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Nelson Mandela, Niger Delta struggle And Boko Haram

NELSON MANDALELast Thursday, I was shocked to my marrow to receive the news that Dr. Nelson Mandela, the first black President of the South Africa Republic has translated to glory at the ripe age of 95. No man is created to live on this planet earth for ever. Every mortal on this earth is a pilgrim and one day he or she will appear before the creator and give proper account on his or her deeds while living. Nelson Mandela has gone to be with the Lord, until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Unlike some political leaders the name, Nelson Mandela transverses the length and breadth of the entire globe. He suffered shame and reproach by going to prison to bring freedom to the South-Africans from the hands of the white racists. Nelson Mandela was a world leader. He was a symbol of freedom, humility and peace. Throughout his life, he sought for things that could engender conflict resolution and world peace.


Nelson Mandela’s non-violence lifestyle like that of our Lord Jesus Christ, has brought total economic and political freedom to the citizens of South Africa. If Mandela’s peaceful approach to conflict resolution is being applied in the Niger Delta, the losses the Nigeria nation has incurred would have been averted. The country wouldn’t have passed through such damages. Oil installations and facilities were damaged due to the Niger Delta struggle.

The Niger Delta struggle is a genuine struggle, where the people of the Niger Delta (the Food Basket and Treasure Base of Nigeria) are demanding for economic emancipation. The Niger Delta region is a victim of the manipulation of Nigeria nation. The Nigerian government is not fair to the Niger Delta region, despite its contributions towards the socio-economic growth of the nation. As the world mourns the demise of Nelson Mandela, it is better for the government of Nigeria under the leadership of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to apply the non-violence policy to resolve the issue of Boko Haram to bring to an end the unholy activities of the terrorists’ group in the northern part of the country. ###


Damiete West



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