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Riverine Women Support Your Son, Do Not Sell Your Birth Right – Professional For Good Governance

The Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr Dakuku Peterside has been hailed for his Plans for mothers and youths when he becomes governor of Rivers State in 2015. The hint was dropped by the Coordinator of Professionals for Good Governance and Riverine Governorship in Rivers State, Engr. Edwin Harcourt.

He made this assertion in an interview with our reporters during the mother’s day celebration by the Anglican Communion last Sunday. He said the group is proud of the Governorship candidate, who is a riverine man, over the Big Plans he has for mothers when he is being elected Governor of Rivers on April 11, 2015. This is contained in Dr. Dakuku’s Manifesto, “Road Map to Prosperity”. He highlighted some Policies and Programmes that Dr. Dakuku will implement some on gender mainstreaming which includes: Enabling Rivers Mothers enjoy International rights of women, ensuring that all girls get good education as a deliberate policy of Government, increased appointment of women into government positions, building of Women Development Centers across the State and funding them to open small businesses, providing stable electricity and other infrastructures. Additionally, the candidate’s plans to build a state of the art Specialist Hospital for Women and children (Mother and Child Hospital) so that pregnant women will have the best medical attention and support during and after pregnancy.

Next, Dr. Dakuku’s Policies and programmes on employment generation and wealth creation will provide 150,000 jobs on an annual basis for our youths and children which constitutes 45% of the entire Rivers Population. The Programme will also produce young entreprenures in various sectors of the economy such as Sports Development, Arts Development, Entertainment and culture, Education, and health. Start-off funds will also be provided for their business.

Also technical and vocation skills such as tailoring, painting, welding, plumbing, e.t.c will be supported Dr. Dakuku also has a special programme for the elderly and physically challenged. Government under his leadership will build Non Residential Recreational Centers for the elderly where elderly people will go and relax and interact, encourage younger people to ADOPT abandoned old Women and cater for them through government support. Government will also partner with NGOs and FBOs that run homes for the elderly to expand their capacity and reach.

The Coordinator of Professionals for Good Governance said these policies and programmes are tenets of good governance. He called on   all mothers and women in Rivers State to support and vote for Dr. Dakuku Peterside so that they can enjoy these dividends of democracy. This is because these programs are geared towards the ideals of motherhood, parenthood and childcare. Mothers will be happy to see themselves recognized by government and given a pride of place in appointments as well as enjoy Policies that favor women internationally. Mothers will be happy to see their children well employed and self-employed. Mothers will be happy to see older mothers being catered for by government participation

“Mothering Sunday Stands for virtues of motherhood and a vote for Dakuku Peterside is a vote for greater and better support for mothers to achieve virtues of motherhood”. “Rivers mothers, especially riverine mothers should rise up and support their son Dr. Dakuku Petersside because he has the education, experiences, exposure, empathy and capacity to govern Rivers State and bring about dividends of Democracy. Engr Harcourt emphasized that this struggled is a Birth right Struggle for Riverine women who should realize that after 16 years of upland leadership a riverine son should be supported to be Governor .

He said women should not be deceived by Politicians and politics over the governorship of Rivers State. “It is the turn of Riverine Man to be governor and Dr Dakuku Peterside is the best for the high office’, he concluded.


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