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ISSUES ABATTOIR: Rivers Expectation After Party Primaries

amaechiNow that the long awaited and expected Party primaries especially that of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party has come and gone with the emergence of chief (Barr) Nyesom Ezenwo Wike and Dakuku Adol Peterside   for the opposition APC, what is expected of the various Political Parties is a campaign that would strengthen and encourages the nations democracy other than campaign of calumny.

Issues based and thought or developmental provoking campaigns are expected to direct the people’s action.

While it is excepted that the Ogonis and other aggrieved ethnic groups in Rivers especially members of the APC should calm their nerves and support their Party, it is also the believe that the aggrieved PDP contenders for the governorship   seat must also sheath their swords for the overall interest and victory of the Party, PDP, acknowledging that the Party is supreme than an individual and an ethnic divide.

The Ogonis are Protesting strongly against the adoption of Dakuku Adol Peterside as APC candidate, believing that the incumbent governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi had earlier promised and raised their hope to produce the next governor of River State but according to them the governor betrayed them by giving the ticket to Mr. Peterside of the Opobo extraction, which was against their believe and strength in the APC.

On the Path and Part of the so called aggrieved PDP gubernatorial aspirants, Barr, Wike hails from Ikwere and from the same senatorial District with incumbent governor, so he should not be allowed to clinch the ticket of the PDP.

But one thing the aspirants failed to understand was that PDP as a Party wants a Win not a candidate that would succumb to governor Amaechi’s antics.

Some believed that governor Amaechi empowered certain of the PDP aspirants to obtained the N11m form, while some had sold their chances Prior to the Present contest to Amaechi, hence the decision of the electorate and Party faithful to deny them such opportunity that would make them deliver the party into governor Amaechi’s hands.

Now that Party primaries have produced its results, the only option left for the aspirants who could not make it, is to aligned fully well with the Party to ensure that victor over its opponents is achieved.

It would be recalled that Democrats are those without bias, willing to deliver their Party against self. They remain supportive to the ideology of their Party.

Prior to this edition, Issues Abattoir revealed certain unholy plans of the aggrieved aspirants. It revealed that, they are to be in the Party and vote against it or defect after primaries to other parties, among others. The PDP machinery, however, have prepared itself against such activities, placing the suspects under tight surveillance as the Party prepares for victory come February, 2015.

Let it be known that the delegates have spoken and Wike of the PDP has emerge the standard bearer, it therefore behoves of the other aspirants who did nothing or less homework to rally support for Wike and the Party for tomorrow’s success.

For the APC, “Man proposes but God disposes” if governor Amaechi had promised the Ogonis, it is the right of Ogonis to also walk and work along other Party divides rather than stocking all their eggs in APC basket, now the God’s aspect of the plan has taken place, they should choose to redress their steps at least for subsequent occasions if at all they can go for it not to mention getting it.

Ogonis, recently rose from their summit to deny participation and involvement in the choice and adoption of Dakuku Adol Peterside, an action many believed to have justified the earlier street Protest that ended at government house gate, against the candidacy of Peterside.

At least, the Ogonis Position and decision reached in that summit would inform Mr. Peterside that indeed it was the Ogonis that staged the Protest to government house. Mr. Peterside has exonerated the Ogonis from that protest, claiming it was the handiwork of other political Parties but was afraid to mention names. Now that they have issued communique would Peterside also be full of himself without working on his chances of winning if at all there is any hope?

The Ogonis are always united for any course they venture into; it would have been a different ball game if there were no promises to give the Ogonis 2015 governorship slot. Would they go back to leak what they have vomited? God forbid

The way forward for the Ogonis is to seek redress not with violence but though dialogue or at last count return to their original base and the Party that gave them secretary to the state government, senator, deputy speaker and others.

Now, that the struggle is between the PDP with chief Barr. Wike and the APC with Mr. Peterside, it is   expected that, for the overall interest and development of the state, peace be enthroned. And peace will be enthroned when the both aspirants acknowledges the sanctity of man and omnipotence Power of God in their dealings.

While the candidates of other parties are yet to emerge, the two notable aspirants by the grace of God are friends. Both served in Amaechi’s cabinet, therefore, the needed peace in Rivers could be pointed to them who are able to instruct their supporters and Party against any from of anarchy.

Let every campaign be issues base, and let no one sponsor and from of crisis in another Party. It is peace the citizenry wants, let peace rules.


With James Mgboineme






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