Corn; Natures Seasonal Food And Medicine

cornRenal colic: Because of the sedative, anti-inflammatory and the analgesic actions of corn silk, the infusion or the decoction of the herb calms the pains of renal colic. It may be taken in conjunction with Garlic.

Renal Lithiasis or Kidney Stones or Gravel: Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chemical and artificial additives and colorings and other chemicals can create a buildup of waste materials which could be difficult for the kidneys to filter out. Sometimes, these waste materials aggravate and crystallize and form GRAVELS OR STONES in the Kidneys, a condition known as RENAL LITHIASIS. The intake of corn silk tea regularly is known to prevent the formation of kidney stones in susceptible patients. The tea also helps in dissolving Kidney Stones. In this condition, corn silk combines well with Plyllanthus amarus. Corn silk tea may be taken in conjunction with Lemonade, Garlic, lemon juice mixture, Aloe vera, Coconut water mixture. In all the kidney problems mentioned above, drinking plenty of fluid (in form of spring water, fruits juices, etc) in addition to the herbal therapies, will help flush the kidneys, prevent the deposition of sediments and also prevent kidney infections.

Subpalpebral edema (Bag under the eyes): The kidneys play a major role in removing waste materials from the bloods. In achieving this, it works together with the liver, lungs, skins and the heart (links with emotional bodies). Negative emotion like unhappiness, fear of unfaithfulness, feeling of insecurity and jealousy in marriage upsets not only the activities of the liver, pancreas, stomach and ovaries; but most importantly, those of the kidneys.

Bags under the eyes (subpalpebral edema), Pimple face (or skin blemishes) and Dark circle under the eyes are some of the external manifestations that may indicate that the kidneys require cleansing.

Take corn silk herbal infusion in addition to the juice extracted from Water Melon, Grape, Papaya, Carrot seeds, etc. The therapy may be taken along with herbs like: Garlic, Golden seal, Golden rod, Aloe Vera gel and Coconut water, etc.

Edema: Corn silk (tea, decoction, etc) is known to have a diuretic property (helping to eliminate water from the kidneys or water retentions in the body). It is also rich in vitamin K and does not result in loss of potassium (a problem common with synthetic diuretics). Because of these, corn silk is very useful in the treatment of Fluid accumulation in the heart and heart enlargement. In this case it may be combined with herbs like:

Garlic, Yarrow, Hawthorn berries, Chickweed, Dandelion or ALUMAKU BITTERS.

Pedal Edema in pregnancy and fluid retention in Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). In these cases, corn silk may be combined with Yarrow, Nettle, Dandelion and Phyllanthus amarus.

Hypertension; Studies have shown that corn silk infusion or decoction lowers high blood pressure. Also, it is a safe herbal diuretic for hypertensive patients. It is rich in vitamin k and prevents the loss of potassium.

NOTE: Kola nut, coffee, tea, cocoa and other caffeine-containing herbs exert diuretic effects (i.e. increasing the elimination of water from the kidneys).They may increase the diuretic action of corn silk, especially when taken at bed time. Like the chilled beer, all the above mentioned substances and herbs may aggravate the nocturnal urinary symptoms of Benign Prostate Hypertrophy (BPH).

Genitourinary Problems: Being a diuretic and urinary demulcent, infusion or decoction of corn silk, when taken, helps to soothe the irritation in the bladder and along the genitourinary tract which causes frequent burning and painful urination in cases of Cystitis (chromic / acute inflammation of the bladder) caused by infections e.g. E. coli. In this condition, corn silk combines very well with Red sorrel (ZOBO) is a good and better combination.

Urethritis; (Inflammation of the urethra) caused by STDs like N.gonorrhea, etc. Prostititis (inflammation of prostate gland).In all the above mentioned cases, corn silk is usually combined with herbs that have more antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, like; Phyllanthus amarus, Garlic (or Garlic /Onion /Wine) ,Golden seal root and Lemon/Garlic. Uva ursi. Yarrow. Onion (decoction), Couch grass, Golden rod, etc.

Corn silk infusion or decoction is equally useful in the treatment of Bed wetting: In this case, corn silk combines well with herbs like; Phyllanthus amarus. St. John’s wort or St John’s wort / Horsetail. A decoction of 2 chicken liver / cinnamon.

Urinary incontinence; (due to bladder weakness): In this condition, corn silk combines well with Phyllanthus amarus, a mixture of thyme /plantain, Small flowered willow herb.

Shedding of excess body weight: Regular intake of corn silk tea helps in shedding off excess body weight and fats. To achieve a good result, corn silk infusion can be taken daily for a long time.

NOTE: Corn silk is very safe for both children and the elderly; and the infusion can be taken over a long period of time, even in pregnancy or weight reduction, corn silk combines well with, Chickweed, Wild chicory, Fennel seeds or Pineapple juice /honey. Pawpaw seeds / Grape fruit juice.

Diabetes mellitus: Studies have shown that taking an overnight cold infusion of corn silk exerts hypoglycemic (Blood sugar lowering) effect, especially in an overweight patient.

The oral intake of corn silk infusion or tincture helps in calming the mind and also cheering up a depressed spirit. Because of its sedative action, corn silk is given in cases of restlessness and dysmenorrheal.

A mixture of corn silk and Phyllanthus amarus, when taken as tea regularly, helps in the treatment and prevention of sclerosis of the liver, Gall bladder stones and cholecystitis (gall bladder inflammation).

Removal of excessive uric acids: Uric acid is generated by the consumption of red meat and also ingested with the meat are the toxins like hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals which the muscles of the body absorb. At the saturation point, these uric acids and other metabolites crystallize into a sharp needle- like points, especially in the joints, giving rise to the symptom of the painful gouty arthritis and other disease conditions like sciatica, neuritis and sometime weakness of the liver.

When taking regularly as decoction or infusion, corn silk eases the pains and discomforts associated with these conditions. This is so because the herb combines analgesic, anti-inflammatory, litholytic and lymphatic system cleansing properties in one. Apart from soothing the pains of inflammation, corn silk helps in removing excess uric acids and other toxins from the blood.

In these conditions, corn silk combines well with Lemon, Garlic Juice, Pineapple, pawpaw mixture.

The season of corn is here, so make use of this opportunity now.


Dr. Tonifelix C. Manu


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