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NEWSWRITER LOGOThe popular maxim, Uneasy lays the head with a golden crown, is the precise position of the fastest growing local tabloid in the South-South region, Nigeria and World over in general. To say that the task of practicing journalism is rigorous would be an understatement recalling the tacit experience of “THE NEWSWRITER” as many believed that no profession has an easy experience,, journalism is one profession with the highest risk taking in the prevailing circumstances of the society.

Journalists are prone to all sorts of humiliation, harassment, hazards and temptation in cause of their practice and or execution of their duties.

Just recently, some journalists were assaulted, media houses were invaded by security operatives and some journalists arrested for no obvious reasons. Basically, in Nigeria’s situation where politicians do not read in between their line of actions but consider certain media houses as opposed to them, in such situations the operations of such organization is bound to witness setbacks.

There are various untold circumstances befalling media organizations as well as journalists not only in Nigeria, African but also the world over. In Rivers State of Nigeria for instance, certain media houses are not only victims to such humiliation but seemingly rejected for benefiting from some incentives of government, especially those coming to indigenous practitioners for reasons considered as obvious for them. However, which ever angle one looks at it, Issues Abattoir posits that it is one of the hazards of the profession.

The spate of political heresy and hatred against certain journalists in the state is alarming, irrespective of the fact that members of the pen fraternity ought to be neutral, reporting the daily occurrences in the society, they are yet hated. This is because the public and certain politicians hate the reporters and there organizations because of some revealed truth about them, therefore they. become scapegoat for their courageous nature.

Organizations that are faithful, working in tandem with the provisions of the rules and regulations of the media and or not supporting certain group of persons or associations are also confined in an obscured diary .That is to say, it is sad to witness some neutral media organizations which play or practices in accordance to the rules and ethics of journalism seemingly trapped in some occasions by those within the corridors of powers because their stance is to do the needful.

Field workers of some recognized registered media organizations in the State are also humiliated by perhaps government agencies and personnel in cause of their assignment.

In the rigors as it may seem, man, hence his existence is God. In this category of THE NEWSWRITER NEWSPAPER” challenges are factors that made a characterized as the handiwork of media organizations has “THE fallen into.

But, even with more thought of uncaring attitude of the government and her agencies including the body of publishers, THE NEWSWRITER has become famous by the day as its challenges constitutes its growth and continual building to greater heights.

DECEMBER 3rd, 2014 marks the precise FOUR YEARS of “THE NEWSWRITER” unstoppable and uninterrupted features on the much competitive stands in Rivers State, the Niger Delta region in Nigeria and of course the world at large.

“THE NEWSWRITER NEWSPAPER”, is not only read on the paper stands but also appreciated on the internet massive competition between the United States, United Kingdom as well as Nigeria readership on which country gets the highest readership of the best selling local tabloid.

While its readership spans through other oversees countries, the demands for the production of more copies outside its weekly Two-thousand copies production is on the high side, keeping the production and editorial departments on alert for repeated prints in almost every week.

The four years anniversary of THE NEWSWRITER is however not jamboree celebrated with drinks, cakes but on the technical sphere and intention to launch into other parts of the country whose desire is to read its super, quality and always investigated news items in prints.

As “THE NEWSWRITER” Clocks four, the task before it in the current year of expansion and further improvement, is

demanding therefore of the relevant associations to rethink and support one of its own to reach the unreached, as this would not boast the chances of The Newswriter alone but also place the body on high esteem in management.

“THE NEWSWRITER is set to spread to parts of the Eastern and other parts of the Southern region as well as the FCT to further strengthen and compliment course of information dissemination, education and entertainment.

It is on this note, that Issue Abattoir, salutes “WRITERS HOUSE PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY LTD, PULISHERS of “THE NEWSWRITER NEWSPAPER” for her doggedness, fearlessness and approach to issues, hence contributing to the growth of the society in the 21st century.

As a component of the Rivers NUJ and RIVPA, it is expected that “The Newswriter deserves the unflinching support of these bodies to forge ahead in its quest to conquer the challenges ahead.

In its Fifth year, The Newswriter shall uncover many grounds, therefore staffers, editorial board, management and the general numerous readers are commended for keeping the faith with the fastest growing local tabloid in South-South region.



With James Mgboineme


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