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Siasia To Keshi, You Need The Experience of Osaze, Ike

As Nigeria prepare for the world cup, former Coach of the Super Eagles, Samson Siasia has called on Keshi to involve Osaze Odewinge and Ike Uche in the World Cup Super Eagles squad.

Speaking to sports journalists, Saisia said the World Cup  is not meant for learners, it is a stage only the well bred footballers tend to prove their worth and all over the world the best players were shopped for to represent their countries, pointing out that Nigeria should not be exception.

He cited the experience of Roberto Baggio of Italy who was in prison but because of the 1982 world cup was released to leashed his terror to opponents of Italy in the field of play in that World Cup.

“Osaze and Ike could be managed to increase the chances of Nigeria. Whatever problem they may have could be controlled because they all lover Nigeria our dear country”.

Siasia believes no player is so bad that he could not be controlled, most good players are like that, to them it is a trait to their good performance. He said apart from the great King Pele which  is a world cup rave of a player alone does not have a little bit of arrogance or stubbornness, even Keshi and my very self were at some points in the national team showed some sort of stubbornness to our coaches, he said.

The call to involved Osaze Odewingie and Ike Uche is increasing by the day, yet, Keshi has not adhered to the call of Nigerians.

According to Keshi, he is not looking for a players who will just put the ball in the net rather he is looking for that player who will be a team player.

As it is, only the presidency and the newly appointed minister of sports, may be, even the Nigeria football federation (NFF) could dabble into the issue of involving Osaze and Ike Uche to make it happen.  ###

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