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Which Way-Yahosheanism Or Christianity?

 May praises and honour be unto Yahweh for sending Prophet Yahmarabhi to this age to reveal those secret things that were hidden under the disc of golden light by truth twisters across numerous ages ago.

Lies and deception flourishes because men treasures those information that synchronies with their line of thoughts. To them, such are the desired truth and people with opposite concept are dismissed as heretics or as men of no value.

But wisemen always borrow food of thoughts from scholars like W. Blake who said thus, “A truth that is told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent” This means that truth of any level from any kind of man is better than works of eloquent falsifiers.

This is truthful because according to Winston Churchill, the greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes. Based on this, men are expected to love a theorist based on his theory but not to love a theory because of its theorist.

When Walter Rodney, an African –American of Jamaican stock in his epic. socio- scientific theses aptly named “How Europe under – developed Africa” prophesied the perpetual domination of Africa by Europe, unless Africans looked inward to twart the evil machination of the imperialists (and neo-imperialists), he was tagged a radical, a maxist and social scientist with little relevance to human history. Of course, he paid dearly for exposing the evil designs of Europe and his humiliation sparked celebration amongst perpetrators of indegnified and anti-human imperialistic tendencies and their apologists even in Africa.

In another era, Frantz Fanon in his “Wretched of the Earth” brilliantly exposed the annihilating scheme of the imperlalists to turn Africa to a mere economic Zoo, where suppressed specie of human beings will be turned to robots who will perpetually bend to their whims and caprices.

Again, Frantz Fanon, before and after his death in the struggle for genuine independence in Algeria was regarded with loathsomeness at home and abroad. These are the arrows and agonies of truths and their bringers.

Those men were caught up by the webs of political machinations. At the moment, Prophet Yahmarabhi and his disciples are playing the same tune on true religionism and spiritism and under high rated opposition and humiliation are insisting to bring the danger tune of the acclaimed religious leaders to the hearing of the genuine truth seekers and deceived multitudes who are hooked up by the snares of false religions.

This holy prophet known as Most Senior Prophet Yahmarabhi Ha Meshiyach and his disciples have carried out various attacks against the forces of false religions through various endearvours and this article captioned “Which Way-Yahosheanism or Christianity?” is inclusive.

Truly, since the physical exit of Yahoshea Meshiyach and his first hand disciples, the issue of his proper identification and his mission has been a matter of much debate and argument. People argue over his true name, mission, accounts and moreover that of his assembly.

The argument over the true identity of his established assembly runs through its identical name and the real people and percepts that associate the fold. These simple identification matters got mixed – up, became confusing or totally lost during ages of political and religious wrangling between the Hebrews and the assembly on one end supported by the occupation of Greek hellenism over it.

There are varieties of conflicting claims over the authentic name of the savior and of his fold amongst various religious communities that claim to represent him presently. The savour is addressed with different forms of names as Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Yashua Ha Messiah, Isa, Yahoshea Meshyiach etc.

Likewise his fold is identified with various conflicting names by various religious sects that claim to have inherited him. Such names include Christianity, Natzerenes, Notsrim, Messians, Messianics, Messianic Judaism, Christian Hebrews, Christian Jews etc.

In same manner, this different religious groups parades various distinct doctrines, customs and rites and all claiming to be in possession of his scepter.

Our questions are, which is his real name? Which is the real identical name of   his assembly and which of the sects parade the true set of doctrines as approved by Yahoshea Meshiyach?

Any sect that is with his true name will bear the true identity because his followers are named after him.

As religion is matter of extremism, each stock hold firm to its conviction and such calls for proper investigation through scriptural views and known history of the sect.

Although, there are some passive believers who are not worried over his real identical name or that of his Assembly. To this group, he can be called any name and what matters is to follow him.

This confusion took position from the first four hundred years of the religious community that was founded by Yahoshea Meshyach. The mentioned moment can rightly be termed as the formation age of the ministry.

The ministry of Yahoshea Meshyach is entirely uncompromising religion to pagan altitudes. For this reason, it had to contest with the assembly of Hebrews in the tribe of Yahuda which is presently identified as Judaism over some doctrinal differences. The differences aggravated to high-rated competition over control of rights of scared wisdom bequeathed to the Hebrew nation from their forebear-


Meshiyach Yahzitere Yahmarabhi

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