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Peterside Becomes PH Allstars FC Chairman

Sir Ambassador John Peterside is the newly elected chairman of the prestigious premier Port Harcourt Allstars International football club of Port Harcourt.

Peterside and his exco was colourfully sworn-in over the weekend with six Allstars football clubs and a dancing cultural club to spice up the ceremony.

Speaking to The Newswriter sports, Peterside disclosed, he is elated that he is now chairman of the most prestigious Allstars football club of Nigeria, meaning by virtue of his current position he is the chairman of Allstars football clubs chairmen in Nigeria, saying it saddles on him the responsibility of coordinating all other chairmen of all the Allstars football clubs of Nigeria.

He further stated that he is most appreciated by the people hence the mammoth crow that attended his inauguration ceremony.

He pledged to run an all inclusive government adding that “if you a leader and no one is following you, you are just taking a walk”.

He further intimated that his guiding working principle will be mutual understanding with all and sundry, positing that discipline is going to be the basis of his government so as to normalize any seemingly ugly situation in the club.

He promised raising a formidable Port Harcourt Allstars football club hence inviting crystal Allstars football club of Port Harcourt for the inaugural match.

Isaiah Ogolo, the Chairman of Sharks Football Supporters Club, congratulated one of their own, John Peterside for becoming chairman of Port Harcourt Allstars FC, saying that God has blessed the club in elevating its members.

He said that last week a member of Sharks Football Club Supporters Club was appointed into an office in Abuja and now John Peterside, advising him to listen to the advice of his exco and members of his club. Believing that he will be a good ambassador of Sharks Football Club Supporters Club.

Sir Ogolo further said that crystal Allstars Football Club are youthful and have some retired international stars, adding that with this result, it is important for him to work so hard as to raise a formidable team to beat crystal Allstars, anyday anytime his side plays crystal Allstars.

His parting words to those who supported him to become chairman of Port Harcourt Allstars, he said, team work is his yard stick, particularly his exco as to serve with result.

In handing over to the new exco, Alari George, the outgoing chairman of Allstars Port Harcourt advised that the new exco should correct the following issues if they want to be successful in their reign.

Financial reconciliation, members prompt attendance to club activities and paying of their club dues regularly, discipline to club members in all involvement.

Both chairmen thanked all those that have supported them to have become chairmen of the club. ###

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