Church Versus Bible, Who Rules?

Two truth will always harmonize, if there be a contradiction, then one is not true. At some moments both contesting facts are both lies. There is only one true religion, all others are false, and Yahweh loves all peoples in all the religions, be them Buddhists, Judaists, Hinduists, Jainaists, Christians or Mohammedans, but he does not love all their religions.

Honest people are misled into false beliefs but Yahweh shows them love by sending his bonafide devotees or servants from age to age to show the path of pure religion as revealed by ancient prophets and the immortal redeemer which are written down as glad news in the holy scriptures.

But what or who is the source of contrary or false doctrines? I mean those dangerous and perilous doctrines. Yes Yahoshea taught the there is only one narrow path which is his teaching, but further warned that counterfeit or false prophets who is to deceive many into perilous doctrines will emerge, and even sincere believers who doesn’t guide themselves with absolute truth will be captured by those false teachers and will therefore turn into workers of iniquity.

While Yahoshea Meshiyach taught on one master, one faith and one baptism, these false teachers will turn or twist the thesis to many faiths, many folds and many baptisms. Therefore these later thesis is the source of false doctrines which he termed as intolerable which were carried out by these false prophets, teachers and their cohorts, the error that was not committed or instituted by the immediate fellowers of Yahoshea.

The history is frank that when the Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach and the state of Rome merged to form the state religion of Rome, the Bishop of Rome was exalted to the post of “PONTIFEX MAXIMUS” which later become the office of POPE. Through this merger, the doctrines of Yahoshea and the traditions of Rome married to give birth to what is presently known as CHURCH. Upon this merger, the advancing centuries witnessed a constant increase of errors in the doctrines put forth from Rome. Even before the establishment of the papacy, the teachings of heathen philosophers had received attention and exerted an influence in the church.

Serious errors like the translation of holy name Yahweh into other names of gods of nations like God, Lord, Elohim, Adonis etc as well as translation of the saviours name Yahoshea into Iesous, Zeus, Jesus Christ etc was made part of church doctrines. The transference of Sabbath rest from the seventh day of the week unto the first day of the week known as Sunday, the worship of images to represent Jesus, Joseph Mary and other acclaimed saints, the using of Cross and observation of false festivals like Easter or Ester, Christmas, Ashwednesday, Goodfriday, boxing day and belief in the existence of Satan the devil.

Some of this Roman traditions were planted into the holy scriptures as against the warnings of the holy and inspired writers that nothing should be added or subtracted from the scriptures. The Inspired Scriptures which were written by men under the influence of Yahweh which was originally known as TORAH QUADESH was christened to become BIBLE.

The vital question is, what is the final authority for believers, is it the holy Bible or the CHURCH? Truly the Assemblies of Yahoshea Meshiyach was built upon the foundations of the Prophets and disciples and Yahoshea being the Chief Cornerstone, and this foundation is represented by the Holy Scriptures which is in place to lead the true brethren unto perfection because in the scriptures, there are accounts of the laws and testimonies according to the true word of Yahweh. It is the scriptures that testifies or divides the true teacher from its fake, because if the teacher of law or testimony is not according to the words in the scripture, it proves him out as a fake teacher.

Therefore the first attack by the perilous teachers was to plant some human traditions into the BIBLE and kept others as church doctrines because according to the Catholic Church, they have the final authority to change any doctrine since the saviour has invested such power on the church. Let us investigate the claimed authority of Roman Catholic Church through a book called “MY CATHOLIC FAITH” pp 250, 251, 252. This pages deals with a lesion titled “THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE CHRUCH”, it gave a first question as, -whence has the Catholic church the right to make laws? Answer – The Catholic has the right to make laws from Jesus Christ who said to the Apostles the first Bishops of His Church, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven…Our lord said “If he refuse to hear even the church, let him be to thee as heathen and the publican… This power to bind and loose is called “the power of the keys”. Disobedience to the church is disobedience to God who gave it full authority” Question number 2 “By who is this right to make rules exercised “Answer: -“By the Bishops, the Successors of the Apostles and especially by the Pope…The Pope can make and unmake laws for the whole church… His authority is Supreme”.


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