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I am a Prince in my great grandmother family in Angulama, the most ancient of all Kalabari 3 LGAs as well as also the Head Prince of my grandmother home of Omekwe-Tariama, all in Asari-Toru Local Government Area. In Kalabari custom, only the Prince or the King makers who can correct what the King(s) are doing if such King(s) are going wrongly in defiance of the body that enthroned such king(s). therefore, and as usual, I owe no apology to person(s) town(s) clan(s) kingdom(s) particularly in Kalabari lands but only say apology to other ethnic towns, kings and kingdoms, I might have offended in this historic records for our youths who shall keep for conventional reports to the generations to come after this generation – Chief Georgewill, Young Obene Clarke;


  1. Definition of Ethnic Nationals of the 23 L.G.As in Rivers State:

The Ijaws including Ahoada East & West, the Abua/Odual and the Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni, most of them immigrated from the Benin-Kingdom into Rivers Province now (Rivers State).

It is precisely alleged that the Ogonis immigrated from Asia continent to Gold Coast (now Ghana) to Africa continent and settled there for sometime, then came to Nigeria and finally moved on as well into Rivers Province now (Rivers State) too.

One Historian from Ahoada West before the usher-in the present 16 years uninterrupted civilian administration allegedly stated in 1998/1999 that the Ikwerres, the Etches and the Oyigbos were immigrated from Abia State in South East of Nigeria into Rivers State. These ethnic nationalities now formed the nucleus of what is today known – the Rivers State in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

In the Ikwerres, the Etches and the Oyigbos, L.G.As, lots of them were good people that think far such as Chief Jacob Nkem Worlu at a thanksgiving service held at the Assemblies of God Church, Mgbuesilaru in OBALGA as reported in Niger Delta Today weekly Vol. 7 No 29 October, 23 – 29, 2014 for the “Ikwerres to call Wike’s Ambition to order as it is a Bad Omen To Rivers People.” This gentleman Ikwerre spoke so much in this said weekly paper;

It is embarrassing to all Rivers people, a thoughtless person like Hon. Austin Opara in the same Weekly Newspaper above and still on the same page stated that only Chief Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike, based on its conviction that the former minister can challenge the All Progress Congress (APC) and Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

The public can see how myopic Hon. Austin Opara is hence as a former deputy speaker (1999 – 2003) could not get the mandate to go into the House of Representatives for a second tenure but rather rushed back to Rivers State to contest Governor when Dr. Peter Odili was still on seat.

I now ask Hon. Austin Opara, minus the Ikwerres like him, who is ready to vote APC candidate(s) which Amaechi smuggled into Rivers State to disgrace himself and Ikwerre ethnic nationality where President Jonathan is a citizen from the same Region (Niger Delta) with he Austin Opara? No wonder, this is why when King Alfred Diete Spiff was the military Governor of Rivers State 1967 – 1976 remarked Austin Opara type “being a small man with a small sense.”

Another Ikwerre son being my friend, Chief Sergeant Chidi Awuse in the same Niger Delta Today of Vol. 7 No. 9 June 5, 2014 edition, “Political sharing in Rivers, Ikwerres won’t surrender power.” This assembly was organized by Ikwerre Chiefs and Elders Forum where Chief Sergeant Awuse, a bulldozer of his type made such unfortunate statement in order to please Hon. Nyesom Wike simply because Wike has made him on top of financial capabilities? My friend Chief Sergeant Awuse is in the same myopic or thoughtless of Austin Opara type.

But one thing I observed in that said gathering, the respected Chiefs and Elders frowned over the statement made by Chief Awuse as they were not in support of him; unquote, Chief Elechi, who said, “Chief Awuse was certainly day dreaming.” Let the Ikwerres think wisely for their own good in the same said paper that 2015: the 10 POINTS CONDITIONS WHO CANNOT BE GOVERNOR OF RIVERS STATE:


*          Governorship not for sale to desperate and over ambitious politicians

*          Governorship not to be used to compensate any person for whatever reason(s)

*          Governorship not for those who amassed public money and are ready to use it to buy Rivers people. Governorship not for persons with Achilles’ heel of accusation of financial impropriety, investigated, charged, convicted to Court. Governorship, therefore not for persons with “baggages and skeleton”

*          Governorship not for “Tiger or Lion” who takes delight in setting up clashes among youths for the sake of acquiring power

v          Governorship not for those who pretend to support Mr. President but have hidden agenda

*          Governorship not for radicals and those who do not know and fear God in our 99% Christian State

*          Governorship not for those who are associated with anti-social groups

*          Governorship not for an egoist, sadist, greedy and selfish person with immeasurable and unlimited propensity to acquire property all over the country and abroad

*          Governorship not for those known to be disrespectful to constituted authority

*          Governorship in 2015 is for tested, trusted, humble, respectful, visionary persons with high degree of integrity and must be verifiable true sons and daughters of our great state

…Shine your eyes, choose wisely

Courtesy: Rivers Patriotic Front.

Therefore let the Ikwerres don’t make enemies of their neighbours because of Hon. Nyesome Wike inordinate ambition thus say: Chief Jacob Nkem Worlu: A seasoned true Rivers indigene of high repute of our time.

I say again, let most of the Ikwerres adjust their characters because visitors who come and stay 2 weeks in our State or thereabouts quickly identify them and speak against them. This is the Truth. Can Wike jump above as stated?

