Is There One True Religion?

Today the present church has continued that same error in their own model by resorting to the sacrifice of Yahoshea Meshiyach at a torture stake as a ransom for believers. Far from it, the coming of Yahoshea Meshiyach is not to bore our sins at Calvary but he manifested to teach us the way, truth and life and whosoever that believes and follows that path becomes saved or redeemed.

So those who violates Yahweh’s order or injunction by worshiping of their molten images cannot be free from such sins simply by receiving of the bloodless Eucharist or mass service as claimed by the church. Obedience is better than sacrifice, either you hold fast to your molten images and be counted amongst false worshippers or you destroy them, place your faith solely on Yahweh and become saved.

The issue of molten images has constituted great disagreement amongst Christendom. For instance, during the eight century AD, the Eastern Bishops rebelled against this idolatry by the Roman Catholic Church and thereby entered into what is called the ICONOCLASTS (image breakers or destroyers). But shortly after that period, even the Orthodox Church joined in the worship of images as their embattled Roman Catholics.

Today the Protestants and Pentecostals are known for consciously venerating cross. The born again groups are equally indicted for embodying dove and tongue of fire with cross as their logo. These are the other faces of image worship symbols in their banners, logos and Assemblies. This equally is a modified form of venerating those images as they were honoured in the ancient Babylonian.

Basic survey with precise mathematical certainty over human characters and impulse has proven hence and always that mortals prefer evil to good, error to right and injustice than justice. Men loves to commit crimes and walk away with no retribution. He hires a counsel to defend himself against a crime he certainly know that he committed. He therefore loves the teacher that upholds his line of thoughts but remains uncooperative to opposite thoughts even when such will bring growth and development to him.

Truth is light and freedom for which many people have died in darkness and captivity.

Our question continues, “Is There One True Religion? “we are still investigating the second commandment of Yahweh which is against worship of molten images. What is idolatory? The simple answer is that it is an act of giving undue worship or honour to creatures instead of the creator whose personal name is Yahweh. As I have said, whosoever that keeps the first four commandments of the ten laws in an accurate mood demonstrates that he loves Yahweh while those who keep the rest six laws loves their fellow mortals. That is why Yahoshea Meshiyach summerised the laws as “Love Yahweh your creator with all your heart AND love your fellow mortals more than you love yourself”.

Those who worship or honour any form of molten image do not love Yahweh. In all ages, amongst all peoples, worship of pagan images are persisting. For instance in China, more than 100, 000 pieces of oracle bones and shells dating from second century BCE (Shang dynasty) have been unearthed. Those bones and shells were used by Shang priests in seeking divine guidance in everything from weather forecast to the movement of troops. Those priests wrote questions in an ancient scripts on those bones and wrote answers right on the same bones. It is assumed that from this ancient scripts, Chinese writings developed.

In Judaism, like their Christian counterpart, there is great honour or veneration to the star symbol which they identify as star of David or Bethlehem. The six point star is frequently identified at the alters, eccliastical robes, banners, staffs and all religious sites of Judaism. In the manner of defence by other pagan beliefs of other sects, the Rabbis have always defended the star to representing the six days of the week (each point representing a day) while its centre represents the Sabbath day.

But the truth is that star symbol or images has been one of the ancient Babylonian idolatory devices which were copied by many other religions. Star as religious relic is the origin of astrology (an evil religious science that Yahweh warned his children not to observe or practice. Astrology was a dominant religious practice of pagan nations such as Egypt, Syria, Persea, Greek, Rome, Arabia. In East, the Hindus and Chinese had their elaborate systems of Astrology. The acclaimed visit of the three wise men (Maggi) from the East to the birth site of enfant Yahoshea Meshiyach was a clear demonstration that the translators of the Bible were influenced somehow by astrological devices.

Astrology in simple language or explanation means the order of the star. The superstition surrounding that abominable science is that sun, star, moon and indeed all other properties of the space have influence over human beings spiritually. Star has been the representative of Astrology right form ancient days till date. So for adopting that star by Judaism has marked them out as one of the pagan influenced religions and thereby cannot be the one true religion.

Again the Judaism sect is equally identified with seven-point candle-stand. This is another heathen practice. The seven-point candle-stand represents seven colours of candles. The truth is that Yahweh does not direct his chosen people to worship him with candles, incense or perfumes. This characters are copied from occultism. When Yahoshea Meshiyach instituted his ministry, he didn’t include the use of candle or incense in his assembly rather he goes on proclaiming the holy name of his father Yahweh and signs and wonders kept manifesting.

All occultic practitioners such as astrologers, necromancers, fortune-tellers, channellers, geomancers, magicians, witchcraftcy, voodooism, conjurers, sorcerers, divinators, phrenologers, palmistry, physiognomy, chromancy, Ouija boards, horoscopes, tarot cards etc uses candles of various colours in their fake spiritualism.


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