State Of Emergency Extension: The Way Forward

The President recently wrote to the National Assembly Seeking for the Extension of the State of Emergency declared Six months ago. In response, the Senate has endorsed Mr. President’s request. In the same vein, the House of Representatives should follow suit. Following the incessant attacks and killings orchestrated by the Boko Haram in the Northern Part of Nigeria, the Federal Government found it necessary to declare State of Emergency to curtail or stop the insurgent attack in the light of this, State of Emergency was declared in three States namely: Yobe, Borno and Adamawa, Assessing the State of Emergency declared some months ago, it was obviously noticed that there was no substantial impact on the part of the government in terms of winning the war against the Sect.

The effort and purpose of the declaration of the State of emergency by the government has not produced material facts that would facilitate the lifting of the State of Emergency in the States. It is obvious that the more offensive attacks by the joint Task Force to stop the merciless killings of innocent Nigerians by the Boko Haram, the more killings by the Sect. the Boko Haram Sect has defied every strategy used by the military to dislodge them. Indeed, the Sect has taken heinous crime or killings to the rural villages, where they run through without mercy and sanctity to human lives.

Villagers in the Northern States have become the prime target of the insurgency. Aerial bombardment has been carried out by the military to destroy the camps of Boko Hararn but to no avail. Indeed, cruel killings of innocent people of the region are on the increase. Multiple arrests have been made without head way. Stories upon stories of some people having sympathy for Boko Haram are on the increase. The proliferation of small arms in the north is another factor fuelling the insurgency.

Indeed, it is unthinkable the way the insurgent engage the military in gun battle. For six months the military could not proffer solution to the elimination of the presence of Boko Haram in Nigeria. This again, has caused doubt in the mind of Nigerians, considering the professionalism of Nigerian army. Nigerian military is so professional to lose a war with a sect not even a nation. Nigerians indeed, expect the military to win the war against the sect without delay, considering the personnel in the military and sophisticated weapons in the armory of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The federal government of Nigeria deemed it necessary to extend the emergency rule in order to re-strategies it tactics. It is clear that the period under review will be used to scrutinize the black legs in the force, which are sabotaging the effort of the military in fulfilling the assignment sent them by Mr. President, who is the commander in-chief of Armed Forces. Nigeria is a Sovereign nation and must win the war against the sect in her territory. The emergency rule extension should not be politicised as governments has not met its mandate for Nigerians, which is protection of life and properties. Many Nigerians are living in fear as onslaught by the Sect has not come to an end. There was never a time for cease fire.

It is on this note that Nigerians must join hands with the military to stop the ugly and barbaric killings in the country Now that the State of emergency has been extended for six months, there should be proper funding of the military by the government. The vigilantee groups aiding the military in their operations should also be scrutinized and equipped. Within this period of extension of the state of emergency, the military should embark on aggressive offensive on the hideouts and comb the cities and villages to cause an end and to stop the incessant attacks and killings. It is worthy to note that the pride of Nigeria is the military. Therefore, let .us join hands to win this war against Boko Haram. ####


Frank Eneawaii Ogwuonuonu


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