  1. Okrika – Kalabari War of 1948:

Angulama, the most ancient of all Kalabari Kingdom communities without old shipping was existing on its island alone covering the 18.5 kilometres before they were reduced by Bille people in the old of tribal war. And by the nineteen century, the arrival of Sangama on the East of its land, Krakrama again on the North of its land, Minama also on the West of its land, Omekweama on the far Southern part of its land and Omekwe-Tariama on the South of Angulama which is today known and called “Central Group Communities,” and it is also called WARD 13 in Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Angulama of old were predominately fishermen, farmers and hunters, and worship idols when there was no Christianity until Chief Wille James Horsfall brought church at the close of 1930s after a protracted court battle.

King Dabibi Benebo Berena Pere and very few persons on one side while the majority of the community on the other. The only woman on the side of the king, was my grandmother (Madam Oruene Orumeresi, later changed to (Sunday). Because the king was her uncle being behind her mother who was the last daughter of her grandmother – Data Berena Pere while King Dabibi Benebo Berena Pere was the last son of Data Berena Pere.

In the Court judgment, the colonial judge told the opposing factors that henceforth there must be “freedom of worship,” in their community, so the case favoured the king and his few supporters.

This same Chief Willie James Horsfall of Buguma city brought school also in 1946 and I happened to be one of the beneficiaries at the tender age of 7years as a pioneer pupil.

In those days we read primary 1 as preparatory class, then classes 2 and 3 respectively before we were promoted to standard one. Invariably one had to obtain standard 6 Examination between 8 years if such pupil is brilliant or 9 years total number of years in an elementary school like what is pre nursery in the private schools today.

The Okrika – Kalabari War started in the year 1948 when I was only 9 years old because I was born on 16/10/1939, the commencement of the 2nd World War II. At this juncture, I owe no apology to any person(s) presently living but rather, I will say it generally and mention the great leaders of both side of the War as follows:


In Okrika, HIS MAJESTY – Samson Igobo

In Kalabari HIS MAJESTY – Jacob Tom Princewill Amachree VII, others were:

(a)       H.R.H. Bishop Manuel represented Abonnema

(b)     H.R.H. Samuel Bara Willie Braide: represented Bakana and other prominent Chiefs of Kalabari not known by me then as a child boy. Why I mentioned only His MAJESTY – Samson Igobo is, I am not from Okrika and it is obvious there were other ranking Chiefs with Him but I, as a childhood boy in the class, our Teacher wrote his names at the Black Board for us to copy it and taught us to sing a song which bore his names. This was how I came across his name.

The trouble of War started in this way as was a true story since it is obvious Okrika have no sea of their own till this day but had their fishing expeditions in Bonny Rivers and Kalabari Rivers of the New Calabar River, Somebriero River and Saint Bartholomeo River all in Kalabari territorial waters respectively.

Fishing was the major occupation at that time that brought people of Ogoni, Bonny, Andoni, Opobo, Okrika, Kalabari and Nembe together according to the movement of the sardines they were catching in those days.

How the trouble started: par-adventure a big fish enters in the net or through hooks, the radical Okrika fishermen may say, I have caught by mentioned one of the prominent Chiefs in Kalabari unabated. This angered the Kalabari colleagues fishermen severally and warned their counterpart Okrikans but the Okrikans adhered ahead which resulted serious crisis with the Kalabari fishermen that brought that war in the 20th century. However, it does not lasts so long because of the colonial masters intervention but many people perished in that war on both sides. And up till this day, neither the Okrikans nor the Kalabaris had dropped one’s pot on top of fire and are living harmoniously and marrying one another.

One good point why this story came into this article is this: If this war was in the days of the present Monarch of Kalabari and some of His Amayanapus and the Chiefs now living, the Okrikans would have over-ran the Kalabaris and had controlled all the seas including all the Kalabbari territories because the present leadership (Monarch) both wings of Kalabbari are nothing to write home about.

King Jacob Tom Princewill Amachree VII is the father of the present Monarch with his Lt. Generals mentioned above who galvanized all the communities of Kalabari and sent troops to Bakana, Futche, Old Bakana and part of Isaka common boundaries with Okrika so that the Okrikans could not over-ran these communities and took control over them.

One good thing I saw from Okrikans they face the upland Kalabari only and left Ke and Bille Communities closer to them. Younger generation put it on record for yourself those who would be Historians. During that 1948 war, Ke community stated that their gods or godess don’t see human blood therefore they will not be part and parcel of that war to join Kalabari and fought it. But today, Ke community has started to see blood. Their children are now in the military. Their youths are terrorizing their own Ke community within the community and the high sea coming to Port Harcourt. And by God’s intervention, their own children had wiped away these sons of Ke when nobody expected, and Ke community is now peaceful since the demises of those heartless Ke youths. The Ke community Chiefs, Elders, men and women should call back home those youths whom they also asked to leave the community. Their action to liberate Ke community is the handwork of God Almighty. Ke community is a peaceful place to live-in including going home through the high sea unmolested again. And let all Ke citizens go home by this Christmas to thank God Almighty at Saint John’s Anglican Church which is the mother church of all Ke citizens both at home and in diaspora, I advice. While the Billes up till this day had not accepted that they are part and parcel of Kalabari. This was the reason that made them not to join that war of 1948 but they continue living in the territorial areas of Kalabari which is not theirs equally saved them because the Okrikans know this well hence they overlooked both Ke and Bille communities in Kalabari kingdom.

Another good thing to Okrikans was directed by the Divisional Officer in-charge of Old Degema Province. His name was Newton. After the hostilities between Okrika and Kalabari was over on a fact finding mission to Buguma City, on how the war started, and what caused it at the jetty of Buguma going to King Jacob Tom Princewill Amachree VII Palace met a madman on the way, and the Whiteman rhetorically asked him what caused the war, and who killed the Okrikans?

