Keshi Technical Problems

KESHIThe indigenous Nation Cup winning coach of the Super Eagles is indeed a lucky coach, and had done well with the Super Eagles.

To his credit, he won the Nations Cup with mixture of relatively fresh and new unknown players, when many Nigerians did not believe he could have won the Nations Cup, but lucky as he could have been, he has his limitations and short comings technically.

Keshi is a good manger as a coach and involved discipline to achieve his success, where Keshi is limited he made up in discipline in the Super Eagles.

When it comes to reading matches and to effect a change, Keshi is limited as matches he had handled proved that his substitutions never gives the desire result as substitution aught to, this was shown when Nigeria filed out against France in the Brazil 2014 FIFA world cup where the exit of Onazi exposed Keshi technical lapses as his substitute does not in any way was felt, in the field rather it collapsed the midfield the more, it created opportunity for France to win Nigeria.

Reading of matches and creating formation to curb the access of opponents match plans are some technical gifts coaches made use to win their matches, this Keshi lacks.

Poor selection of players is one technical area Keshi has his limitation, in a country of millions of football talents, Keshi could not discover a reliable creative combative midfielder for Nigeria.

Nigeria loss to France and failure to win the Iran national football team based on Keshi inability to change the formation of the Super Eagles match plan against their opponent.

Players where played out of position hence affecting the players potential in their plan while playing for the Super Eagles under Keshi. ###

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