Club 58 is Not Just A Football Club

SOIBIBOThe President of one of the most credible organized Allstars Football Club Port Harcourt, Soibibo Tonye of Club 58 has proudly revealed to The Newswriter sports that Club 58 Allstars Football is not just ordainary Allstars Football Club rather it goes beyond just being Allstars Football Club.

According to him, the club as a matter of fact, zero more on charity work in assisting the less-privileged ones in the society, most especially, the jobless one amongst it members.

The amiable president of the club further hinted that apart from playing football, the club has it deals and priority in helping both it members and the society in carrying out charity works, and had done so to many, adding that in the club those who do not have job today are gainfully employed and are doing well through the assistance of the club.

He said the club is made up of Businessmen, technocrats, lawyers, politicians, academicians, medical doctors as the club members cut across all fields of human endeavour, which has made it possible for the club to carry out it social charity work to the members and the society.

He described club 58 Allstars as a home of pure sincere love that cares for it members and the society.

The club that started through mutual understanding within few friends of like minds at No. 58 Niger Street through which the club was Christened had survived up to ten years and is waxing stronger and stronger.

The club was founded in October 2004 will be having it 10th anniversary sometime December 19th 2014. stressing that the celebration will last to three to four days, as lots of interesting packages have been already arranged, amidst visitation of charity homes and others.

For one to be a member of club 58 Allstars, the soft spoken president of the club disclosed that you must be 35 and above, yet, you must be a graduate displaying decent character and of a good decent appreciable family background.

He further revealed that the club has it criteria in admitting it members, an intending member of club 58 Allstars football club must do the following things.

“An intending member must apply in writting, expressing his intention of becoming a member, thereafter, he must attend three club meetings, where he will be observed by the committee incharge of admitting new member, while he will not say anything. These period is called probation period for the candidate.

He confirmed authoritatively that for one to don the club jersey, the fellow must be a credible fellow as the club viewed the club 58 jersey as the pride of the club.

He also confirmed that October is a new regime to the club as the club has progressed as it has expanded in her ways of doing things and promised to do more within the few month he has ahead of him.

For Soso, as he is fondly called. He has reposition club 58 within his few months of reign. ###

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