The madman replied him that “for the first time he had heard this news from him.” Mr. Newton, the D.O. was surprised by the answer given by this madman

In subsequent occasion, the D.O. (Newton) advised the Okrikans that henceforth, they should have inter-kingdom marriages with the Kalabaris because what he observed in Kalabari, a Typical madman on the street of Kalabari was an icon of knowledge, he concluded.

Another development in this said war of 1948, this same D.O. (Newton) a tall Englishman, picked King Dabibi Benebo Berena Pere in his Palace at Angulama being my great grandmother last son as stated above and Da Okunye-Olu but later asked him to go by the D.O. (Newton) because of his age as an old man; while the king was put into a solitary cell in the Degema Prison Yard and was given all types of punishments to say the Truth for more than 6 months that his gods were the handiwork of the killings of the Okrikans and if he says the Truth, he would be set free.

The King of Angulama did not say anything about his sufferings and punishments until the D.O. (Newton) got tired and said to him, King, today, we shall go to your town Angulama and see that powerful juju. So the D.O. directed for his release from the cell and they headed to Angulama. It was a school day and I and my fellow pupils were learning in the class. In those days in a rural community like Angulama, hardly we see a Whiteman unless during the time we moved to empire day celebrations in Degema which was May 24 every year for that activity. So our Teacher ordered us to go and see the Whiteman in person.

Both the King and his oldest Elders of Angulama such were; Okunye-Olu, Gogo Akpa, Smith Omungu, Gogo Iwo to mention a few and lots of elders, men and women gathered the King Palace Square. Schools of old were not the same of today. At primary class 2 we were a bit able to hearing little English. So the D.O. Newton asked the King, this is your community, was he right? delivered by an interpreter. He said “yes” so we would now move to your powerful juju shrine but you would not lead the front, rather, he D.O. (Newton) shall be at the front. So they took off to the shrine area. And on reaching one spot, the Whiteman Newton being a spiritualist stopped and asked King Dabibi to be at the front. D.O. (Newton) told King Dabibi that at this point, when you the King and your priest reached here, you used to appease the gods by reciting something before everybody goes into the shrine area so come and do that. The King moved forward and recited those things and all of them went into the shrine place. It was a surprise to D.O. (Newton) that neither animal bone nor anything appear to be object or otherwise was found at the shrine. This was revealed to us when they came out by the King himself. The D.O. (Newton) later advised the King to be God fearing. The King did not go back with him to Degema to enter cell anymore.

In due season, Angulama Sonomanumuawo Juju was proscribed by the colonial masters as a deadly juju.

There are 2 things the people of Kalabari as a whole owed the people of Angulama whether they bother or not today. I am saying for records for the youths of Angulama to note which includes the entire people of Kalabari as well too:

(c)       The Angulama community own all lands and creeks of what is today known and called Degema, Asari Toru and Akuku Toru LGAs Headquarters North of the Atlantic Ocean undisputable before the movement by several groups of persons joined the people of Angulama in the North. But the first group of peoples who immigrated to join Angulama for settlement were the Bukuma community in today’s Degema Local Government Area through the knowledge of Angulama before as stated above the several groups of persons of their cities, towns and villages emerged from their old shippings, and from Andoni, and from Bonny respectively; Nature is the witness to this point as most oppressors and Truth hidden people would react after the reading of this article. The society should imagine when school started in Angulama to know how backward educationally for Angulama to write an allegiance agreement with these communities before settlement. May Chief Willie James Horsfall of Buguma City soul rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ who brought Christianity and school in the late 30s and middle 40s to Angulama community. Thanks to him and may his children and great grand children be proud of their father. One of them is Elder Ebenezer Willie James Horsfall who was my class-mate in Our Saviour’s School period of 1953 and 54 respectively who I met recently at the burial ground arena in John West compound, Buguma City. He should be proud in Horsfall’s compound Buguma City.

(d)       The 2nd issue is the entire people of Kalabari should be proud and grateful to Angulama particularly King Dabibi Benebo Berena Pere, without him, those notable Chiefs of their cities, the colonial masters held with King Dabibi of Angulama, would have all been hanged to death including the present Monarch of Kalabari father (King Jacob Tom Princewill Amachree VII). Thus, it would have been a precipitated irony of history to the Kalabari nation today.

I am a Prince in 2 communities and with due respect to the Thrones I belong therefore, challenge the present Monarch, King Theophilus J.T. Princewill Amachree XI and most of his followers Amayanapus and Chiefs, who, among them can stand this? I ask?

Look at what is happening between the Kalabari Monarch, King Theophilus J.T. Princewill Amachree and Cennorsia in Asari-Toru L.G.A. mere 5% little stipends he the King is giving them, many jump out of Cennorsia Council of Chiefs to join him to get this little money monthly. And also look at Nyesom Wike allegedly looted money from Council Treasury of Obio/Akpor, 3 years and 7 months Chief of Staff for Governor Amachi, 31/2 years Minister of State at the Federal level to Mr. President Jonathan of how most of our Chiefs and Wards of Kalabari and some of the Ijaw World had bowed down for Wike. What a shame to these classes of human beings selling their rights who claims to be Chiefs. What a shame again and again? These Chiefs at their various council if Chiefs ought to be expelled against our Traditional Kalabari institutions across the kingdom.

Those Chiefs who did not parry with the Kalabari Monarch in Cennorsia are valiant Chiefs of old. I am indeed proud of them to hold fast their cannon and continue fighting for their rights, and one day, we will be liberated in the hands of Buguma monopoly of greed and segregation inclusive administration.

The people of Kalabari cannot pay Angulama but only the Supreme Almighty God shall visit the plights of Angulama. King Dabibi Benebo Berena Pere was most prominent in Kalabari kingdom since 1948 to date. I conclude in Okrika/Kalabari War in retrospect.


