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ISSUES ABATTOIR : The Newswriter At Three: An Epitomeof Robust Journalism And Hope of Future

THE NEWSWRITERThe clock has ticked three on the dot as one of the leading local tabloid in the south-south region, Nigeria at large and Port Harcourt, Rivers State in particular is three.

The newly but shining weekly tabloid is “The Newswriter Newspaper” born on September 2011 with the challenge of “Illuminating Humanity With the Pen”.

Indeed, according to its brand name, “The Newswriter is graciously illuminating the human race with the daily occurrences both at the Local, States and Federal levels of the Nigerian state. It was officially registered in December 2010 with NUJ and CAC Nigeria.

The Newswriter, the brain child of its late pioneer apostle and founding publisher, Kenneth Amabipi (1956-2012) is without mincing words, fear or favour self arrogation or otherwise soaring and sky rocketing.

It is no warbling issue that many local tabloids in the state and region which proud itself with many brand name have since throw in the towel, others are still swimming in the murky waters of the dreaded challenges in the industry, but the fact remain that vision and mission are the hallmark of nay leader.

Faced with its attendants challenges, “The Newswriter Newspaper” is still calculating the rising waves on the ocean to sail to the shore of victory, where crowns are awarded for victory achieved.

Obviously, it is one thing to sail out into the ocean but another task to return to the shore when the high waves and storms suddenly emerges.

The journey and venture into the media and publishing world especially, the print and electronic industry is as tasking as attempting suicide, guess how!

In most cases, adventures in the field had success, challenging or unbearable stories to tell and many have hit brick walls without thought of continuation because of its risks and non profitability, especially when such organization is base facts and objectivity in consonance with the ethics and practices of the profession.

Media organizations that are founded on truth and professionalism are hardly to survive the text of time particularly when opposed to certain policies and lack of finances to propel its operations.

To the glory of God Almighty, without much ado, the existence of “The Newswriter Newspaper” is God’s handiwork.

The human factor is however centered around the selflessness, sincerity, hardworking and commitment of the founding published, Late Kenneth Amabipi of the blessed memory.

Another factor is concentrated on the zeal, willingness, commitment and interest of the Board of Directors whose dreams and focus is not only fresh, hot, alive but also kicking to be coming one of the leading National News source within and beyond Nigeria.

Reporters and contributors as well as other staff of the ‘Writers House Printing and Publishing Company Ltd”, publishers of The Newswriter Newspaper deserve mention as factor for the unflinching effort to the robust journalism practice, experienced within these 52 months, 156 weeks.

Again, it is to the glory of God Almighty that all friends, subscribers and readers deserve commendation for keeping faith with us which enables it move thus far.

What else do we say, “The Newswriter is relentlessly working to improve on all areas of lapses, and repositioning to meet up the challenges ahead in other to keeping to its mission statement “Illuminating Humanity with the pen”, while restating its commitment to serve the people better.

It is on record The Newswriter has uninterruptedly been on the stand since establishment. The facts and evidences are there.

At this point, it is pertinent to re-echo that “Man and business do strive in existence when relatives, friends, well wishers, admirers and colleagues pay and encourages the servicess of whom they know.”

The robust journalism witnessed at the instant of “The Newswriter” could not have been possible and positive without finances as the industry is capital intensive.

It therefore, behoves of the who in who is the society commends it, that mere positive statement and commendation about the tabloid’s stance and existence may not take “The Newswriter Newspaper” to any height rather than assistance, partnership and involvement aimed at taking the newspaper to another level in the industry globally, is welcomed.

Three years of any child is considered a kindergarten stage and much is not expected of such child but how to mould him/her become responsible in the society is the parent’s watchword.

Suffice it that, The Newswriter is in that category of a kindergarten stage but its activities and growth now has positioned it above her equals, could such a child not be termed or considered a “Miracle Baby”?

The Newswriter Newspaper though by its operations have surpassed the kindergarten state, is in deer need of support from government, spirited individuals and cooperate entities who have seen zeal and commitment in these three years of soaring higher.

It is necessary at this point to confide with colleagues that sincerity and selflessness to service are great gains and that it is a biblical injunction ‘to do unto others what you want others to do unto you? I hope this is a clear message and all can comprehend and decode it.

Whether at ‘The Newswriter’ or not in the emerging days, it is worthy to state that, it is an epitome of robust journalism and the hope of the future in not only in the Niger Delta region but Nigeria and beyond.

This, is because the burden to rule is very high and zeal to match forward very active and a burning desire to achieve.

It is therefore, an appeal and submission that the management  keep fit its desires, it is also proposited that hands must be on deck to actualize collective goals, as readers and well-wishers comes to our support in order to sail over the turbulent waves in the industry. The support could be in financial aid, services, partnership and morally to sustain the vision and mission of the organization.

Thank you all. ###

With James Mgboineme


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