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Sickle-Cell Rivers Judiciary And Legislative Organs

judiciaryBeside, the teaching profession, the legal is a noble profession, that ensures the stability of a society. When a legal system of a country or nation is faulty, lawlessness becomes the order of the day.

The judiciary organ plays important roles in every society. Constitutionally speaking, its two basic functions are to interpret the law of the land and also to give appropriate punishment to those who violate the law.

Looking critically at these two major statutory duties of the judiciary, any attempt to tamper with its functions will no doubt has negative impact on the entire society.

In the past six (6) months the legislative and judiciary organs in Rivers State are not functioning. The courts have been closed down, and snakes, lizards and other dangerous reptiles have taken over the premises. So many lawyers who are practicing their legal profession in Rivers State are in frustration, because there is no job for them to do. Several of them cannot take care of their families any longer.

A society without courts operates in the Thomas Hobbian state of nature, where life was short and brutish – such society was dangerous to its habitats. It was a society where its citizens are not sure of seeing the next moment, everyone lives in perpetual fear.

Rivers State has returned to the state of nature, where people cannot seek for justice in the law courts. Fears grip the residents of the state as the members of the Rivers State Chapter of Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) continue to sit at home.

There is a crack in the legislative organ in the state. The Rivers State House of Assembly (RSHA) is highly divided. The state lawmakers have failed to enact good laws that will tackle poor development in the state.

The Rivers State is now liken to the origin of the earth where the Holy Bible recorded that it was void and shrouded with total darkness. We need a Messiah that will come to our aid and deliver the state from the politicians that do not have the interest in the development of the state. For now the only credible politician that can save the state from total collapse is no other person than Chief Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, the gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the ruling Peoples Democratic party, PDP. ###

Damiete West



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