  1. Nyesom Wike mad ambition to rule Rivers State after Ikwerre Governor to Ikwerre Governor again in 2015:

If Opobo/Nkoro, Andoni, Bonny, Ogu/Bolo, Okrika, Degema, Asari-Toru, Akuku-Toru, Abua/Odual, Ahoada East, Ahoada West, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni are all Ijaws and Greater Port Harcourt which is owned by Okrikans equals 121/2 LGAs including the 4 Ogoni LGAs totaling 161/2 LGAs be on one part, while Ikwerre, Emohua Obio/Akpo and a small P.H. Rebisi of Mile 1 to Mile 3 Diobu and perhaps with Omuma, Etche and Oyigbo would join Ikwerre 31/2 LGAs equals 61/2 LGAs, can the Ikwerres get half of the total votes of Ijaws and Ogoni 161/2 LGAs combined? The answer is too obvious for the Ikwerres not to see the back of Ijaws and Ogonis combined. And of course most of the Etches would not be on the side of the Ikwerres because of their years goneby when they were jointly called Ikwerre/Etche of what the Etches were being segregated all through in the hands of the Ikwerres, a replica of what the people of Cennorsia communities in Asari-Toru LGA are experiencing today in the hands of Buguma district compared.

But of course, the Etches and the Oyigbos would never, never join or vote for an Ikwerre man because they will hope to be relevant too in the hands of a new Ogoni/Ijaw joint government administration of Rivers State come 2015, because, office sharing must be adopted in fairness, equity and justice to every segments of Rivers State under the new leadership.

More again, when Nyesom Wike was in the helm of affairs in Obio/Akpor 2 tenures Council Chairman what the business communities suffered in those 6 years of his administration of that LGA could not be easily forgotten or overemphasized by all. Moreso, the non-indigenes in Rivers State would all join hands with Ogoni/Ijaw leadership in 2015 polls and administration.

I herewith call on the following Generals in the days of Dr. Peter Odili administration of Rivers State like this:

(i)        Gen. Ateke Tom, now, Chief (Gen.) Ateke Tom be alert what we would pass through in Wike’s another Ikwerre 8 years administration;

(ii)       Gen. Farah Dagogo ditto as above (Chief) Gen. Ateke Tom;

(iii)      Gen. Alhaji Asari Dokubo ditto as above Chief (Gen.) Ateke Tom, now, Chief (Gen.) Alhaji Asari-Dokubo;

(iv)      Gen. Sobomabo alias (Egberipapa) Jackreece ditto as (Chief) Gen. Ateke Tom being not the least;

All of you are illustrious sons of Ijaw extractions that gave power to erstwhile Peter Odili administration for 8 years but later saw what his administration looked like, all of you immediately disengaged from him and peace returned to our dear Rivers State when nobody told you; And besides, during the Nigeria/Biafra war, I hope some of you were not born yet or at a tender ages when gallant Ijaw Rivers Youths at that time fought for the emancipation of Rivers State that all of us have come together.

During this period, I am sorry to say it, 99% of the Ikwerres supported the Biafrans and were in their Army. Please let not our Heros past not be in vain. Please also, all of you should wake-up against Nyesom Wike inordinate, arrogant, indiscipline, unethical and ignoramus behaviours by not respecting the Ijaw Nations for his mad ambition to fail from Primary of the PDP congress for him to fail-out in-to-to for Ogoni/Ijaw ticket for 2015 general elections be a reality.

I make this solemn plead for the sake of Ijaw Nation. Today, I have clocked 75 years equally or about your father. In 1968, I clocked 28years and anxious to join the Nigeria Army at Bille with others, but we were dropped by the Nigeria Army recruit department. This is to tell you how I love Rivers State and Nigeria in my Youthful days. Please, please and please rise up against the norms of Nyesom Wike. Rivers State belongs to all Rivers people and POWER must rotate whether Nyesom Wike or Governor Amaechi likes it or not because the statement, once made by Amaechi that Ikwerreman will not succeed him is a political gimmick language. There is an hidden Agenda behind his claim as I have been in the midst of Ikwerre for 46 years that I have known them all. They are not the people you will trust upon minus a few persons in their ethnicity, and I have no apology to this statement.

Therefore it is left to you my Generals as I nicknamed you, worthy sons of Ijaw Nation. Each of you played a role in the past that peace at last was restored in all localities of Rivers State now. In my perceived observation, in Buguma City specifically to mention Gen. Sobomabo (Egberipapa) Jackreece which is my LGA Headquarters did not give room to Nyesom Wike in spite of his so called and allegedly looted funds of the 3 tiers of Governments. I owe him special cognizance in this respect so all of you too within my innermost heart. One thing I have to remind you as an elder statesman, on the upcoming PDP Primary, you my Generals know those going to this primary in your respective areas to warn such participants that, anybody who gives his or her vote of Ijaw extractions to Nyesom Wike should go straight to Obio/Akpor and permanently stay with him and never to come back to his or her base in Ijaw lands. For, Rivers State was not gotten under the platter of gold but by the blood of precious Ijaw sons and daughters for us now to come to be slaves to Ikwerre people when they did not sacrificed a pint of their blood for the Survival of Rivers State from 1967 – 70, the said war lasted. I thank you all my generals in this regard, I am, Chief Young Obene Clarke Georgewill, your elder brother if not your father from real Ijaw on both parents.


  1. Governor Amaechi so called All Progessive Congress – Party (APC) in 2015 General Elections:

Rivers people shine your eyes. It is allegedly stated, Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi used Rivers peoples’ money and funded the All Progressive Congress without consulting stakeholders generally.

