Is God A Pagan Idol?

Nothing is said of the broken homes, the shattered lives, the fevered brains and the diseased body which result from living impurely. Can you ask the “Shadow girls” of Nigerian, the “B” girls of Africa or the common prostitutes in Port Harcourt, if it pays to be impure’. Ask the often divorced women who’e name is continually in the news media, if a change of mates has brought any change of heart or inner peace! A lady in Rivers State who had married ten at the age of 35 told me in confession that “she looks very haggard, tired and worn out”. It seems as if the radiant glow had gone from her face, and she seems bored and unhappy with life. Thus the artificiality of the outward appearance of these women is a symbol of their inner shame and emptiness Ask the incurable in our hospitals, Clinics and Sanatoriums, who pay physically for breaking the 7th commandment, if ski brings happiness! As they watch the sands of time run out, and as the folly of their youth takes its toll their voices say eloquently, The
wages of sin is death”. (Romans 6:23). Excuse me, are you getting it right? Excuse me, do you know that the sin of immorality is one of the keenest weapons for the destruction, of the soul (body) of which has caused the down-fall of humanity from the dawn of creation to this present hour that you are reading this pamphlet?
It seems it does not lose its subtlety at the begixmthg of this unprofitable trade nor its destructiveness as he advances in age. Its beauty is exceeded only by its deadliness. One wise man told me one day, he said “Most Senior Prophet Ovoh, “I am sick of sex”. I then asked him what he meant by that, and he said, “I am sick of seeing it everywhere’, “whether I look at a newsstand or watch my television screen it’s there before me”. Do you get this message? One magazine seller told me at lagos that in order to sell magazines, he always put “sex” on the front cover. In my mind”sex”is probably Nigeria’s Greatest sin. For it has gripped and paralyzed our yoqths until a recent survey indicated that ten out of every twelve young women have had ‘Sex”experience at the age of sixteen in Nigeria. Excuse me, what do we do? There is nothing than to write and tell the people of this country to limit some of these immoral programmes in the country
Just of recent we were taught that morals were relative and not absolute. Humanism and behaviourism laughed at the commands of Yahweh. They laughed that man was a mere animal, and that the youths should be urged to give free expression to their passions and feelings. Our high learning institutions taught that what was wrong in the puritanical age of yesterday is no longer wrong today; and that the idea of sin as a “scarlet” turned to a mild “pink’ the question of the youths trying to live clean and pure lives is laughed to scorn even by some educational authorities. No wonder Nigeria has plunged into an unprecedented immoral spree that how threatens the very structure of the nation.
Here are three facts about the sin of impurity. Firstly, the sin of impurity marks. In the time of slave trade, a slave is easily identified by the marks of his master. Therefore when men become mastered by sin, it is inescapable that the marks of sin are upon them. Thus the reddened eyes and bloated cheeks of the alcoholic, the nervous twitch of the dope friend, the lewd stare of the impure, and the haughty look of the proud are all imprints of inner wickedness. Immorality, which is the sin of perversion and unnaturalness, has a way of making those who harbour it unnatural in appearance. The shiftly eye, the embarrassed blush, the suggestive glance, these are all marks of the impure. Yes, they are the outward signs of inward impunity. Although the outward marks are slightly compared to the blemishes which impurity etches on the personality and -upon the soul. Quilt complexes and bad consciences are all fashioned in the fires of lustful passion. Out of unbalanced practices of impurity grow phobias which alarm even our most skilled psychiatrists. But worse than all, impurity mars the soul. Galatians 5,19 says, “The works of the flesh are these; alvitery, fornication, uncleanness and lasciviousness”. Thus the sin of impurity is the result of the deceitfulness of sinu Psalm 14:13 says that “There is none that doeth good, no not one”. And that the whole of human race has been tainted by the disease of sin. Yahweh says that all who involve themselves in the sin of impurity, would not inherit His Kingdom or government. The seventh Commandment says,, do not commit adultery, when He said, “Whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already” (Matthew 5:28). Meaning by thought and words, as well as deed, and you are already guilty. If so, then there are millions of Christians who e guilty of this sin of impurity, whose souls have been married by this sin, who think that they are holy men and women just because they refuse to marry or just because they are married to only one wife in the court or church; not knowing that they had been long separated from Yahweh because of their daily committing this be-setting sin. In Titus 3:3 Paul ys, “For we ourselves also were sometimes foolish, disobedient deceived serving divers lusts and pleasures” This sin of impurity has deceived millions of Kings, Heads of States, Governors, Statesmen, Commissioners, Queens, Prophets, Arch Bishops, Popes, Sages, Saints, Chiefs and what have you?.
Do not deceive yourself that you are immune to its blight. Even wise Solomon of old, who through experience had every reason to know, said, “Fools make mock of sin”. (Prov. 14:9).
Excuse me, this is a lecture that every woman and man, the youths who would make the future generation. should learn for too many people underestimate the power-of impurity People like Samson of the Bible toyed with it, made sport of it, and thought he had it under his control, but in the end, it controlled him and ruined his life. King David, the chosen of Yahweh, came under its subtle spell and in a moment of weakness was deceived by the overcoming powers of impurity, and he was years climbing back to Yahweh up the steep stairway of repentance.

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