Weep Not Degema Consulate

weepingThe importance of the continuous existence of the local government system in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. Thus the essence of local government creation is to usher in the needed development into the rural communities.

Local government is the third tier of government that is closer to the people, unlike any other system of government such as the federal or the state which is far away from the masses.

The basic primary function of a local government is to fast track development in the rural communities. Therefore, any local government council that fails to develop towns and villages that is under it, is not fit to exist.

Degema Consulate is one of the oldest local government council headquarters in the country. Several years ago it was a Province and another time a District headquarters. Many of its contemporaries have been state capitals.

Degema remains under developed. Besides this, developmental projects and programmes are all far away from communities under the Degema LGA.

Last week, I was opportune to visit some of the towns and villages in the Degema LGA namely: Obuama, Usokwu, Bakana and Tombia. I discovered that the council is not doing well to develop the LGA, as infrastructural development and amenities are absence from these communities. Funds meant for the development of the LGA are being carted away by the Managers of the council due to selfishness and greed. Considering the unprecedented development that stare on the face of Degema, the LGA is weeping and nobody is there to console her. ###

Damiete West


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