And of recent, it was also alleged, a former Head of State (Rtd.) Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, also a former Chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund Executive of Projects across the States of the Federation in 1998 visited Governor Amaechi and he gave him an unspecified huge sum of Rivers people money as he went back to Abuja the following day and immediately rushed and paid the so called APC Presidential Intent Form of N27.5m. It was also still alleged that Governor Amaechi would be chosen as his choiced Vice President come 2015 General Elections if he sails through the APC primary, therefore I repeat, Rivers people, “shine your eyes against APC as a Party.” Amaechi and his puppets and stooges Rivers State House of Assembly Hon. Members outside the five wise men of Hon. Evans Bipi and his colleagues, the rest had drained the Rivers Treasury and we owed huge billions of Naira in Commercial Banks. Let us be careful for the APC Party in 2015 general elections from local to all elections or from all elections to the local council elections to save Rivers State.

For example, the Andoni Unity Roads and Bridges Projects which construction started by Dr. Peter Odili, today go and see it, no progress of work had been made where Peter Odili stopped but several Billions of Naira had been spent by Governor Amaechi vis-à-vis Opobo/Nkoro Road and Bridges Project too. Dr. Peter Odili mobilization payments to Trans Kalabari Highway Roads and Bridges Projects had been collected he Governor Amaechi from the contractors Peter Odili awarded to, after not gone to site, nothing was done by Governor Amaechi which you can see the level of hate, divide and rule to the Ijaw Nation in the State. This is the typical Ikwerreman you can see for Ijaws on major projects we were not being benefited. His so called Amaechi Schools how many are completed in Ijaw areas of Rivers State and are functioning minus a few plus the Abonnema one in Akulga, all other ones are still far to complete and function as his administration is just 6 months to live.

The white elephant monorail which has no significant impact to the populace, he continues to spend more money to get his share of the project before he disengages in May, 2015. It is alarming. Let the 121/2 Ijaws LGAs plus the Ogoni 4 LGAs rise up for Pan Ijaw/Ogoni meeting now for the way forward for there is no time for us any longer than this. Enough is Enough for Ikwerre leadership for “No 1 citizen in the State come 2015,” 1 beg you fellow patriots.

The recent meeting with the Nigeria Bar Association, Rivers State Branch with Governor Amaechi how Amaechi was still arrogant. He had forgotten himself that he was a product of the Court on 25/10/2007 Judgment delivered by the Supreme Court in favour of him to be what he is today shows he is mentally affected to be thoroughly examined by Medical Doctors at the University of Port Harcourt (UPTH) or at the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital (BMH) all in Port Harcourt, Rivers State as there is no end in site for the Judiciary to function.

The 5 branches that represented the Nigeria Bar Association, Rivers State, belittled themselves in the presence of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi by collected the so called N10k allegedly given them each as Transport. Why did they take that money? It is now going to 6 months, didn’t they survive by Providence? What has that done with their lives? They went on representative capacity and what about those who did not go? Did they send it into their Association Account or did they share with all those who don’t go? I believe they are not. The Bar Association made it worst before Governor Amaechi for him to boast twice that he had done something painful to the Lawyers. We have to endure certain things at certain times. God Almighty is able to take care of all his creations who have breath. They don’t do such next time. I finally advise the Rivers State Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association with their Black suits to march the street of Port Harcourt beginning from the end of Aggrey Road, Port Harcourt to the Court gate and address the World let everybody see the type of Ikwerreman sense and his administration in Rivers State. The earlier they do this, the better for them to the society and our Rivers State generally.

I predict, at the end of Governor Amaechi tenure, he will go to jail and unless, he will do what his mentor Dr. Peter Odili did to escape jail. This is the Truth of the matter over his insensitive, disrespect and callous attitudes to Rivers people and the Nation generally.


  1. Governor Amaechi hate all Ijaws and the Ogonis:

Without the Ijaws, Governor Amaechi would have not smelt the office of the Governor in all ramification of Truth. And because of the so called Ijaw speaker who seems to be dumb gave room to Amaechi to remain in office till this day. Amaechi knows, the Ijaws and the Ogonis can never to be over ridden in all aspect of life hence he could not come out openly to say, the Governorship in Rivers State come 2015 is for the Ogonis Rivers South East Senatorial Zone like his counterpart Governor God’swill Akpabio in early February, 2014 told the people of Akwa-ibom State that the next Governor shall come from Eket Senatorial Zone whether the Uyo Senatorial Zone people like it or not. This is a true leader in our history and not person like Amaechi in Ikwerre extraction of a small man with small sense. The people of Ogoni and all Ijaws should not be deceived by Amaechi of what he said, “he would not allow an Ikwerre man to succeed him.” This is a blatant fallacy. It is an Ikwerre hidden Agenda.

Why did Amaechi never come out to say the slot of APC Governor is for the Ogonis even though the people of Rivers State will not vote for APC and said, “it is for Opobo/Nkoro since Opobo/Nkoro had produced the Deputy Governor in our nascent democracy in the first 8 years of its period. From the foregoings it is obviously clear without doubt that Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi hate the Ijaws and Ogonis in Rivers State where the Ikwerres contributed nothing before and in the civil war of 1967-70.


