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Tyger Woods Struggles To Settle At The Top

Former world golf champion Tyger Woods since falling from grace to grass has being struggling to settle at the top which has distinguished him from the game of Golf for a much more longer time than any champion ever has been.

The ardent golf image sudden fall had seriously affected the game as well as the person of Tyger Woods.

Tyger Woods fall also affected the commercial content of the game as the golf international market experience a sharp fall also in marketability of the game.

Just when the famous golf star is picking up, the unexpected surgery he underwent has a toll on his once promising golf career as he could not feature in major games as expected of him. Things are really looking pretty bad for Tyger Woods as his career has suffered another setback.

Tiger Woods, no doubt is the image of world golf, and is loved by many across the globe, hence, his fall affects many lovers of the game of golf. Golf without Tyger Wood is like taking blood out of human beings. Tiger Woods is golf personalized. ###


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