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Christ Laughter Deliverance Ministries Holds Deliverance Service Every Tuesday

CHRIST LAUGHTERGod’s oracle, Apostle Emmanuel Olajide Olakunle, General Overseer, Christ Laughter Deliverance of All Nation INC. Ministries, Eliminigwe Estate Samaga, Elelenwo, Apajo Road, is a man of God blessed in this generation to deliver people under the bondage of the devil.

After his call by God he went into 90 days fasting after which God revealed the name of his church and his assignment of delivering those oppressed by the devil.

Although the church is only 2 years old but it’s growing like the mustard seed. According to Apostle Olakunle, God has delivered people with fibroid, deaf and dumb, a woman that was marked for death was delivered during the recent deliverance crusade “Moving Beyond Limits”, noting that hundreds of people had been delivered since the inception of the ministry.

To verify his claim, Apostle Olakunle confirmed that records of the people delivered and their testimonies are all recorded in DVD.

The clergy also advised the public to come and witness the deliverance service on Tuesdays 9am and see the majesty power of God, he further reminds them to come with doctors report to ascertain his claims.

To this end, Apostle Olakunle noted that every human being needs deliverance, especially in Africa because of the idol worship of our fore fathers due to ignorance Hosea 4:6. Deliverance is like medical check up for Christians, some people have done all they could, prayed, fasted, sowed seeds etc yet they have not experienced any break through but once they locate the anointed man of God and undergo deliverances unusual break through happens in their lives.

The G.O. also said that his church does not engage in assignment to deliver people, but depend on the power of the Holy Spirit via holiness and righteousness. However, he doesn’t criticize any one as an anointed man of God, “judgment belongs to God”, he said.The church holds apart from the Tuesdays deliverance programme; Sunday service by 8am, Monday Bible Study by 5:30pm and Home Cell Fellowship by 5:30pm.

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