the ear and restored it to the owner. Then how can a religious group found by man of such poise be filled of history of wars, killings and callousness. Truth is that Christianity is a religion founded by Roman Empire to serve its interest on political and religious ground. Thus protecting its ancient traditions and customs that has run virtually unbroken throughout its history as an empire. The Church of Rome and indeed its daughters (Orthodox, Protestants and Pentecostals) are generally willed to serve the interest of their various governments even when it infringes the interest of Yahweh they claim to serve. Christendom as state religion of many colonies and nations enforce the customs of Roman to their citizens and embark on uprooting the traditional or religious practices of their indigenous communities. On sites where people had shrines to their pagan idols, churches were built in their stead. This deceptive ploys were carried along to foreign lands by colonial master from Europe who use Christendom to fight against indigenous heathen faiths.

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