Nyisom-WikeThe Sins Of Youths, Smaller Communities In Leadership After Victory

In recent times, activities of players in the political space are beginning to undermine the essence of the game especially as it affects the growth and development of the grassroots.

The essence of politics is to drive the administrative, social and economic development of a people and the society at large, hence near perfect, committed, sincere and genuine personalities are needed to pilot the process.

But the urge for personal gains against the general welfare of the citizenry has marred the good intentions of the forebears who foresees the need for development and growth of the society and people.

Agitations for the development of the people had ignited the quest for consistent demand of autonomy by the forefathers to opt out of the dictatorship and slave trading by the colonial masters who engaged the various regions now ‘Nigeria’ through their high sense syndrome.

Now, he story is not totally different from how and what it was in those days and the question would be how and why. Nigerians colonizing fellow Nigerians, incredible.

Irrespective of the popular postulations that the youths are future leaders, the many leaders in almost every sector, department and agencies of government in Nigeria are the same elders who posited that youths would take over from them. It is indeed almost a recycling of either appointments or elective position to same elders or those in position of governance since Nigeria came into existence in 1914. The only factor that barred some from clinching leadership either in their local government or state was death.

To worsen the situation in the polity smaller communities are not given their due when it comes to elective or appointive positions not minding their positive efforts in the course of forming government.

The plight of people who have contributed to the development and successes of ruling government but never saw the light of the day in terms of appointive or elective positions that would have change their status to the better is however the trust of this episode of Issues Abattoir.

Where is the place of these youths who positively contributed and get involved in the rebuilding process of the polity and are denied positive placement?

Should leadership continue in the hands of uncles, kinsmen who never wanted the development of younger once who suffered on the field? God forbid.

While Issues Abattoir consulted with some relevant stakeholders in the polity certain things were revealed as factors behind the continued rention of power in the hands of few even when other contributors are denied at least the tiny part of the national cake.

According to some of them, the so-called undes or elders, in a way contributed via finances to the process. But the question is if they were not empowered would they have been able to contribute financially to the process? So can’t those who contributed otherwise be given a chance?

Smaller communities or minority is no crimes as some of those consulted asked is smaller communities or minority group not part of the country and polity? Indigenes of bigger communities in many LGA’s have formed habits of undermining smaller communities in their areas not bringing into considerations the positive roles played by indigenes from such communities.

This act, has indeed almost marred the essence of development, growth and better living condition of the rural dwellers which is the reason for agitation for decentralization of governance.

Another question that comes to mind is what are the sins of smaller communities in the development of the society? These so called smaller communities are made up of indigenes who are also involve in the process of determining leadership or electing leaders. It is obvious that entire membership or indigenes of a community cannot belong to a political party because certainly there must be difference of interest.

Therefore, since that fact cannot be disputed what is the position or what happens to those who belongs to the ruling political party of a State, LGA’s or wards in terms of distribution of appointive or elective positions after victory was won?

The cry of Issues Abattoir with regard to the plight of sincere faithful and those abandoned that truly worked or contributed for the success and victory of their political party is to call on the respective and relevant stakeholders in the polity to reconsider, redress and revive their supposed ill tendencies that is harmful to the people.

It is pertinent for the stakeholders to acknowledge that tomorrow is always loaded perhaps pregnant as nobody is totally conversant with its outcome.

Recognizing hardwork is sacrosanct as well as laying good foundations for posterity as the bedrock for the society.

If hardwork is rewarded without bias and ill-sentiment regardless of background or size of community affiliations then, the future could be said to be bright for the younger generation and those from smaller communities.

This when done, would also solidify the trust repose on the leaders of today, since followership is tomorrow’s leadership.

Indigenes from hamlets or call it anything and youths who meaningfully contributed to the success of their political party should be accorded their rightful place in the polity, so as not to undermine or counted for them as sins for emerging from such a minor place, afterall the Saviour of the world “Jesus Christ” was born in a small and dirty environment by a carpenter. ###


With James Mgboineme

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