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Keshi Gamble With Luck To Fail Nigerians

Keshi, the man of luck and destiny once again has gamble with his fate to have failed Nigerians in not qualifying the Super Eagles in the forthcoming Equatorial Guinea 2014 African Cup of Nations.

It is no longer news that defending champions will not be at Equatorial Guinea to defend the trophy they won at 2013.

The players played their best but you can not give what you do not have.

Nigeria Super Eagles is not yet a team. What Keshi assembled and paraded as Super Eagles team is arrangement of few average talented footballers of Nigerian origin plying their trade.

In Europe and home base players, Keshi do not have a competitive team. Some players in Keshi’s mind have automatic ticket to the Super Eagles jersey, specially Mikel Obi and few others like Ambrose Efe, Emenike.

Irrespective of what they play, Keshi will feature them in any encounter the Super Eagles are participating, with the havalage of players at his disposal, Keshi stick to his choice players that he feels will give him result.

Nigeria final AFCON qualifier match showered it all, he has the likes of Kingsley Bobby Sokari in the midfield, Emem Eduok in the attack, yet, he refused to use them when it is glaring that the players are of age to deliver for the Super Eagles. Then why have then in the camp?

Efe Ambrose, Ahmed Musa, Emmanuel Eminike where all flop in that game, yet, he could not see the need to substitute Eduok for Emenike.

For the midfield, Mikel Obi played the game of his life as he saw Kingsley Bobby Sokari being praised and commended by Television and Radio stations.

Nigeria loss Equatorial Guinea 2015 because Keshi gamble with luck by using unfit players for that match and refused to substitute fit players for unfit players. ###

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