  1. Dame Patient Goodluck Jonathan in Nigeria Politics. The Ijaws and Ogonis ought to know:

To begin this passage, I refer all readers of my article to the Longman Dictionary of contemporary English or the Encyclopedia 21st Century edition, to know the word Foster child either a boy or girl in one family so that it will be easier to know what this passage is all about. Nigeria is 54 years old and we have gotten 14 Presidents including Jonathan now on seat if my record don’t fail me. Each of these passed Heads of State has one wife or more than one wife. The way Dame Patient Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is rising above her husband was it so with the past Heads of State wives? Or Dame Patient Jonathan is secretly going extra miles whether to takeover the functions of her Husband as the Head of State or she is for the First Lady position of our country Nigeria? Or she wants to be Adolf Hitler’s wife for those of us who read about Adolf Hitler of 2nd World War II? However, I will give you readers of this article how Hitler addressed his Lt. Generals in his Army at the tail end of the 2nd World War, or President Jonathan advised her to be so, else, let her redress her steps in the Aso Rock Villa. Dame Patient Jonathan is going beyond her bounds to Nyesom Wike that after 1st, 2nd and 3rd Governments, the 4th Government can it still come from South East, Abia State? Can this be possible this time around of our History?

I now refer you to the Nation Newspaper publication Vol. 9, No. 3011 Friday, October 24, 2014 at page 17 where the First Lady blessed Wike’s bid to govern Rivers State as if that was not enough she handed over he Wike to Dr. Peter Odili being their father with my reference just above 1st Governor. In addition, Dame Patient Jonathan in an handovered ceremony in Aso Rock Villa Abuja told Dr. Peter Odili and Wike that as they are going to Rivers State it is for the so called betterment of all of us and to wipe our tears away being supported at the occasion by Chief Austin Opara of the same Ethnic extraction of same Ikwerre/Abia and with some thoughtless Ahoada East and Ogoni politicians respectively.

One fact to note from Dame Patient Jonathan to saying that let Dr. Peter Odili/Nyesom Wike jointly go to Rivers State again to wipe away the tears of Rivers State, in my summary view, it is very much funny and carefully to be observing by Rivers people. And, still on records, this was how Late Dr. Marshall Harry, Chief A.K. Horsfall and Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas singularly brought Dr. Peter Odili against our illustrious son of Hon. Ebenezer Isokariari in 1988/1999 nascent Democracy era, and the entire Rivers State was set ablaze by Dr. Peter Odili 8 years administration, which wounds had not been cured finally even today and another chapter is again opened by Dame Patient Jonathan and her cohorts for another 8 years tenure to come. My fellow Rivers Patriots, there is a secret Agenda organized by Dame Patient Jonathan and the Ikwerres. Please time is not on our side so let us come together now for our Heroes past blood not be in vain, I plead solemnly again.

One of my Kalabari adage says, “If a stranger purport himself or herself in a strange land, the citizens of such community wholeheartedly accepts such stranger into innermost of the community affairs where another stranger comes later such cannot or never able to identify such person as his colleagues.”

But Dame Patient Jonathan exhibited herself for the alleged story of a foster daughter in pure Ijaw Land Okrika. It is a pity indeed.


  1. President Goodluck Jonathan should call his wife to order in many National and International affairs:

President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is an academician second to his mentor the Owelle of Onitsha popularly known and called Zik of Africa. President Jonathan has the capacity to call his wife to order both nationally and internationally as regards main politickings since she is not the actor of the system but being the First Lady. Let her not claim Ceaser’s wife position in ancient Rome and its empire, and let her not be Gen. Adolf Hitler’s wife which misled, Gen. Hitler to distant himself among his powerful Lt. Generals during the 2nd World War of 1939 – 1945 respectively that made Gen. Adolf Hitler lost at the Battle field after captured important parts of Europe in that War. I am an elder statesman by God infinite mercy to advice Mr. President on Rivers State issue for an urgent solution of how Dame Patient single handedly endorsed Nyesom Wike to become the next Governor of Rivers State, where in fact, Dame Patient is not a bonafide Rivers citizens like others, rather foster daughter on record as alleged. If in event, there is a breakdown of Law and Order, Dame Patient/Wike must be held responsible. Besides, each day breaks the World is civilizing that could not be compared like the days of the ancient Rome and the World War II as Gen. Adolf Hitler lost the war through his wife Bad advice. The Holy Bible in Ephesians chapter 5 verse 22 stated so let the President read it. Therefore Mr. President the Ball is in your noble court for the good of your administration to the Nigerians who hope to vote you to power again come 2015 by God’s Grace.


  1. Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) should be careful in Rivers State Primary on 8/12/2014 and 2015 General Elections:

In mathematics, it says a whole number is greater than a quarter, half and three quarters. But in Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustee (BOT) and the Executive of the party see and confirm that a quarter, or half or three quarters are greater than the whole number. This is somebody who don’t know anything about mathematics shall say perhaps. Nyesom Wike in all ramification, take it to the four corners of the geometry, Wike, is one person, against a whole Rivers State of 16 ethnic nationalities. Is it in equilibrium with more than 5 Million people of the State? The answer is ‘No’. It is therefore a bad precedent of the officials in Abuja lackadaisical attitude to regard Rivers State citizens, as it were, we can’t do anything, since power is in the hands of they Abuja officials. Be that as it may, if Abuja did not see the protest of 9/10/2014 where Nyesom Wike tugs came and beat prominent Chiefs, Profs., Stakeholders and said, it was APC members, followed by more protest upon protests in Rivers State still against Nyesom Wike never to be the Flag bearer of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) come December, 2014 with deaf ears, may bring the fall of the Party in Rivers State come 2015 general elections.

The Ijaws may count out Okrika where Dame Patient comes from, while the rest of it and the Ogonis must boycott the said elections for the World to see. We will not make any protest vote to give the All Progressive Congress (APC) to produce the Governor to their credit but a total boycott from Presidential to all elections, and Rivers State must be ungovernable whether Nyesom Wike and Abuja likes it or not. I am talking on the strength and experience of an olderman and am herewith advising President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the Board of Trustees (BOT) to be careful and never become “Pennywise and Pound foolish” of our history as the saying goes. My one vote means nothing to the Party, but if it happens that the rest are voting I will never, never vote as a principled elder statesman at all times. Therefore, “A word is enough for a wise man” also as the saying goes.

