The Spiritual Purpose of Life (2)

Earth, Venus and other planets in the physical universes are training centers for soul. Each of us is given a body upon our descent into any of these training facilities. Just like a student writes JAMB and qualifies to enter a university, so also Souls qualify to come to these training schools to study. The uniform in these schools differs from place to place but on earth here, it is the hu-man body. Upon arriving at this school most of us forget and some of the more spiritually advanced remember. Each of us comes with specific assignment to accomplish. But as soon as we arrive here, some get carried away while others are trapped with idiosyncrasies of religion. After spending about seventy years, the individual regrets everything and of course when he gets to the court of the dead, his case is judged on merit and man is either sent back here or is posted to a place to continue his spiritual education. So man keeps going and coming, learning nothing and continues to blame God for his woes.

The object of learning in all the training schools is learning how to receive and give the love of God to all life we meet. This love of God has been given to each one of us unconditionally by God. Indeed, Soul exists because God loves it and therefore, wills it. Without this God’s love, nothing can exist in all the universes of God. Soul therefore thrives on this divine love of God.

This divine love of God is manifested through the Voice of God commonly referred to as the Holy Spirit. All life is created, sustained and nourished by this Holy Spirit of God. In fact, the core of man known as Soul is a unit of the Holy Spirit individualized. The Human body is just a uniform or covering that enables Soul as man to partake of the life of either this physical world or any of the spiritual (hidden) worlds that man cannot see with his physical eyes.

The whole objective or purpose of every lifetime we spend in any of these training centers is to learn about the divine love of God and how to co-work with God at all times. But to co-work with God involves so many intermediate steps that cannot be concluded in one lifetime by those who are aware of such training since most of Humanity are not even aware of the reason for their being on earth. They simply believe in what their religion or their father’s religion has told them despite all the evidence to the contrary. Belief without proof or spiritual experience is simply based on ignorance and this is the basis of so much suffering in the world today.

Obey God or suffer!

For those who have recognized the purpose for this lifetime, then they need to understand the intermediate steps and the requirement to begin their journey back home to God via the Sound Current, the Audible Life Stream. For instance for an individual to be a co-worker or servant of God, he must learn the skills of listening to God anywhere, anytime. This skill can only be taught by the Spiritual Coach whom God has appointed to train and lead all those who are ready back home to God. I have written repeatedly about the Spiritual Coach in this column because in His hands can a spiritual student find the key to Spiritual Liberation. The Spiritual Coach is the Godman whose responsibility it is to train those who have recognized that this world is not for merriment or prosperity. While most men of God demand appointment and payment before you see them, meeting with the Spiritual Coach is free. The only qualification is love for God and the singing of the Holy name of God known as the HU. I have equally written about the HU severally (check old editions).

The three things the individual needs to begin his training therefore are the Light, Sound and the Godman. But it all begins with the Godman, the Spiritual Coach.

For any individual who is sincere, such can sing the HU the Holy and Secret name of God as a last activity before bedtime and the Godman can appear in the individual’s dream upon request. Instead of travelling to meet other ‘men of God’, the Godman has the ability to come into your dream and millions of others simultaneously!

All religions in their Holy books have scattered references to the Light of God. Hardly can anyone see anything on the Sound of God or the Living Godman. On this journey back home to God and this training, Soul must get ‘hooked up’ to the Holy Spirit of God before the commencement of this training of Co-workership. It is the Living Godman, the Spiritual Coach who has the sole responsibility of linking Soul to this Sound Current of God. Without this, Soul continues to come into the various worlds and go back through death perpetually. This going and coming is usually referred to as re-incarnation.

Any individual who has not been linked up with the Holy Spirit will continue to ‘go and come’ as long as it takes the individual to know what to do to obtain spiritual liberation. The individual will be under the whims and caprices of the Lords of Karma who will control the destiny of the individual whether he prays for 100 days or not. Prayer has nothing to do with this spiritual law of growth. Every Soul must go through this process in its spiritual development and unfoldment.

No soul or individual should complain of suffering in these worlds because, God did not create man to suffer but to unfold its innate spiritual attributes and eventually serve God with love, gratitude and knowingness. Not service predicated on ignorance or belief alone.

The spiritual purpose of man therefore his to finish his spiritual education, qualify as a co-worker in this earthly school and finally go back home to God to become a co-workers and serve God and all life.

This is the spiritual destiny of man!


By Tuborki Dauyemie


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