The Spiritual Purpose of Dreams

Every individual irrespective of his or her religion, status or social standing dream. Despite the fact that people dream, hardly do we attach any significance to this spiritual activity. Sometimes these dreams reflect our daily physical activities and sometimes they hold no relevance and as such we loose sight of their spiritual significance. Thus dreams are regarded by the man of today as something that lack meaning pertaining to life.

Yet our dreams reflect the deepest aspect of our spiritual being.

 People react to dreams in different ways depending on their state of consciousness or level of spiritual awareness. Since most of us are slaves to the thoughts of our religion, hardly do we ever think outside the box constructed by our religion and as such our interpretations of our dreams are limited both in scope and in depth.

There are three likely reactions to the occurrence of dreams in our lives. The first set of individuals dream but they do not attach any importance to their dreams. Sometimes they remember. Most times they do not and as such important information are discarded and they wake up like zombies and continue life without any spiritual guidance or direction. They just live to exist. For this set of people, life is just about physical things they can see with their eyes and feel with their skin. Of course they are like pawns on a chessboard and are thrown about on the sea of life like wooden specks, rolling only to where the weather conditions blow them. This set of individuals have created a life of misery for themselves albeit ignorantly.

Another set of individuals are those who by the nature of their religion, believe fervently in God but have not experienced God. They dream on a nightly basis but sometimes remember and at other times they do not. When these individuals remember their dreams they can hardly make any meaning from it simply because their religion did not provide for the explanation of their dreams. They have only been tutored in religion based on the written word. So they cannot decode messages from their dreams. When they dream, they look for someone to interpret their dreams for them simply because they have accepted their limitation and inability to understand their dreams. This limitation could go on for a lifetime without such individuals attempting to resolve this spiritual deficiency and as such they live life unhappily because of their inability to decode spiritual mysteries around them.

At times they meet prophets and prophetesses to decode their dreams and handouts or prayers are given to avert a re-occurrence of such dreams. I could remember as a young man when I had a re-occurring dream of being a Chinese. This dream went on for about two weeks without abating and I had to report this to my mother. Ofcourse in her love for her young son, I was rushed to a ‘prophetess’ who diagnosed my spiritual ailment and prayed over bottles of water and I was asked to drink for about two weeks. Of course after the session of ‘holy water’, as if in response to this prescription, the dream re-occurred again this time with utmost clarity. It took another twenty years for me to realize that it was indeed a past life in China that was being replayed for me. This accounted for my love for Chinese films.

Some individuals belong to this category where a lot of spiritual nonsense is prescribed for them to stop a dream from re-occurring. Sometimes prayers are offered and at other times rituals are performed, all in an attempt to stop beneficial information from God. But this set of individuals also act out of ignorance. Their anchor point is in some spiritual activity of other peoples experience with God that happened years ago. The pertinent question is when is the man of today going to have his own direct experience with God? The answer definitely is in our dreams.

The third set of people are those who can see a direct relationship between their dreams and their daily activities. They know that in their dreams are contained direct information from the Holy Spirit, the Voice of God. They have come to realize that for anything to manifest physically it must have a corresponding manifestation in the spiritual world. Since dreams are spiritual in nature, they have come to know that they can obtain important and significant information from their dreams. They therefore record their dreams nightly and wake-up to decode these spiritual messages from God Almighty without any intermediaries. Any intermediaries between man and God has been put there by man himself and man must be made accountable for the limitations of such intermediaries.

This set of people therefore record their dreams everyday and obey the instructions contained therein. Decoding this information however could require some training but initially, if the individual records his or her dreams he or she will be able to observe trends in the manifestation of physical activities in life

What is the Spiritual Purpose of dreams then?

The spiritual purpose of dreams is to daily provide information that lead to spiritual guidance for man on a daily basis in order to live life more spiritually and more successfully.

This earth is a spiritual school. There are so many others scattered in different parts of the universe where God has sent qualified Souls in Human uniform to come and learn the acts of giving and receiving love. Some of us have been at this school several times and for several years. Some of us have forgotten the reason why we are here while others believe this is their first journey and therefore see the only reason for their existence in prosperity. They believe life is to be lived once and therefore are driven by material madness to conquer and plunder by any means possible. They have completely forgotten their spiritual purpose in life. But they will make several trips back to this school of life to pay for their actions with interest on top. This is non negotiable. So they can do whatever they like but must pay for their actions.

But for those who have a spiritual perspective to life, they can see that while at this school, the only way they can communicate with God is through their dreams. So sleep is not only to rest the body but also to provide man with an opportunity to make quiet his mind so that information can flow in from God This information is what man for lack of understanding man has called dream.

Dreams therefore are direct information from God that man can utilize to connect with God in this earthly school on a daily basis and at times of great need. For when God sent man to school here He has never left man alone. God is always beside man as the Living Godman, the Spiritual Coach, but man has abandoned God and continues to search for God in Holy Books when God resides in the heart of man.

But how can man see and experience God?

The very first step can be found in our dreams. For within our dreams can we find the mystery for most of the phenomena in our lives. This is why dreams are not a function of religion. Whether an individual is religious or not cannot determine the flow of information in dreams but our religious status can affect positively or negatively our attitude towards our dreams, the interpretation of our dreams, and as such affect our fortunes in life.

Dreams are actually meant to provide spiritual insights to activities in our lives. Different situations require different approaches. But our dreams provide a spiritual map directly from God to enable us overcome any situation in life. For every problem man has encountered there exists a solution and this can be found in our dreams.

For any individual who wishes to understand the spiritual aspect of himself known as Soul, know God and the heavens of God, our dreams become a veritable source of information and a starting point. An individual who wishes to achieve this can practice the easy way. This is by singing the HU, the holy name of God for about ten minutes before going to bed. The individual finds a quiet place away from any disturbance, sits on a chair or lies on a couch. He closes his eyes and fixes his attention on the spiritual eye in-between the two eyebrows. Breathing in and out for a couple of times, the individual sings the HU in an outward breath like this: Huuuuueee (as in you or hue). The practitioner sings this for about ten to twenty minutes and goes to bed, putting any questions he wants answers to on his mind. When the individual awakens in the morning he relaxes in bed for a while with eyes closed to recollect any information from the Holy Spirit. As soon as he does, he records them in his dream journal for decoding.

Hu is a Holy and Sacred name for God. It can link the individual directly into the heart of God without any pre-conditions. This is the key to remembering and decoding the spiritual messages and purpose of our dreams.


By Tuborki Dauyemie

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