Rivers State is the heart of Nigeria and not Nyesom Wike that the Board of Trustees (BOT) of PDP could not consider the State and its people instead could consider one man above others because of his alleged looted money giving to people in Rivers State and Abuja from the 3 tires of Government he worked before. I see no reason why EFCC could not invite him and interrogate him not being a serving Governor according to our so called “immunity” clause in the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria as amended. The Board of Trustees (BOT) should underline this foregoings.


  1. What the Ogonis must not fail to know between now and 2015 general elections:

I am a politician to the core. The Ogonis should not be deceived by the APC or Rotimi Amaechi by giving the APC ticket to Opobo/Nkoro and the Ogonis. Why Governor Amaechi failed to come out and say openly that the slot is for the Ogonis. This shows that Amaechi will throw his weight to Hon. Dakuku Peterside at the Primary instead of Senator Magnus Abe because Amaechi does not want the Ogonis and the Kalabaris to move one step forward in the State because of these ethnic Groups educational advancements with its egalitarian and credible citizenship in the State and across. Even if, at last, Senator Magnus Abe gets the APC ticket, the Ogonis should not vote for him counting his 4 years in Amaechi’s cabinet as Secretary to State Government (SSG) and now 4 years as Senator in the Senate, Abuja. He will do nothing to the Ogonis and always follow the part of Rotimi Amaechi because he Abe being His Master’s voice to Governor Amaechi who will never change his characters to the Ogonis being his people.

If the PDP party doesn’t recognize the Ogonis as a strong entity in Rivers State, the BOYCOTT of 2015 general elections is the answer. Rivers State have no link with other Party since 1999. Your boycott again in coming 2015 will make a memorable two occasions (1993). The World governing Body, the United Nations (UN) shall definitely visit you Ogoni PLIGHTS. This is about my 3rd times to state it. The United Nation has created a State out of a country before so shall it be when the hour comes by Providence.

Those Ogonis who are clamouring that if APC gives an Ogoniman the ticket of APC, they would vote for APC are those who are eating both mouth with Nyesom Wike and Amaechi indisguise, I alert you this because the hour is near. Therefore take all advice in this publication I plead thee.


  1. Citizens of Kalabari in Rivers State, their positions and what they think themselves in the midst of 16 ethnic nationals:

A typical Kalabari Ijawman had never thought good of his town, his kingdom and Rivers State, rather, to grab if an opportunity is given him and most probably to get richer than his fellow Kalabariman and other ethnic nationals of the State. For instances, still now, Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas and Chief A.K. Horsfall are still with this character to cheat others. They resolved and secretly arranged Chief Charles Dokubo of Elemusangama in Akuku-Toru L.G.A for the Governorship slot if considered for the Kalabaris to produce it.

This said Chief Charles Dokubo is somebody I know well who was an adviser in Dr. Peter Odili administration that did not perform to the Kalabaris than only himself. At a point he invited the Kalabari Minapuama General Assembly. I was the Protem Secretary then with my Protem Chairman H.R.H. W.A. Praffi III. We gathered some Chiefs and met him in his office at the Rivers State Secretariat. He disclosed all what he invited us for of how some Buguma and Abonnema Chiefs were envy of his position in Dr. Peter Odili administration that if we the organization did not do something in earnest, he would be removed by the Governor.

Without hesitation, we went into action and prepared a well meaningful communiqué in that regard and immediately signed it to save his appointment. We ask for Transport. He said the Governor did not make provision for him and we should come a day he Chief Charles Dokubo fixed for us at which period he must have seen the Governor for our Transport. So we went home. The D Day came and we arrived Chief Charles Dokubo’s office. The story was the same and I told my Protem Chairman with the Chiefs that went with us, let’s go. And we went away.

In another development, Chief Charles Dokubo was a Director in DIFFRI (Directorate of Foods, Roads and Rural Infractures) that awarded a contract of 18.5kilometer Central Group Road to a Foreign Firm. The company actually did the work of 80% completion with heavily rolled red mud from Krakrama to Minama and to Sangama. The said company wanted to Asphalt it as we met them on delegate basis at Krakrama, but the Manager told us that Chief Charles Dokubo and his DIFFRI officials failed to pay them so, they packed their materials and went away till this date. This is a living testimony.

Chief Charles Dokubo is also one of the Directors for Cowtherne Channel General Memorandum of Understanding (GMOU) in Kalabari territory for oil matters of the SPDC with the King of Kalabari. All the Kalabari communities are involved and benefiting with the exception of Angulama, Oproama, Omekweama and Omekwe-Tariama all in Kalabari Kingdom that up till this day, did not benefit. Can Chief Charles Dokubo deny this? He cannot.

Several meetings were called at Mina Hotels, Port Harcourt by Minapuama communities outside, Buguma, Abonnema, Bakana and Tombia. I attended two occasions where it was revealed in that meeting that Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas and Chief A.K. Horsfall were solidly behind his candidature to be the Kalabari Governor, so I decided not to attend such meeting, yet they send text to me. These said Chiefs of 1999 as I stated in my last article have started again. Originally, I decided not to mention their names again but since circumstance warranted it, their names are in prints the typical Kalabari Chiefs of their calibre for readers and the populance to see the Kalabariman as I said above.

It is not only them; there are another two persons directly from my father’s home Abonnema and they are: Chief Ferdinand Anabraba and Chief David Briggs are all in the same category of Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas of Abonnema and Chief A.K. Horsfall of Buguma respectively. Why?

