Who Comes, Anti-yahoshea Or Anti-christ?

When the truth strikes, it brings disquiet and dissension to the illusioned souls, but to those souls that earnestly awaits for truth, it brings peace and happiness. He who refuses to understudy the other side of the account will certainly not make judgment aright. It baffles one that upon the claims of all religions in the universe that they represent truth, peace and harmony, the world is yet to enjoy such essence, rather through the conflicting claims, there are strife and, controversies here and there.

The light of the truth refuses to overshadow mankind because of the activities of the leaders and representatives of earthily religions against the true teachings from Yahweh and his elects. Since the truths does not conform with what they have built up indeed they disrupt it, since the aim of the earthily priestly dignitaries is for expansion, power and influence therefore they are afraid of losing influence among the people, if they willingly surrender to the eternal truth and thereby denouncing their delusions.

And that was the known fact that led the earthily religious leaders to slander against Yahoshea Meshiyach which equally led to his execution.

The FALSE agents braggardly tagged Yahoshea Meshiyach the TRUE agent as the blasphemer of Yahweh who sent him. The false agents who are enemies of mankind took the position of the true agent by professing to be the true representatives of Yahweh and thereby led their deceived multitudes to fight against the true agent who is the true light and way from Yahweh.

Today we want to know about who represents Yahweh and who is against him and his works. Who is our friend or foe? Who do we await, is it the ANTI YAHOSHEA OR ANTI CHRIST? Are  both tittles for one person or are there two different persons for both tittles? Truly the word “ANTI means AGAINST” therefore are we to expect the AGAINST YAHOSHEA OR AGAINST CHRIST or are these title meant for one person?

All religious representatives will fight bitterly to maintain their earthly ordinances which they have erected in forms of doctrines, dogmas and creeds thereby blunting all noble discoveries or intuitions. As the ancients carried out hostile struggle against the mission of Yahoshea which is aimed at man’s redemption through the word of Yahweh, so the modern scholars and religious practitioners inherit the ancient character by forming themselves as tools against all relevant but discovered truth in this age. The fear for the real truth has make them to take side with its opponent. All altitudes or efforts of the earthly religious representatives to make war against Yahweh and his devotional servants is to be carried out by the person known as ANTI YAHOSHEA.

Then, how do we come to this astonishing conclusion? We stood on the conviction that the saviour of mankind is nobody else than Yahoshea Meshiyach, therefore all those who fought against his mission on earth right from beginning till date are the ANTI YAHOESHA; who can be Anti to Yahoshea more than King Herod who started the hunt for his life right from birth? What about the Scribes and Pharassees who warned people not to embrace his doctrine? What of

Pontius Pilate who consented to his execution? What of the Sanhedrins who prosecuted, attacked and killed his disciples because of his name? All those are the mystery of the Anti Yahoshea that was already at work as explained by the senior disciples such as Peter and Paul. But they warned that the evil mechanisms against Yahoshea will continue and increase by the manifestation of the man of sin who will coordinate all the activities of enemies of Yahweh and through that officer, Yahweh’s laws and ordinances will be changed with the traditions of men.

Today, has the man of sin manifested or is he in the making? On his manifest, what will be his real title or robe? Is he to be an Anti-Yahoshea or Anti-Christ as the Bible accounted? Then for clerity let us investigate once more the two names Yahoshea Meshiyach and Jesus Christ. The name YAHOSHEA means Yahweh’s Salvation. It can be properly understood as follows, the word “YAH” is a shortened form of “YAHWEH”. This word YAH is present in the most ancient praise Halleluyah, which means praise YE YAH. YAH is present in many spiritual names of the Hebrews

or evenly attached at the names of celestial beings. That word “YAH” was mis-constructed into JAH, a title that was never used by the ancient worshippers and is equally meaningless, because it is one of the tautologies design by the modern scholars to supplant the name “YAH”. The name is concluded with the world “HOSHEA” which means SAVIOUR OR SALAVATION. Therefore when Hoshea is attached to YAH, it gives resounding “YAHOSHEA”. The term”MESHIYACH” is an original Hebrew word for “ANNOINTING” OR ANNOINTED ONE” This word “MESHIYACH” is used to represent the ORDAINED PEOPLES amongst the Hebrew nation such as Prophets, Kings and Judges. This term was specifically used to represent the much – awaited saviour who is to come as disclosed by many ordained prophets therefore when he finally arrived, he authoritatively confirmed that he was the much awaited MESHIYACH, a claim that didn’t go down well with the Sanhedrins.

So the originally Inspired Scriptures written by men under the influence of Yahweh identified him as Yahoshea Meshiyach and thereby identified his opponents or oppositions as ANTI-YAHOSHEA. It is basically established fact that the name of the saviour of mankind is identical to that of Moses’ successor, whose personal name is Yahoshea although the scholars mis-translated it into “JOSHUA”. Since the saviour confirmed that he came in his father’s name, it approximately agrees that Yahoshea has a shortened form of Yahweh (his father’s name).

Then how did the term ANTI-CHRIST came about? The term was recorded in the modern day Bible translation as replacement to the origin term Anti-Yahoshea. This was effected to conform with the change from the name Yahoshea Meshiyach to Jesus Christ as was carried by the Bible which equally serves as an established constitution for the church.

The name “Jesus” is a Helenised name of the saviour. The name Jesus originated from the Greek healing deity called ZEUS, IESOUS or leso. Ancient Greek legend bear that Appollo (one of their gods) had a son called Ascleppuis (deity of healing) and a daughter called Ieso (goddess of healing). Ieso is the source of Iesous.  Iesous in capital letters in rendered as “IHSOUS” and the first three alphabets is “IHS” which is a shortened form of IHSOUS”. IHS today is seen on eccliastical furnishings of the church and encircled by sun beam or Aural.  IHS is equivalent to Egyptian Esu, the son of ISIS which takes the position of the son deity in Egypt. IHS (abbreviation of IHSOUS) is used as littles for Tammuz, Bacchus, Dionysus, Osiris and Icthus all are pagan idols worshipped  at various nations.

The term “CHRIST” was driven from CHRESTOS, CHRESTON OR KRISTA. Some Bible translators used the word “MESSIAH”. The word CHRISTOS is a Greek word meaning “GOOD”. As the word means Good; it was easily adopted by mainstream religions during first and second century AD. Some religious organizations that adopted it were the Mithras, Osiris worshippers, Marconites etc. An evidence of this can be seen through an olden building known as the Synagogue of the Marcionite on Mt Hermon in 3rd century where the title MESHIYACH was spelt as “CHRESTOS”.

Meshiyach  Yahzitere Yahmarabhi


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