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Brown Rice (Abakalike Or Local Rice) The Master Of All Rice

brown riceThese phenolic components are valuable in inhibiting the proliferation of colon and breast cancer cells. Another study has revealed the stimulatory effect of germinated brown rice on the induction of apoptosis and its inhibitory effects on the production of leukemia cancer cells. Furthermore, researches have validated the antitumor effects of dietary brown rice bran.

Obesity: Brown rice is instrumental in seeking weight control on people combating obesity. Brown rice contains manganese which helps to synthesize the body fats. A research study conducted in this regard has revealed that consumption of whole grains such as brown rice has positive effects on the body with respect to reduction in body mass index and body fat. It also enhances the activity of glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme and helps elevate the levels of HDL cholesterol in the obese individuals.

Neurodegenerative disorders: Germinated brown rice helps in the prevention of neurodegenerative complications such as Alzheimer’s disease attributing to the abundance of gama-aminobutyric acid. Sprouted brown rice contains healthful components which helps in the inhibition of harmful enzyme called protylendopetidase which is associated with Alzheimer’s disease. It is also beneficial for other cerebral-related disorders such as dementia and amnesia.

Anti-depressant properties: Germinated brown rice possesses anti-depressant qualities and helps in combating anxiety related disorders. Studies suggested that germinated brown rice contains essential amino acids such as glutamine, glycerin and GABA. These inhibitory neurotransmitters facilitate reduction in the allowance of messages associated with anxiety, depression and stress in the brain resulting in a relaxed state of well-being.

Psychosomatic health for lactating women: Sprouted brown rice is beneficial for the mental health of the lactating mothers.  Investigation has shown positive results in the nursing women with respect to reduction in mood disturbances, stages of depression and fatigue.  It has also suggested that consumption of brown rice during lactation enhances body’s ability to resist stress and improves overall immune defense for the mother and child.

Digestive health: Brown rice is a healthful staple food which can be added to the daily diet for keeping a healthy digestive system. The Fiber present helps regulate the bowel function and keeps a fuller feeling. Another study investigating the effects of white rice and brown rice during gastric digestion has made it qualitatively evident that the bran layer of brown rice prevents the absorption of acid and humidity resulting in better texture retention. Fiber content also brings relief from other troubling conditions such as constipation and colitis.

Cardiovascular Health: Brown rice is rich in selenium which is beneficial for a healthy heart.  Consumption of whole grains such as brown rice helps reduce the blockage of arteries due to plaque buildup. This protective action is contributory in the reducing the risk of cardiac disorders such as high hypertension and vascular diseases. Studies conducted in this regard have suggested that the tissue surrounding the grain of brown rice contains a healthful component which acts against the endocrine protein angiotensin, implicated in the development of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis or hardening of arteries.

It is a healthy option for maintaining healthy level of cholesterol attributing to the presence of naturally occurring oils. The rice possesses hypocholesterolemic qualities and regulates cholesterol catabolism. It contains beneficial nutrients that help in lipid and glucose metabolism. Another study conducted has revealed that consumption of brown rice has shown significant improvement in the serum and HDL cholesterol concentrations in the subjects with chronic ethanol abuse. It has also suggested germinated brown rice extract helps in preventing the rise in the liver triglycerides due to excessive alcohol intake attributing to the presence of gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Antioxidant activity: Brown rice is rich in powerful antioxidants which extend their protection against the damage caused by oxygen free radicals. It contains an important antioxidant enzyme called superoxide dismutase which protects the cells from oxidation damage during energy production. A study Involving white and brown rice has suggested that brown rice exhibits superior radical scavenging activity and aids in the prevention of various oxidation-mediated diseases such as coronary heart diseases.

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