Before Dr. Peter Odili came to power, some of us held a meeting in Chief Ferdinand Anabraba’s office house and I asked him; you, Chief Ferdinand Anabraba, I have watched you severally, you always come out to support a candidate each time elections are on. Can’t you come out on your own for all of us to sell you to the masses as a Kalabari man? You were better off than Dr. Peter Odili financially; why every time supporting? He replied me, he was not interested. Can he deny this fact? He can’t.

The next is Chief David Briggs, who was a former Akuku-Toru Local Government Council Chairman (AKULGA) served very well and its citizenry all applaused him, and in 1999, became the Commissioner for Works in Dr. Peter Odili administration for four years and he was later dropped by Dr. Peter Odili for reasons best known by the then Governor. Now, what is the difference between he, David Briggs and Nyesom Wike? Is it because he Chief David Briggs has never made a Federal Minister that he now follow, follow to Nyesom Wike the rights of Ogoni and kalabari? Can’t he and Chief Ferdinand Anabraba support a Kalabari candidate instead of Nyesom Wike 31/2 LGAs to rule us another 8 years making a total of 16 years? During the Nigeria/Biafra war if both of them are small that they don’t know how the war was fought and won, let me tell them, the Ikwerres joined the Ibos to fight against their fatherland, simply because now Nyesom Wike will give them Billions of his allegedly looted funds and after that he will appoint them Commissioner and Contractor respectively. Wonders shall never end. These are the typical Kalabari citizens who are selling the Kalabari rights. All of them are driving home by land, was it not faithful citizens who brought this project for the Kalabaris during the military era? What has Ferdinand and David Briggs particularly the Commissioner of Works did to the Kalabari people for 4 years as a Commissioner? No record(s) to show when he was. These Chiefs are the destroyers of Rivers State and the Kalabari people. They should be careful and beware also. The Kalabari Senator and the Kalabari Speaker’s wealth they grabbed in their times did they know where it is as they have gone to the great beyond. Chiefs Anabraba and David Briggs should remember that all what they maybe, they will leave it and go away like others one day. Rather, a good name is better than silver and gold. My Kalabaris shine your eyes against traitors. 2015 Brick House is for the Ogonis and the Kalabaris respectively.


  1. The 16 Governorship Candidates in PDP outside Nyesom Wike Candidature:

Of the 16 Governorship aspirants, two come from Andoni perhaps, one comes from Opobo/Nkoro, one comes from Okrika, three come from Ogoni and from my thinking and calculation, the remaining nine come perhaps from Kalabari.

From all available information reaching my writing desk out of the nine Kalabari aspirants Nyesom Wike allegedly bought the intent form of N11million each to three of them. This means Kalabari now gets 6 candidates instead of 9 and Ikwerres now get 4 Candidates including he Nyesom Wike. Wonders shall never end.

In the words of Chief A.K. Horsfall of Radio news, most of them are allegedly cult members. Yes this is true. Are the Kalabari Governorship candidates really serious? Did they really having anything to offer to the people of Kalabari in particular and Rivers State in general? Why all of them not cooldown themselves and pick one person in their midst for this all important race? It is a pity indeed to my Kalabari people. I finally categorize them all as “FORTUNE SEEKERS” I don’t care what they are and I say them no apology.

The only credible candidate amongst the 17 Gubers including Nyesom Wike, is Prof. Don Baridam. A World class Professor. A leader free from cult related matters. Of course, Prof. Don Baridam is a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. A visionary leader. 99% of Rivers people and society including students speak good of him. The Vice Chancellor who eradicated cult related activities away at UNIPORT that today, UNIPORT is a place of learning.

All the other Sixteen aspirants of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP should surrender to him (Prof. Baridam) now including Nyesom Wike, the better for them. The 8th December 2014 Primary, let all delegates overwhelmly vote for him for the good of Rivers State come 2015.

None of the aspirants should hope for his deputy. The deputy to be shall be selected by him as I am going to publish such names in this article. I, as a Kalabari politician to the core. Please those of you who drop for Prof. Don Baridam will be Commissioners and others Contractors if they will perform credibly.


  1. Deputy Governor slot in Kalabari:

In my esteemed research since 1999 nascent democracy, I now recommend either of the followings to be the Deputy since it is for Kalabari people;


(a)       Hon. Ebenezer Isokariari – Buguma City;

(b)       Hon Barr. Osima Ginah – Angulama minority Area;

(c)       Prof. Owunari Abraham Georgewill – a renowned Professor in Academic World, UNIPORT and he is a social person and a Chief in Abonnema his home, town;

These are tested personalities and their track records could be told by all.


  1. What the Ogonis and Kalabaris would do before 2015 General Elections:

1979 General Elections, how Chief Melford Obene Okilo to be Governor decision took place at Orupolo Nite Club, New-lay-out, Port Harcourt by the Ijaws be visited since 121/2 LGAs Ijaws and the Ogoni 4 LGAs combined shall make a force to be reckoned with against so called Amaechi APC party in the State is paramount to uphold by us in the coming elections. This will not be delayed at all because most of us are still living while some are dead who delivered the quake.


  1. Present Rivers State House of Assembly and the 2015 House of Assembly Comparism:

All present puppets and stooges Rivers State House of Assembly Members must be flushed out. Only Hon. Evans Bipi and 4 of his colleagues shall be retained being Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Members. The rest are All Progressive Congress (APC) Members that have disappointed the State. This State is PDP State therefore APC has no ground. Therefore again, those APC Candidate shall not be voted for to come back accordingly. Ekiti State experience is our eyes opener.

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